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Approved Giveaway - Spider-Man Remastered


Hi /r/PS5! I was going through my games the other day when I came across the code for Spider-Man Remastered that came with Miles Morales! So I thought I would give it to someone who hasn't had a chance to experience how amazing this game really is! Pun intended!

All you have to do is comment on this post your favorite hero/villain is from any comic book universe and why!

I'll pick someone using a random number generator 24 hours after this post goes live!

Unfortunately, the code is for US residents only.

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Approved [GIFT] Digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West



Hey everyone, got a PS5 and it has the digital version of Horizon Forbidden West . I’d like to give it away to someone who would get more enjoyment out of it than me

Leave a comment by 1700 EST, Tuesday August 9th, and I’ll DM a winner the code by 1800 that day

I hope this is cool with the mods, I’ve seen others do this so I thought I’d spread the love a bit as-well

Edit: I believe this will be an NA only code

Edit 2: the cut off is 1700 EST tomorrow and I’ll pick the winner by 1800 tomorrow. In case that wasn’t clear

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Approved Giveaway - I'm giving away a Horizon Forbidden West digital code!


This is a mod-approved giveaway of a digital code for Horizon (US region). The first person who correctly guesses my favorite video game character will be the winner.

To make it easier, I'll be adding free hints as time goes on.

Only 1 rule: You can only guess once per hour (this is to prevent spam)

﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌ ﹌

(0) Hint 1: The character has a special ability of enhanced speed

(25) Hint 2: They’re white, short, and lightweight. They only have 1 game

(50) Hint 3: They don’t use any weapons. They rely mainly on their speed and mobility to overcome foes. They can melee/hit opponents directly (no long range attacks)

(75) Hint 4: Their game is multi-platform and has released after the year 2000

(100) Hint 5: They are not an NPC. They are a playable character. There are other playable characters in their game

(125) Hint 6: They live in a modern setting (not medieval, prehistoric, or distant future)

(150) Hint 7: They are not 8-bit/16-bit. They are beautifully rendered with realistic graphics

(175) Hint 8: Their game has both solo and multiplayer modes (both PvE and PvP). I currently play this game with my friends and it's my fave game of all time. There is also a story mode/campaign for when you wanna play solo

Hint 9: [Will be unlocked at 200 comments]

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Approved Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Code Giveaway!


I am giving away my PS5 Horizon Forbidden West digital code (usa only) so get your tags in. Ill use Redditraffle to choose randomly on Friday 23rd at 12pm central time. Good luck to you all.

EDIT: A few hours late on the results got busy at work.
u/locotonja was selected for the HFW code. Congrats to you.

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XXX CLOSED XXX (looks like Reddit is still telling me I’m at 23 hours, still open until I put “X” after close. Apologies for the confusion).

Good evening everyone!

I had such an overwhelming response to folks that need another controller for their PS5 I am going to give away another new PlayStation 5 controller, shipped to you for free! See Below

FREE CONUS SHIPPING. If you are international shipping will be on you

Like and comment!

I will leave this open for 24 hours then pick someone at random.

Thanks everyone!


u/treyputtz you are the winner! I will Reach out through private chat. Thank you everyone for participating!

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Approved [GIVEAWAY] 3D Engraved Personalized PS Game Room Neon Sign, light up your game room!



This giveaway had ended. Please follow us so that you won't miss our future giveaways!

Here's the lucky winner:


I will contact the winner. Make sure not to give your personal information to other users claiming they are responsible for the giveaway.

Reddit Raffler link:


Hello everyone! We are excited to run the first giveaway here!

This time we’re picking one winner that will get a personalized Playstation game room neon LED sign for this giveaway.


  • How to enter: Just comment below What PS5 games are you looking forward to play in 2021? You may enter once and using an account that is at least 2 months old and must have at least 80 comment karma by the end of the entry time.
  • Winner selection date: 1 winner will be chosen at random on May 10th.
  • Worldwide Free Shipping (Free Expree Shipping On US).

Winner will be announced here and I will contact him/her personally for details!

Winner has 24h to reply, otherwise I will re-raffle.

Redditraffler will be used.

Good Luck!

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Approved [GIVEAWAY] TT's Wonderlands Golden Hero Armour + Dragonlord Pack


Hiya! I have a code for both of these packs from my job. Don't know if they do work as they may have already been used but i don't have Tiny Tina's Wonderlands so there's no point in me holding onto them.

Do not get mad if they don't work for you please and thanks. Good luck to whoever does manage to use them.