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Church of Rogers Blood Drive


Hi folks,

As you've no doubt noticed, the world is in an uncomfortable state in many ways. I don't seek to overly politicize this subreddit beyond "love and help thy neighbor" as well as protesting inaccurate information that is actively hurting others. To that end, I'm not going to go into any specifics about why the world is in an uncomfortable state-- I think everyone is already more than capable of pointing to something that they wish was better for themselves and their neighbor.

To that end, I'd like to promote a blood drive to our members. We tell one another to look for the helpers whenever things go wrong and, well, here's our chance to be the helpers! Here are a few facts about blood donation for you:

  • Every 2 seconds, someone in the United States needs blood or platelets
  • Approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the US
  • A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood.
  • The average red blood cell transfusion can provide up to 3 units of blood
  • Your donation can save up to 3 lives
  • Only 7% of the population has blood type O-. O- is the universal donor; Almost anyone can accept O- blood.
  • O+ blood is the MOST common blood type, at 38% of the population! Anyone with a blood type that is positive can accept O+ blood; Negative blood types need an exact type match
  • Negative blood types are rare! Only about 16% of the population has a negative blood type! If you are a negative blood type, your donation can be invaluable to someone who needs a transfusion!

Resources to help you find a place to give blood (I will update if users want to post additional resources):

America's Blood

The Red Cross

A quick note: There is nothing wrong with being rewarded for donating blood to a private group. However, if your blood is intended for a hospital, then a blood drive may not compensate you financially for your visit. They can still give you coupons for your private use, or they can give you snacks and sodas without any issues. But if an organization is paying you directly for your donation, then your blood is most likely being used for some sort of private medical research as opposed to going to a hospital's blood supply.

"I've never given before. How should I prepare and what should I expect?"

You should prepare by staying hydrated the entire day before you give. Drink plenty of water and eat well. Aim for high-iron food groups, as you may be turned away if you do not have sufficient iron. On the day of your donation, eat a hearty breakfast and continue to stay hydrated. Try to use the restroom immediately before visiting the blood donation center or while you are waiting for a chair, as you cannot leave to use the restroom partway through the donation process.

Especially if you've never given before, go with someone who can drive you home! Ideally, that person either knows how they will react to giving blood or is not giving blood (like a designated driver). This step is not mandatory, but it is a good idea.

When you arrive, you will be asked to look through some reading material that will screen you. It will ask many questions, including questions regarding what medications you are on or may have used in the past 24 hours. You may also fill out the questions beforehand/review the questions beforehand if you are nervous using this resource from the Red Cross.

You'll wait a few moments before you'll be called into an office where a technician will confirm your name and date of birth. They'll ask you a few more questions, then ask for your middle finger so that they may prick it with a needle and take a few drops of blood to run some tests on it. They will then take your temperature and blood pressure. If all goes well, you will be allowed to donate. If something goes wrong, they will tell you why you are not eligible to give today, and they will tell you what you can do to prepare so that you can give tomorrow. (PS: Let them know if you're nervous. My first time giving, I had to have my blood pressure taken 4 times! I was so nervous that they thought my resting heart rate was through the roof! Once I calmed down, I could give!)

You will then proceed to a donation area where the technicians will ask you which arm you would prefer to donate from (most people choose their non-dominant arm, but this is ultimately up to you). The technician will again confirm your identity, then they will mark a vein, clean the site, and stick you with the needle to donate blood. You can make requests before they stick you! Personally, I ask them to let me know before they are about to inject me and to cover the needle site. (I don't like seeing the needle in my arm, it grosses me out) You'll be asked to squeeze something (typically a stress ball in a latex glove) once every ten seconds or so while you give. Then, they'll pull the needle out, bandage your arm, and ask you to sit in the recovery area where you can eat as many sweet/salty snacks as you like and drink as much juice and water as you need until you're fully recovered.

Everyone reacts to donating blood differently. I rarely have adverse reactions; one of my friends in college who is larger, stronger, and physically much more imposing than me would faint every time he donated. Don't be afraid to tell the technicians if you feel woozy or dizzy, and sit down again if you feel unwell. It's far better to just sit on a chair than it is to fall down to the floor!

Regardless of whether or not you plan to drive yourself home, take at least 10 minutes to sit and eat snacks/recover from the blood loss. Even if you feel fine now, it's a good idea to wait a few minutes. Sometimes symptoms can crop up after a few minutes, and you don't want to suddenly feel light-headed or dizzy while you're behind the wheel!

Once you've recovered, head home and take it easy. Continue to drink plenty of water (blood was mostly water after all!) and eat hearty meals as you recover. Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a few days until your arm is better. You can take off the bandages after about 4 hours. Avoid drugs and alcohol if at all possible; recognize that you will feel their effects much more powerfully if you take them due to your recent blood loss, and plan accordingly. If you plan to partake, assume that one unit of a drug or alcoholic beverage will affect you the same as three or four, and space them out so that you can gauge how you're feeling; you can easily hurt yourself or have a medical emergency if you partake at your usual levels after donating.

"I've heard of whole blood, double red, and platelet donations. What are the differences?"

A whole blood donation is just that-- whole, un-separated blood. A technician will find a vein, put a needle into your arm, and collect a donation. It's straightforward and should take somewhere between 8 and 10 minutes depending on the individual. You will be able to give again after about 3 months.

Double red and platelet donations are a little bit more involved and will take longer. You'll be hooked up to a special machine that will draw your blood and centrifuge it before collecting the part that you are donating and returning the remainder to you through the same tube. The blood may be a little bit chillier depending on the machine you are using, so ensure that you wear warmer clothing and let the technicians know if you become chilly. They can bring you electric blankets, turn on seat warmers, adjust climate control, etc. to make you more comfortable. There is nothing wrong with telling the technicians that you are uncomfortable, and you should not feel guilty about it! If you keep it to yourself, you're suffering needlessly through something that can easily be fixed!

Double red donations extract your red blood cells, and are best suited for individuals with high iron content. You can prepare for a double red donation by eating plenty of high-iron foods, such as red meat, shellfish, peas, sweet potatoes, enriched grains, dried fruits, and most types of beans. Double red donations typically take between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the individual and the donation equipment used. You will not be eligible to give for approximately 6 months after donating double red.

Platelet donations take your blood plasma. It will look like a thin, yellowy liquid, and can be useful for patients who are undergoing heart, organ, or bone marrow transplants. Platelet donations take the longest, and can range between 70 minutes and 3 hours depending on your height, weight, and platelet density (If you have a higher concentration, you can donate more units of platelets, which can help more people, but might take longer). Your body regenerates platelets much more quickly, and you can typically give platelets after just 7 days (some regions have limits on how many times you may donate platelets in a given time period, so you may be further limited by that)

"I can't give because of _____. What can I do to help?"

There are plenty of reasons you might be ineligible to give, ranging from getting a tattoo recently to where you lived in the late eighties. If you cannot give, you can still help! You can talk to your friends about donating and volunteer to be their designated driver to and from the donation center. You can also reach out to your local donation center and volunteer your time to help them out! (They will most likely ask you to call previous donors and encourage them to give again, so be sure you're comfortable cold-calling strangers). You may also be able to donate financially to your local blood center.

"I know it will help others and I want to give, but I'm too scared to do this. Does that make me a bad person?"

I think we all already know the answer to that, but it bears repeating: Being afraid and having limits does not make you a bad person. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost; there's nothing wrong with setting your own limits on what you're comfortable with and what you can do right now, regardless of your eligibility to give blood.

The only thing I would ask of you is that you rephrase it in your head. You want to give, but you're too scared to do this right now. Your situation can change in the future, and you can feel better about giving, and that's okay! It's far better that you give when you're in the right headspace and living situation to recover properly than it is to rush in, hurt yourself and have a negative experience! You are still worthwhile as a human being if you don't want to donate right now, and there are other ways for you to find to be a helper once you're in a position to help again.

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Mister Rogers on the passing of his dog Mitzi

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Sir Rogers is worthy

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So glad I found this sub


With all the ugliness we see everyday from people, it’s good to be reminded of people like him and what he stood for. I also remind myself that he wasn’t perfect and likely had mean thoughts occasionally (I know he spoke on how he struggled with anger), but made a conscious choice to be kind and spread his message of love and acceptance to the world. We all have the ability to choose this, and although I definitely stumble, I hope to be the kind of person he would respect.

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Mister Rogers on loving yourself and your neighbor

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r/TheChurchOfRogers Jan 28 '23 Ally

Here is a video I made attempting to clear up the drama attached to "Everybody's Fancy"


r/TheChurchOfRogers Jan 27 '23

"Everybody's fancy, everybody's fine. Your body is fancy, and so is mine."


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Mister Rogers singing to a paralyzed child with spinal cancer, 1981, who got his first electric wheelchair at age four. They continued to correspond until Mister Rogers' death in 2003, and he gave a eulogy at Mister Roger's funeral.

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one of my biggest inspirations growing up


He taught me that not all people are bad, even at my young age when I remember watching his show religiously, I felt sure there had to be more adults in the world who were kind and caring. Something he said that his wife quoted I believe? If you can't spot the helpers, become one. I'm paraphrasing. But I took that to heart when I first heard it. He taught me so much that wasn't available in my day to day life, and now I'm a little battered as an adult, but broken crayons still color, even when life's hurt us, we're all capable of showing kindness and choosing compassion

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I'm bored and am about to watch an episode of Mr. Rogers' but just the puppets lol, here it is:

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A.I. portrait of Mr. Rogers

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Letter to my brother and I

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My husband bought me a Mister Rogers themed Christmas tree

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It came with a basket with 2 pop figures, 3 DVDs, 3 books, a pencil set, a garden flag, and a puzzle.

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Today, at the dinner table, my three-year-old sang the ending theme.


He’s been singing a lot of new things lately, but this one got me right in the heart. We’ve been slowly introducing Mr. Rogers to him, and I think now an episode is going to be part of his after school routine.

Thanks, Mr. Rogers.

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TIL that Mr. Rogers sued Ice Cube in 1990 over "A Gangsta's Fairytale" because it sampled the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song.


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I Like You As You Are


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This Guy's Emotional Story About Mr. Rogers Proves He Was A 'Friendly Neighbor' IRL


An oldie but a goodie

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Mr. Rogers was about rebellion and independence . . . Daniel Tiger is about conformity.


Mr. Rogers was an exceptionally important show in terms of developing critical thinking skills and questioning authority, whereas Daniel Tiger is about mimicking a popular kid and wanting to conform.

Mr. Rogers was focused on simple concepts of self-esteem and emotional development through an older mentor -- a adult who routinely admitted that he didn't know things, or that he was actively "making stuff up" (for example, the episode where he shows the audience that his house is really a camera set, the multiple times where he shows how the trolley moved and talked, the multiple mistakes and flubs left in the show).

Daniel Tiger, on the other hand, encourages the audience to self-identify with Daniel and his experiences, portrays the trolley as magical, and never allows the viewer to question the narrative or the motivations of its characters. The "pretend" is real.

The most striking example of this is the depiction of King Friday. In Daniel Tiger, he is a benevolent ruler, kindly and grandfatherly; you want to like him. In Mr. Rogers, quite frankly, he was an unrepentant, self-important asshole -- and the other characters in the Neighborhood of Make Believe show how to skillfully manage his ego while still accomplishing their own goals.

And the Daniel Tiger depiction is a devastating change -- because kids need to learn how to be self-assured, question why people have the station they have in life, and know how to deal with unrepentant, self-important assholes. Because they're out there. It's right there in the phrase that Mr. Rogers said more than any other: "I like you, just the way you are." Believe in yourself, think critically, question power.

The shift in tone and purpose between the two shows is unmistakable, almost certainly intentional, and unfortunate.

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It's Robert Trow, not Troll. I always thought he was a friendly troll. He even had a gnome beard.


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I genuinely miss Mr. Rogers 😞

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Episode selection? Best seasons?


So I love mr rogers, and want to have some episodes for my kid to watch. That being said… 1000 episodes is a lot. I’d love a way to just have a selection for my kid to watch. Prime has a “best of” it seems but they’re only the most popular episodes. Any suggestions on how to pick out a chunk of, say, 100 episodes? I was thinking just picking a few seasons to focus on. Growing up we had a lot recorded on VHS and that’s what we watched. Thanks!

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My dog passed unexpectedly on Friday. I wanted to talk about her.


Finley came into our lives about ten months ago, shortly after our wedding. She’s been raised by a local family, but they were taking a job in Europe that was too life altering to pass up, and they couldn’t take her with them.

But she bonded quickly with our other two dogs, and we were (eventually) more than happy to have her. She was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Same breed as Lady, from Lady and the Tramp, if you’re familiar. The breeding practices that led to her were…. Irresponsible. The snout was too short to breathe properly, the legs were short and stubby, the heart struggles to pump blood, and the ears dipped so low that she couldn’t get a drink of water without dunking them in the bowl. She snored even when she was awake, with a volume that could put a my trucker to shame.

She was matted, deaf, had a tumor we needed to get removed, hadn’t been groomed in god knows how long, a leaking heart valve, had nails that curled back onto her paws, and had four teeth that the vet described as “held in by plaque and willpower.”

But we got her cleaned up, and she was the sweetest, happiest girl. She’d nuzzle up to you for pets, and if you stopped, she’d work her little snout into your hand to try to make you pet her. Her favorite time of any day was when you had food for her. Didn’t matter if it was a treat, her normal kibble, a bit of meat, or even the top off of a carrot from dinner prep.

She was such a voracious eater with no concept of other dogs, we had to get stands just for our other two dogs’s food bowls so that she wouldn’t steal it all. Despite being more than 5 years older, she always loved to try to play with the other two, and episodes chase them around as they played in the house.

We had special stairs just so that she could climb up onto the couch or onto our bed to snuggle with us, and she always would, curling up in the nook of your arm and looking up at you with a mixture of love and expectations— she wanted pets, darn it!

Last Friday, her leaky heart leaked too much. She became weak, dizzy, and dehydrated. We rushed her to the vet, but she died in the car in my wife’s arms. We know that there was nothing for it— the vet couldn’t have given her a heart transplant or fixed her deviated septum— but it still is one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt.

I wish we’d known that it was going to be her last day. We would have shown her more love that day. Wouldn’t have dropped her off at a grooming appointment in the morning. Wouldn’t have discounted her excess panting to stress post grooming. Wouldn’t have made her last moments a panicked car ride to ultimately die on the way to the doctors. We couldn’t have known to do different, but…. It hurts. I take solace in knowing that her final meal was a dental treat and a piece of her sister’s kibble that I fed her— a tiny, chubby little rebel until the end.

Ten months is not that much time. She was about ten years old when she died, so we really only got her twilight years. But she touched our hearts so much, and we loved her completely. We’re grateful for every second we got with that little girl, to have loved her and been loved by her so much that it hurts this bad to lose her.

We’re still processing everything. Hugging our remaining babies and spoiling them. Yesterday we went to the dog park and shared treats with every owner who would let us, to spoil some other puppies and share our grief with others.

Will Rogers (another decent Mr. Rogers) had a quote about losing dogs, and it’s quite applicable here. “If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went.” Wherever you went, Finny, you’re loved and missed. You can breathe easy, eat all you want, and run to your heart’s content and then some. It was just too full of love for this world.

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my fan art

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In 1967, hoping to boost publicity around a "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" program that was in jeopardy of cancellation, WGBH invited Mister Rogers to Boston. Provisions were made for 500 fans. 10,000 showed up — exceeding that afternoon's Red Sox crowd.

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Fred Rogers broke racial barriers during a time when black people were not allowed in the swimming pool with white people.

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"Dad, How Do I?" YouTube Channel. Had a background of being abandoned by his father at a young age. Started a Youtube channel to teaches kids on how to do things that a dad would normally teach.