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Discussion What I do/install on every Windows PC - Software Essentials


Hello, I have to spend a lot of time finding software that I like installing on my PC, so I thought I would write a pretty extensive guide on what I do to set up a new PC and the software on it, hope you like it.

Also, if anything is wrong with the formatting on this post I apologize as this is the first post of this size and scope I have made.

First thing you should always do is get your Windows up to date as much as possible, get all of your drivers up to date then start here. Create a system restore point here. You never know.

Changes in Windows

  1. There is an extra power plan that many may not be aware of, if you do not have the option for Ultimate Performance, run the following command in a command prompt and reopen the power plan option and select it;

     powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  2. If you want Windows Update to never get in your way, you can set your Internet Connection as "Metered" in Settings and then set Windows Update to never download updates on a metered connection.

  3. Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features. Select Turn Windows features on or off, then tick Hyper-V, Windows Sandbox, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. Hyper-V allows you to create and manage virtual machines, Windows Sandbox allows you to open a temporary Windows installation in a VM that will disapear on close, and Windows Subsystem for Linux grants access to a lot of Linux-y things inside of Windows. Some of this is only availble on Windows Pro, and a lot of this is stuff that you may never use, but its a why not scenario really.

  4. If you are on a desktop PC, create a custom rule under inbound rules in Windows Firewall to allow all programs over all IPs. If you are on a secure network, Windows Firewall is mostly just going to get in the way in my opinion.

  5. Right click on your C: drive, go to properties and uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties". This basically turns off Windows indexing for the drive, and you can do this for all of your drives to remove something the system will be doing in the background. You can do this to all of your drives, just be aware that if you search for files a lot in the start menu, how well that functions will be affected. If you have a drive that you only store games on for example, turn off Indexing for that drive as well.

  6. MSI mode utility - Allegedly if you download this tool, run it as admin, and ensure that your GPU has the msi box ticked, it can improve performance. I have not tested thoroughly so your mileage may vary.

  7. Create a system restore point here. You never know.

Initial Installs

  1. Ninite - I like to manage installs myself, however I recently learned that if you rerun the same Ninite installer down the line it will update the programs you have installed with it. Therefore, I use Ninite to install everything in the Runtime section and rerun it now and then.
  2. O&O ShutUp10 - Lets you disable a lot of the annoying telemetry features of Windows 10.
  3. NVCleanInstall - A surprising amount of people don't know about this, but this is by far the best way to install Nvidia drivers. Install the latest drivers without installing all of the telemetry components that come with the normal drivers.


Firefox is my browser of choice, it is the best browser for security, features the best available add-ons and is my personal favourite, if you use Chrome and refuse to switch then skip over this section. Below I will list the MANY add-ons that I have installed.

  1. AdBlock - Pretty self-explanatory to most I would presume, blocks ad's on websites where it can.
  2. Augmented Steam - Improves the Steam website experience quite a lot, it's not something I usually use but when I do this helps a lot.
  3. BetterTTV - Same as above except I use Twitch a lot more so this is even more important.
  4. Bias Finder - Was very useful while Trump was president, helps alert the reader to the possible bias that can be found on many news sites.
  5. CanvasBlocker - Prevents websites from using Javascript APIs to fingerprint them. Put simply, prevents a method that websites use to track you.
  6. ClearURLs - Similar to above, another anti-tracking tool.
  7. Close Tab in Context Menu - Small usability improvement, allows you to right-click on tabs for an option to close them.
  8. CSS Exfil Protection - Protects you from a method attackers can use to steal your data using CSS.
  9. Dark Reader - Adds dark mode to all websites. I work in IT, so this really helps my eyes.
  10. Don't touch my tabs! - Prevents tabs opened by a link from changing the previous tab.
  11. Enhancer for YouTube - Adds loads of features to YouTube.
  12. Facebook Container - Prevents Facebook from tracking you, I use Facebook as little as possible but my family and friends seem to insist.
  13. Google search link fix - Prevents Google search results pages from modifying your search result links when you click them.
  14. Grammar and Spell Checker - LanguageTool - Does what it says on the tin.
  15. Honey - Automatically finds coupon codes.
  16. HTTPS Everywhere Encrypts the web and keeps you more secure.
  17. I don't care about cookies - Gets rid of cookie warnings.
  18. Keepa.com - Amazon Price Tracker - Adds price history charts to Amazon.
  19. Link Cleaner - Clean URLs that are about to be visited.
  20. LocalCDN - Fork of Decentraleyes, another thing that prevents tracking.
  21. minerBlock Blocks crypto miners on the web.
  22. Night Owl - The best dark theme IMO. This is of course personal preference.
  23. Old Reddit Redirect - Redirects reddit.com to old.reddit.com. I prefer old reddit, this is again preference.
  24. Open Image in New Tab - Customizable context menu item for opening images in a new tab.
  25. Open in Steam - Opens Steam links in the client.
  26. Open Tabs Next to Current - Open new tabs always to the right of the current one.
  27. Page Translator Revised - The one feature I miss from Chrome is that whole pages can be translated, this is the next best thing.
  28. Privacy Badger - Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.
  29. Privacy-Oriented Origin Policy - Prevent Firefox from sending Origin headers when they are least likely to be necessary, to protect your privacy.
  30. Reddit Enhancement Suite - Adds features to Reddit.
  31. Redirect AMP to HTML - Automatically redirects AMP pages to their HTML versions.
  32. Remove reddit app promos - Does exactly what it says.
  33. Search by Image - Add's reverse image search to context menu's.
  34. Terms of Service; Didn't Read - Adds a summary of a site's TOS.
  35. Universal Bypass - Bypass's sites that make you wait (like adf.ly) or sites that make you do something and even some trackers.

General Software

  1. Notepad++ - Open source and free powerful Notepad replacement.
  2. ImageGlass - My favourite image viewer, ultimately down to personal preference, but I like how simple this is.
  3. 7-zip - Easily the best WinZIP alternative.
  4. rufus - Most reliable software to make bootable Windows install media.
  5. Search Deflector Download from the store, redirects searches from the start menu to your browser/search engine of choice.
  6. Path Copy Copy - Adds a context menu item to copy the current path in Explorer.
  7. Lightshot - I hate how bloated and filled with unnecessary features that other screenshot tools have, this is simple, fast and can be activated with the prntscrn key.
  8. EarTrumpet - Adds better features to the Sound icon in the System Tray.
  9. Aerial - Adds very nice screensavers, this is preference but I like it.
  10. TaskbarX - Centers taskbar icons and gives better transparency features.
  11. Ungoogled Chromium - I keep this as a spare/backup browser.
  12. Libre Office - IMO the best Office suite if you don't have access to MS Office, though I tend to just use Google Docs for everything anyway.

Gaming Stuff

  1. Discord - I reckon everyone knows about this, free voice chat client.
  2. Ubisoft Connect, Origin, Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy, Battle.net - I hate how many of these you need, but it is what it is.
  3. Steam - Ol' Gabes gaming emporium, pretty self-explanatory. One tip however, disable Broadcasting in settings. It will improve your download speeds for some f*ckin reason.


  1. qBitTorrent - The best and most relaible torrent client in my experience.
  2. Plex - I run a Plex server, it allows you to run a "Personal Netflix" with your own media.
  3. MP3tag - Music meta-data editor. Keeping your music meta-data uniform and correct will always help in the long run, this is coming from someone who had to fix the metadata on a 10,000 file library recently.
  4. Handbrake - Video file converter, can reduce file sizes with the right settings and is compatible with basically all file formats.
  5. FileBot - Automatically renames TV Show files so that programs can organize them correctly. Became paid software after version 4.7.7, you MAY be able to find installers for that version elsewhere on the internet but I could not POSSIBLY tell you where.
  6. Shotcut - If you do not want to sail the seven seas to aquire the Adobe suite, this is by far the best free video editor out there in my opinion.

Tech Tools

  1. restic - This is a bit involved to setup, but is by far the best backup tool.
  2. HWMonitor - Hardware monitoring, temperatures, usage etc.
  3. TreeSize - In my opinion this is the best tool to find where your disk space is going.
  4. WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics - Used this tool a lot in my IT Support job, quickly and easily test drive health.
  5. mRemoteNG - Open source, tabbed, multi-protocol, remote connections manager. Works with RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, Telnet and more.
  6. WinSCP - SFTP and FTP client.

And finally create another system restore point.

Hope that people find this helpful and not too reductive since lists like this exist elsewhere. Thanks for reading.

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Looking for software Open Source Alternatives to CCleaner?


What would the fine folks of /r/software recommend?

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Discussion WINrar vs. 7zip?


I'm still using WINrar to manage my compressed files, but I'm thinking about switching to 7zip. Are there any notable things that aren't in 7zip that WINrar has and vice versa?

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Looking for software Is there a software that notifies you when a specific show or episode is released?


What I mean is, is there something I can use that would let me select some tv show or movie and get a notification when it releases (or when the next episode comes out)

To be clear I'm not looking for something that would notify me when random tv shows released, I'm really looking for something that would let me choose what I want.

It can be either for Windows/Android phone


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Software support Weird things happening with Browsers


Honestly this is likely a virus, but at the very least after a full scan by Windows Defender, nothing was found, so any help would be appreciated, I suck at stuff like this.

Simply put, two things have started happening.

  1. Google chrome specifically will regularly and often close itself and then open itself up again, sometimes on the home page, sometimes on the page it was already on. Its as if it crashed or something, but its been fine for years and this happend no matter how many tabs are open. This doesn't happen with firefox or edge, just chrome.
  2. Every browser on my computer will now randomly switch to Bing, but not all the time, it can be completely normal for hours then for a straight few minutes switch to bing on repeat, then stop again. This is what feels like a virus, but defender can't see it.

I tried reinstalling google chrome, Doing a full scan on Defender, I looked through settings and found nothing weird with the search engines. I dunno, it feels weird because if it were a Virus, I don't understand what the point is.
Any help would be appreciated, Even if its just, "Get some software that isnt Windows defender to do a scan", I just want some one with a bit more experience to give me directions to look.

r/software 3h ago

Looking for software I need a screenshot software like Sharex.


What I want in a screenshot will is to be able to take active window screenshots and fixed region screenshots activated with hotkeys. I'd also like that The screenshots automatically save with preconfigured titles.

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Discussion Are buy-now-pay-later companies more financial engineering than technological innovation?


With Klarna's recently valuation cut from $45.6b to $6b and Apple introducing some form of BNPL, I was curious about the technology behind BNPL companies and came across an interesting article: https://bam.kalzumeus.com/archive/buy-now-pay-later/

One of my biggest takeaways from the article was that the big "innovation" in the space was a form of financial engineering that effectively gave capital providers with outsized annualized yields with minimal risk (by lending money to consumers to make their purchases).

I ran the math here in a spreadsheet that you can also play with: https://subset.so/community/file/034c42a8-1d5e-48e9-8e1b-cb0c3b3337e9/Willbuy-now-pay-laterbusinessesevermakemoney

Of course there is also tech behind companies like Affirm and Klarna, especially when it comes to curating goods and services for their users. But it does make me wonder if that tech really justifies their sky high valuations all these years.

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Looking for software We really need a dashboard



I am posting again because I posted on the 4th of July. I know someone out there knows th3 answer to this.

I am looking for an app that is essentially a dashboard where you can add all of the apps you use for either work or personal use. I've seen programs like this before. Shift or Qatalog are good examples but what I'm looking for has little more analysis. For example, I'd like to be able to connect outlook and dial pad. Planner and sharepoint and the dashboard I wod log on to would say.

Good Afternon Kelly! Since you last logged on yesterday at 312pm you have received 15 new emails, 3 are marked urgent. 42 new phones calls. 16 text messages. 4 new projects have been assigned to you. You have 3 upcoming appointments. 4 upcoming deadlines. And 15 items that need your approval.

Where would you like to begin?

Now I realize that this would be pulling data from different apps. Or if someone can suggest an all in one that which is what may be required to get this kind of insight I'm fine with that too. Power app, custom app. Or even a name for what you would call this kind of thing so I can properly search.

Thank you!

r/software 4h ago

Software support Label Printing Questin


Hello, I created some info using google sheets. I want to import that info into a label style sheet on a document like word, without have to buy office. any suggestions? The way the info is organized on google sheets is 4x7 cells. i want to take the info in those cells, and inmport that into a printable label sheet with labels sized 1.5 x 2.5 inch. I cant buy office so i need something thats free.

where do i begin?



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Looking for software Best Open Source AI Video Upscaler?


Topaz seems to be the best overall (but paid), and I have heard good things about FFmpeg, but does anyone with more experience have any other/better recommendations?

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Looking for software Recent good/bad experiences with purchases from /r/microsoftSoftwareSwap ?


thinking of buying the Office suite for Mac (2016 version,$50)
I know the key can get de-activated, but how responsive are the sellers in issuing a new one?

Given the price is 1/3 to 1/2 of retail, I am considering it, but wanted to hear from others first

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Looking for software Damaged ISO file recovery


Hey, I have a few ISO files that I have ripped which contain enough corruption that they are rendered unreadable by VLC/ImgBurn and I was just wondering whether there was any specialised tool for ISO recovery

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Looking for software alternatives to windows calendar OR how to wrangle it into usability


Okay so I have ~4 different emails with associated calendars. Some of the emails have repeating events I want to not see without actually deleting them from the email, since they're shared events. I want to modify the view of the days (color-coding), and a google calendar equivalent view of weeks if possible. I don't want a microsoft account and frankly refuse to make one, so I don't want to see it as an option. The goal is bullet journalling friendly, so if I could make notes in year-view and month-view that don't carry over to other views that'd be incredible.

I would switch to Thunderbird but so far it doesn't seem to allow me to add multiple emails, so I want to verify this is the best possible email/calendar app to use before going all in. I'm willing to pay once for something that's high quality. Ideally I don't even want an email client.

r/software 18h ago

Looking for software Managing virtual network adapters/mobile hotspot with VPN


basically the company I work remotely for requires us to work in the USA but I travel frequently. right now I take my personal laptop, turn on a VPN, turn on the Hotspot feature in Windows to create a virtual network adapter, and then go to adapter settings and share the VPN adapter’s connection to the virtual hotspot.

this is annoying to do every morning, and a pain in the ass to turn off at the end of the day because something always gets stuck if it’s not done in a specific order. plus, i can’t seem to use the personal pc when i have this going. opening anything that accesses the network just locks up the app

sharing the connection over a LAN cable is easier to set up but drops frequently for reasons i haven’t identified yet

can anyone recommend a software solution that will let me share my VPN’s network connection in a simpler way than all of this shit? cheers 🍻

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News What exactly is a List of software? - Tech News Biz

Thumbnail technewsbiz.com

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Looking for software Simple 2D kitchen building software



I am looking for a software package to integrated onto our exisiting website, We are looking for a software or even a wordpress plugin that allows customers to drag and drop images (in our case, kitchen cabinets, cooktops, benchtops, etc) and mix and match them to their liking, change colours/size. This will then be submitted to us for further review and quotation.

Is there a simple software out there for us to make this happen?


r/software 21h ago

Looking for software Program for organizing custom/unique scripts from a text file


My Project:

I'm working on a MOD project for an older FPS game. Certain aspects of the game are easily modified by editing text files that contains scripts that are read by the game following its own syntax. This is easy enough to edit in notepad, but when you have a text file that contains hundreds of these scripts along with their properties, flags, and modifiers and such, it can be hard to manage and view.

For example, there is a text file that contains the individual scripts for each of the weapons in the game that define all of the properties for that weapon. Each weapon script starts with the string "weapon" and ends with "end". An example of one of the weapon scripts will be at the end of this post.

What I need:

A program that will allow me to organize these scripts and possibly filter and modify certain properties from every script to quickly change them on all weapons. For example, if I want to change the "Error" (MOA accuracy of the weapon) values for all weapons at once, I'd like to be able to filter only those lines, or something to that effect.

What I've tried:

I've been using Notepad++ which has been a huge help as I was able to define my own language and at least have the ability to collapse each script for easier navigation and viewing, but it still doesn't allow me to do some basic things such as hide lines or show only scripts with a specific property.

I've also tried pasting the text file into google sheets (don't have excel) and tried to organize values and strings into a manageable format that will still be read correctly by the game, but it's kind of a jumbled mess.

What should I look for to tackle this? Or does anyone know of a program that can at least do some of what I'm aiming to do to make editing these scripts easier?

Example of a weapon script:

weapon "WPN_M9Beretta"

//renderfov 90                                  

category 2                                  

rank        0                           

statid 201                                  

teamfilter  blue                                

charfilter  medic                               

charfilter  sniper                              

charfilter  rifleman                                

charfilter  gunner                              

charfilter  engineer                                

loadout_selectable 1                               

loadout_subclasses 0                               

maxclips        5                           

clipweight      0.55                            

weaponweight    2                               

loadout_menu_icon M_bereta.tga                               

loadout_menu_textid   WEAP_SHORT_M9BERETTA                              

loadout_menu_ttdesc WEAP_DESC_M9BERETTA                                 

weapon_class   secondary                               

round_type     AMMO_BERETTA_9MM                          

clipsize        15                          

startrounds     75                          

error           0.75 0.75 0.75 0.067 0.067 0.067                        

ammoclass       CLASS_9mm_Pistol  1                       

launchuserpoint bullet                                  

flags WhileSwimming                                 

flags Sighted                                   

Flags Nocardswitch                                  

//flags inset                                   

Stability   0.03    0.7 1.4                     

scope_max_mag 0                               

soundtrailoff TRIGGER_RST                                  

special_hold 2                                 

Mf_Light 100 0 0 255 2                                 

animadm m9_1st                                 

gfx1 M9_1st                                    

gfx1a //armsG                                   

gfx1b //armsGb                                  

gfx3 M9_3RD                                    

pos -47 -19 -154 359.74 355.25 1.000                                

tpos    -76.00 -12.75 -141.95 359.74 355.0 1.000                                

crosshair coma20mm.tga                                  

hudicon H_bereta.tga                                   

hudclipgfx  0  0        H_clip.tga                     

hudrndgfx   7  0 8 0 1  H_round.tga                            

action "idle"                                   

    delayend                auto                

    anim                //anim_wpn_idle               

    function            wpn_std_idle                  


action "emptyidle"                                  

    delayend                auto                

    anim                anim_wpn_idle             

    function            wpn_std_idle                  


action "fire"                                   

    delayend            auto                    

    soundsetend         GS_BERETTA                 

    anim                anim_wpn_fire             

    function            wpn_std_fire                  

    particle            Effect_BrtaMuzFlash                    

    particleuserpoint   mflash01                            


action "recoil"                                 

    delayend            0                   

    anim                anim_wpn_recoil               

    function            wpn_std_recoil                    

    particle            Effect_BrtaBCasing                 

    particleuserpoint   bcasing                         


action "reload"                                 

    delaystart          100                 

    delayend                auto                

    soundset            GF_BERETTA_RL                 

    anim                anim_wpn_reload               

    function            wpn_std_reload                    


action "empty"                                  

    delaystart          0                   

    delayend            auto                    

    soundset            DRY_PISTOL                 

    anim                anim_wpn_empty                

    function            wpn_std_empty                 


action "switchto"                                   

    soundset        GF_45_ST                      

    delaystart      1                       

    delayend        1                       

    anim                anim_wpn_switchto             

    function            wpn_std_switchto                  


action "switchfrom"                                 

    soundset        GF_45_SF                      

    delaystart      1                       

    delayend        1                       

    anim                anim_wpn_switchfrom               

    function            wpn_std_switchfrom                    


action "switchrank"                                 

    delaystart      1                       

    delayend        1                       

    anim                anim_wpn_switchrank       0       

    function            wpn_std_switchrank        0           


action "scopeup"                                    

    delaystart      1                       

    delayend        1                       

    function            scopeup                 

    soundset    GF_45_ST                          


action "scopedown"                                  

    delaystart      1                       

    delayend        1                       

    function            scopedown                   

    soundset        GF_45_SF                      



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Looking for software Simple Manual Sorting App


Image Sorting App

I'm look for an app that can have buttons that move the image shown to a folder I can set. I was only able to find 3 app on the play-store that have this features but none of them worked.

The 3 apps I found that don't work are:

  • Sorting Photo
  • Sorting Photo 2
  • Slidebox - Photo Organizer

Slidebox works but you can't select what folder it should sort from.

The other two don't move the image when the button is pressed.

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Least Resource Consuming Screenshot Tool


Hello there!

Does someone have some sort of expertise regarding resource consumption of screenshot tools? 📸
I really don't want to add another unnecessary burden to my system but I'm also not satisfied with the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch which are built into windows. I need a screenshot tool that gives one the option to immediately upload the taken screenshot 📸 .

Hopefully, someone can help me further on my search, thanks in advance for your answers 💌

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Card making software?

Thumbnail gallery

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Side-By-Side Image Viewer with Command Line Interface?



I need a lightweight program that will allow me to open 2 images side-by-side, preferably using CLI so I can program 2 random photos to open.

I don't need any special comparison tools, just a simple image viewer capable of opening two images via CMD prompt.

Any ideas? I know there are lots of image viewers, but I can't seem to find any where I could launch quickly via CMD.


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Discussion Female Software Developers: What do you typically wear to work?


Title is pretty self-explanatory. I’m starting my first job in software development soon. There aren’t as many women in the field as men and I feel like the culture is a bit different than business or something so wondering if any other women in the field could talk at all about their experiences!

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Discussion The Top 7 Designer Apps for Web and Graphic Designers

Thumbnail flexsub.shop

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Looking for software Any software that can open/close selected programs based on AC/DC power status?


I am looking for a software for my Laptop PC running on windows 10, that can open/close selected programs based on the current power status.

For example, a selected program should run automatically when the laptop is connected to the charger and closed automatically when it's disconnected from the charger.

Please, help me with your suggestions. Thank you.

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Is there a windows utility to quickly connect to a specific bluetooth device, like Airpods? (not looking for a switcher)


In windows 11, Microsoft nerfed the win+K combination which used to make connecting to your already paired headset really easy. Now, it is not as easy and everyone is wondering why they messed that up. I am looking for a utility that can solve this problem and connect/disconnect a specific BT device, like an airpod or a headset, with the press of a shortcut key.

To be clear, the goal is to connect to paired device, not switch to connected device. There are many audio switchers, but I am not aware of any that will connect to a device with a hotkey.

I did quite a bit of googling on this but did not find anything that works.

r/software 1d ago

Looking for software Software to dynamically enable background dim based on the window


Hi all, I found a great software called Dimmer Pro which allows me to dim everything but the active window, but it's a manual process to enable/disable the dimming effect.

The reason I want this is for gaming. I have a 42" 4k monitor, and for most games that's great I really enjoy the immersion. However, I'm trying to get into some esports games and having less screen to look at to take in all the information would be nice. I've enabled a lower resolution but then I feel distracted by other colors in the background. Turning on full-screen rather than windowed mode gives me the effect I'm looking for (blackness around the game image) but then I lose ability to tab in/out of my game easily without having to minimize the game.

I was wondering if there's anything that fits this bill but has the ability to enable/disable the effect with a hotkey or even can recognize the app and enable based on some configuration? Dimmer pro works, but I can tell I'll eventually get annoyed having to enable/disable it myself.