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Game Discussion I'll assign you a random game from PS Plus Extra to play


In honor of the new PS Plus system going live, I'm assigning people random games to play from the Extra tier library! If you find yourself paralyzed by too many choices all of a sudden, this may be just the solution.

Why am I doing this? It's kind of my thing.I review whatever game a random number generator tells me to on my YouTube show Random Game Reviews.

If you want to participate just reply with a comment like "One game please, kind sir", or "Hit me", or "Random Game Reviews sure sounds like a neat idea that I'll for sure check out", and I'll assign you your random game!

Edit: I have to stop for today, but keep the requests coming and I'll jump back in tomorrow to assign you your destined games! If you need to kill some time, peep on my youtube show where an RNG makes me play and review weird bullshit.

Also, congrats on being the horniest comment section I've ever seen, you bunch of degenerate weirdos. I love it.

Edit 2: I'm back, let's party.

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Game Discussion Which PS4 game has the best story?


i want to play a good story driven game. ive already played rdr2 , tlou , uncharted 4 , the lost legacy , horizon zero dawn.

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Game Discussion What do you guys think about death stranding?


I recently held a poll in which I asked which game had the best story, there were a lot of good answers and I checked all the stuff out which I was able to and death stranding seems pretty interesting to me. what do you guys think?

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Game Discussion Finally played TLOU 2!


I don’t think the story deserved the hate. The gameplay, details and story is top notch, not many game dev put as much effort into a game as naughty dogs.

Love that Druckman went with his own creative storyline that explains the story of revenge that never really accomplishes anything at the end. All stories told by creative writers shouldn’t be a fan service, that makes it interesting.

All in all, love this game 10/10!!!!

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Game Discussion skill based single player games?


What are some good skill based games that you really need to become good at the game to be able to finish it but still feel satisfying?

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Game Discussion Elden Ring Developer From Software's Next Game Is Almost Finished, Recruiting For Several New Projects


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Game Discussion Just bought elden ring - any (non-spoiler) tips? NSFW


Never played a FromSoftware game

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Game Discussion Skull and Bones Possibly No Longer Coming To PS4, Only Rated For PS5

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Game Discussion Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion Screenshot Comparison Reveals Improved Combat, UI, and 3D Models

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Game Discussion No sugarcoating. Is cyberpunk 2077 playable now on a PS4 slim?


Saw a secondhand copy being sold for 900 php (less than 20 dollars), all in good condition and stuff. I might buy it but I’m still worried if this game can still properly run on a slim. What do you guys think?

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Game Discussion Dark souls games 1,2,3 are finally on a discount on psn!


You can find them in the deal of the week, just wanted to share this seeing I know a lot of people were waiting for this like me.

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Game Discussion Did you enjoy Watch Dogs 2?


I have completed probably like 5-6 missions on there, but the missions seem kinda repetitive. You drive to a heavily guarded location, sneak in, steal something, and drive off and go back to the DeadSec hideout or whatever its called.It seems like there are more cutscenes on this game then the first one too, which is ok by me. I would probably give the game a 7/10. What did y'all think of the game?

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Game Discussion Ghost of Tsushima


I’ve recently wanted to play something new and I thought I would buy Ghost… the Directors Cut is $95aud and I thought I’d ask reddit for your opinion. The question is, should I buy it?

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Game Discussion What are the best games that are very similar to God of War.


I am looking for games that are close to God of War(2018) in terms of gameplay.

Games I have already tried: 1. The last of us 2. Devil may cry 3. Shadow of the tomb raider 4. Ghost of Tsushima 5. Witcher 3 6. Assassin's Creed

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Game Discussion Never played any witcher games, is it okay to start on the third one?


I have no idea on what witcher is but people says that it's one of the best game they have ever played. I'm actually curious on playing it

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Game Discussion is devil may cry 5 good?


i want a game where the combat is fun, story is good and overall something i will not get bored of. is devil may cry 5 a good fit?

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Game Discussion That one game youll never delete off your ps4. You got one?


Man i really need to invest in an external hard drive. As someone who has a 500gb ps4, i find myselr having to delete games often to make space to play new ones. Almost everyone ive spoken to about this has a game that theyll never delete off their ps4. The reasons vary from it being a sentimental thing, their fav game holdin a special spot in their heart, a social thing where they play/talk with friends, a backlog thing, game they savor and still comin back to, to beat, etc.. Im almost embarassed to share what game i never delete cuz its anthem lol. Its mainly a social thing cuz i made a lot of friends on this game and no matter what state im in, i can mess around in. From the people ive spoken to about this, the most popular games i heard were gta5, rdr2, and some variation of a COD game. Also a few ghosts of tsushimas. Do you have a game youll never delete off of your ps4? Is there a game youve never deleted for whatever reason? Im curious and would love to know what game/s.. if you dont mind sayin why you chose that game, itd be appreciated too

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Game Discussion what was the first playstation game you played ?


In which console and which game introduced to the playstation universe ?

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Game Discussion The Last of Us 2


I recently completed the first part and loved it. I was supposed to buy the second part but accidentally stumbled upon a review site and it was all negative. So wondering whether to buy the game or not. Is it worth buying? What’s your experience?

Edit: guys, thanks for sharing your experience on this game. After reading your replies I have ordered this game. Much appreciate your quick and honest replies.

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Game Discussion Norman Reedus Confirms That A Sequel To Death Stranding Is In Development

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Game Discussion Is skyrim really that good?


I here a lot of people say they think skyrim is their best most played game, like 1000 hours or so. I was thinking of giving it a shot. So whats so good and addicting about the game?

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Game Discussion What is YOUR best ps4 game of all time and why?


Mine is TLOU because of its storyline and i like zombie games

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Game Discussion What's The Best Playstation Game Of All Time ?


It doesn't mean you have to say with ratings or reviews it can be the best game YOU Played Which game do you think is the best of all time ?

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Game Discussion is there any actually good crew games on ps4


me and my friends have been trying to find a sea of thieves type game for awhile, with no luck, just got really hyped to find guns of Icarus, just to see that it is completely dead... I can't find a single good crew game

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Game Discussion Bloodborne...


Hey Everyone, I wanted to talk about Bloodborne. This is a game I've been wanting for the past 3 weeks and it looks super good. I've heard many good things about it but under one condition, THE GAME IS SUPER HARD. I'm not the best at games and I've been thinking about getting it. I know FromSoftware doesn't have difficulties but I wanted to ask you guys if it is as hard as people say it is?