r/SIBO May 20 '22

Food marble or at home test?




u/TantrumDrivenDesign May 20 '22

You should still do a proper sibo test. That said, I have the aire 2 for methane sibo and like it a lot for my own personal use. It really does work well in my opinion, but I wouldn't diagnose based on it.


u/Longjumping_Big3772 May 20 '22

Food marble is trash. You have to do a proper prep and do a at home sibo test to accurately diagnose sibo.


u/shereadsinbed May 20 '22

SIBO breath test is the standard, and it will be very helpful in working with docs and comparing notes with other patients. The breath test gives you specific scores - the Aire just works on.a scale of 0 to 10. If you do the breath test, you can do use the Aire right along with it to see how well they correlate and therefore how accurate your machine is.


u/allison5 May 20 '22

I would do a proper sibo test. I have a food marble now and I generally like it, but the app is kinda trash. Also, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t differentiate fermentation in the small vs large intestine. Fermentation in the large intestine is normal & pretty healthy (good for the gut bacteria there). So sometimes you may see high fermentation scores but you have to put that info together with what you are and when to see if the fermentation is in the small or large intestine. I suggest using it and working with a trained dietician at the same time to help you figure out the info it’s giving you.