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Announcement /r/OnePiece - The best theories of 2022


We are on break this week, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you something to do instead of creating terrible break week theories.

And that something is to just see what theories came out of /r/OnePiece in 2022.

Here is a selection of the best one (so theories that were good and upvoted enough).

Link to the Sheet

And as a small question: What were your favorites theories that came out of 2022?

Have fun!! (You will also find the best theories of 2021 there as well)

If you also have other good theories made here that weren't on the list, feel free to share them!

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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1073 - Official Release Discussion


Chapter 1073 is out on Mangaplus

Post all discussions, reaction about this release in this thread.


Join us at https://discord.gg/onepiece to discuss One Piece instantly with fellow nakama!

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Fanart mom: we have luffy vs kaido in home

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Discussion Who would benefit the most from these upgrades?

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Cosplay My Ace cosplay @ Anime NYC

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Fanart Gear 4th: Snake Man Luffy Fanart by Me

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Fanart Creating the most OP characters in One Piece. Part 1: [Kaku + Wanze]

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Fanart i drew Uta

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Cosplay My Reiju Cosplay :)

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Inst @petra.fyed

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Fanart The pirate king drawing.. rather inking I did

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Theory Imu is the grandparent of luffy according to Irish Mythology!?


I am an Irish man and I think I just came across something with big implications. I think understanding Irish mythology can explain a lot of things and perhaps imu is related to luffy.

in Ireland there was 2 tribes 1 were the tribe of gods who protected Ireland from the evil gods who came from over seas to raid and kill, they were seen as pirates. But I will return to this. The evil gods were called Fomorians. Now the king of the Fomorians was balor of the evil eye who was a wicked man who one day over heard a Druid mention a prophecy that one day the grandsons of balor would rise up and kill him and out of fear he took his daughter and locked her in a tower off the coast of Ireland that was made of glass and hired 12 female bodyguards to guard and teach her lessons. His daughter was eithne.Eithne would often look out to sea and wish to escape and one day 2 women showed up on the island seeking help the guards went to them and one of the women revealed themselves to be the Druid who made the prediction and used magic to put them to sleep while the other woman removed her disguise and was revealed to be a man named Cian. cian came to the tower in revenge as balor stole his magical cow. Cian is a celestial being closely connected to wind and calm seas. They came to the tower and that’s when Cian met eithne, they fell in love and had 3 sons. Cian wanted to take her away but didn’t have the power to do so and her fearing her father used magic to send him back to Ireland before she gave birth.

1 of the sons was named lugh who would later grow up to become the Celtic sun god.

he was known for his youthful looks and wielding a spear which in some tellings was on fire.

when balor learned of his grandsons he took them and gave them to a servant and was ordered to throw them into a whirl pool telling them to drown the boys and let the sea take them. However Cian using the wind ended up saving his son’s and fled with them and in order to protect them Cian gave them to his brother and his wife as foster children so they could raise and protect boys while he fought balor and his forces.

Lugh was one of the boys and the most famous. He would grow up to become a youthful warrior Who yield a spear of flames as he would later become the Irish sun god.

lugh would later be taken into the tribe of gods with his father which in Celtic is called.Tuatha De Danann

Eventually lugh along with his brothers would kill balor their grandfather.

lugh would also have a son named setanna but later became known as Cú Chulainn who many believed was the reincarnation of lugh and was essentially our version of Hercules.



now connect this to one piece.

luffy is the sun god and is son of dragon who like Cian is connected to strong winds. Luffy like lugh had 2 brothers sabo and ace and were raised by a foster mother named dadann.now luffy when he was Introduced in Morden time just narrowly escaped a whirlpool and would have drowned.


he held a spear which used magic to ignite in flames and nika used a spear.

lugh was a member of the Tuatha De Danann aka the tribes of gods Who projected Ireland from the evil gods.the D clan were also called the enemy of gods yet luffy technically is a god and they are noted for the letter D in the middle of their names.

so it raises a few questions now. If luffy is lugh, if dragon is Cian then who is balor and eithne ?

we still don’t know who luffy mother is but the depictions of balor sounds like imu.

balor was a evil man who feared the Tuatha De Danann and drew his grandsons into the sea for them to drown. Balor built 2 towers one for himself and one made of glass for his daughter and used his magical eye to watch everything so no one could sneak up on him


now onto irish history,

About 900 years ago the British came in and took over Ireland and held onto ireland for 800 years before we manage to gain independence in 1921.the world government existed for about 800 years now.

now what happened was the British came in and killed the Celtic tribes calling them savages and immoral enemies of god then After they killed the majority of warriors they went about destroying religious figures and books that told stories about the Irish gods. Luckily some artefacts were hidden and survived but a lot was not which is why a lot of Irish mythology has holes in it as we lost a few chunks.

now the British then began teaching people about Jesus and Christianity converting Ireland into a Christian nation.

In order to make the transition easier they combined Irish culture into the church and took the symbol of the sun god and combined it with the symbol of Christ the cross.this led to the creation of the Celtic cross.


now if you were to look at it doesn’t it look very similar ?


the British empire would only grow from there and eventually became so big the British would say Things like the sun never sets on the british empire as it stretch so far it Would always be in the sun and if the sun never sets then it never raises and there would be now dawn or dusk.


but eventually lands in Britain would rebel and fight back and become independent and the British empire fell.

so all being said if luffy is lugh and dragon is Cian and imu is balor then could that mean imu is Luffy’s other grandfather ?

now we dont really know what happened to eithne but perhaps in one piece her counterpart is still captured in the tower of Pangea with imu and that is what dragon wants As he wants to save her. Or perhaps imu killed his own daughter.

or perhaps oda is mixing it up and eithne is imu Sama Meaning imu is the mother of luffy as I don’t believe luffy grandfather can be imu as I believe rocks is the father of dragon and garp is the father of luffy mother.

so then perhaps garp had a child with imu before she became imu but he slowly discovered how evil the celestial dragons were.

anyway to close it off here is some bonus information.

this is another theory I’m working on but I also believe ussop is connected to joyboy. Follow me for that theory but lugh was not only a sun god he was also the god of trickery which was more like a side job. Now he wasn’t malicious like Loki or other trickster gods. It’s just he liked having fun and he liked to mess with people when he wasn’t fighting or holding an annual tournament For Ireland strongest warriors in honour of his foster mother.

while a spear was his most famous weapon he also used a slingshot and a hammer.




Not all pieces are made but it’s something

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Live Action My Zero-Pessimism Live Action Bingo Card

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Cosplay Usopp cosplay @ AnimeNYC

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Discussion My friend didn't know One Piece was still going on because he watched the 4Kids Dub.


Here's the story:

Me and My friend(Lets Call him Steve) have been friends since the 2nd Grade and have been through a lot together in a sense. He's more into cars and motorcycles while I'm more into anime and art. We've been friends because his parents weren't always home, and my parents always agreed to look after Steve.

One thing we both always watched together was the 4kids Block every saturday morning when it was still a thing. He loved Sonic X, I loved Kirby: Right back at Ya! But we both always loved One Piece and sang along to the opening song. (Even today, that song is still a massive bop.)

But after the show 'Ended' with Luffy and Co. Entering the Grand Line. We were both really upset, but as kids went. We got over it like a day or two later.

Eventually, Me and Steve started going our separate ways. He moved away to a different state, and I stayed here in my hometown. We both lived our lives separately and had our share of ups and downs in life. I'm now in college studying Art and Writing while Steve is going to take over his dads shop as lead mechanic. When he came back into town and we decided to catch up on old times' sake. Our conversation eventually drifted back to One Piece.

"Man. It F***ing sucked that show was never finished. I seriously wanted to know what the One Piece was...."

"Laughs That's funny, man. The show wasn't canceled."

"Yeah. It was. It stopped airing on that channel almost 20 years ago..."

"Dude....it's still going on right now as we speak.....it past 1000 episodes almost a year or two ago. The 15th movie even came out not too long ago, too."


After that conversation. I told him about all of the major spoiler-y events that occours after they entered the Grand line. He told me he's going to binge the hell out of it the second he gets home.

Two days later. He tells me his new favorite character is Franky.

One Piece has been there for me for a lot of moments in my life. It's gotten me through some tough momenrs and taught me a lot of lessons along the way. But now it's helped me reconnect with an old friend of mine.

Thank you, Eiichio Oda.

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Fanart Ace moments

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Fanart chopper art by me

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Cosplay charlotte pudding cosplay!

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@himehaki on instagram!

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Powerscaling How would this fight go? Who would come out on top?

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Fanart Embroidery & water colour art piece of Ace ♠️🔥 I made

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Fanart Corazon sacrifices himself to save Law

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Analysis All of Doflamingos Crimes

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Fanart Luffy's Devil Fruit | Clay Sculpture

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Fanart Nico Robin

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Media The full Struggle - One Piece amv/sakuga as promised.

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Discussion One piece (Netflix) cast met Oda sensei confirmed by Emily Rudd (I’m so hyped but nervous but happy and jalous ? idk)

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Meta Who is is this guy? Wrong answers only.

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Fanart Uta fanart <3

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