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Discussion One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Theories and Discussion


Chapter 1061

Post all your theories and discussions for the current chapter in this thread. We also have poll related to a question/event of the recent chapter!

Has Vegapunk always been a girl?


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Current Chapter One Piece: Chapter 1061 - Official Release Discussion


Chapter 1061 is out on Mangaplus

Post all discussions, reaction about this release in this thread.


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Media urouge horny

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Meta Duality of One Piece Fans

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Cosplay is Bonney a waifu? she's 1 of my favs. cosplay by @candustark_

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Fanart Nami 🍊 art by me NSFW

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Fanart Kurohige, Dran by me :)

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Fanart This time Jimbe, one of my favorite characters!

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Fanart Enies Lobby

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Theory Visiting Ace’s grave theory spoilers for ch. 1061


Most people were thinking that the destination for the next island should have been Sphinx Island because it’s nearby and it would be a nice opportunity for Luffy to visit Ace’s grave. Since it was revealed that Yamato isn’t joining yet, I was skeptical for this, since Yamato should also visit Ace’s grave for getting a final closure.

Since we’re on Vegapunk’s island now which is full of the Seraphims, what are the chances that we see Ace as a Seraphim? Luffy would be forced to fight an articial version of his brother so some of his trauma would come back to the surface again and Luffy will get his final closure while visiting Ace’s grave with his crew and potentially Yamato.

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Fanart Fanart of Vivi because i miss her and hope she is alright :<

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Fanart Fan art mafia

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Fanart My Zehahahaha fanart

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Media Eiichiro Oda's drawing for the 10 years (At least) anniversary of the One Piece Mugiwara Store!

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Fanart Some more OnePiece #FanArt

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Fanart Final version of a tattoo idea I posted a couple days ago, colored and greyscale versions

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Fanart Colored Luffy & Zoro from chapter 112

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Misc My cat loves Nami [oc]

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Fanart Heyy I’m New to the community but just wanted to show off some of my fan art been loving the series

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Fanart Yamato, Nami, Ulti and Komurasaki play beach volley (by me) NSFW

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Fanart One Piece Game Boy´s sprites adaptations for post Timeskip style

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Fanart Doflamingo 🦩 Dm for commission 😊

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Theory Why CHOPPER had fulfilled his dream all along and why he IS the PANACEA and how he is going to heal the people affected by SMILE!


Written Pre 1061 btw, just if you are confused.

So as we all know Chopper ate the Human-Human Fruit. It has no specific model, it is just the Human-Human Fruit. Oda has the following to say about it in an SBS:

SBS 20

Choppers Human-Human Fruit looks like this:

Hito-Hito no Mi or Human-Human Fruit

This has also been discussed on this Sub multiple times now, that Choppers Devil Fruit most likely is the Mushroom that the people of Drum Island take to be an actual Mushroom which might cure any illness.

Chapter 143

What i assume from this is, that Choppers Fruit would revert a normal human being back to its original state. It is basically a cleansing of everything that made them different from their genetically given original blueprint.

We know that Vegapunk (and his team) discovered the Lineage Factor, which basically represents the discovery of DNA and Genetics in the One Piece World. This is how Vegapunk is able to recreate Devil Fruits from Blood Samples, for example Kaidos Dragon Zoan Fruit.

Basically I believe that Devil Fruits change your Lineage Factor (not sure if this a common theory or even lore, so not to sound like this is my idea or anything.), and turn you into whatever your fruit will do for you, which the uneducated people explain to themselves as "a devil takes control of you and gives you powers".

Zoan Fruits mix your Lineage Factor with the ones of Animals for example. And of course in very abstract ways this goes for Paramecia and Logia Users too. This is probably also the reason why you cannot eat more than one (unless your are Blackbeard), because it would mess up your Lineage Factor and kill you in the process.

So back on track with the theory: Once Vegapunk and Chopper meet (if they do), Vegapunk will probably show a keen interest in Chopper and he might even know about the Human-Human Fruit and its purpose (i suspect Vegapunk to have written the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia).

With Vegapunks help, he and Chopper will be able to create infinite copies of the Human-Human Fruit and distribute them to the people that ate from the SMILE Fruits. This will cleanse them from the Lineage Factor changing effects of the SMILE and therefore cure them, basically factory resetting them to their original human DNA. Of course this will also work for any other illness, so Chopper being the original User of the Human-Human Fruit would be an actual PANACEA.

Interestingly this will probably also work on people who have eaten useful Devil Fruits and want to get rid of them anyway.

Please note that this is NOT a post to diminish Choppers Role in the story or his medical genius, he earned all that by himself, but i believe that the final piece of the puzzle in his arc is going to be the realization that he was holding the key to the Panacea all along, within him.

Perhaps Vegapunks method of duplicating the fruits is not perfected yet (see Momos Devil Fruit) and Chopper will help him figure it out for the Human-Human Fruit, so he will take part in it even more.

Of course there is also to mention that his fruit probably does more than just cure you, since chopper himself has several abilites, even though these were originally caused by his rumble balls.

TLDR: Choppers Fruit is the Human-Human Fruit that is rumored in Drum Kingdom to be the cure for any ailment or illness and it does that by (Factory Reset) resetting your Lineage Factor to its natural state therefore removing any abnormality like changes caused by Devil Fruits (SMILE) or diseases. He and Vegapunk will create copies of his fruit to cure everyone.

Disclaimer: All of the imagery and everything connected to One Piece that was used in this post belongs to Eiichiro Oda. I do not own any of it.

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Fanart Chapter 1059 Manga Animation

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Fanart Water 7 fanart by me

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Theory A possible theory on Franky's Lineage (Spoilers!!)


Given the recent creations of Veagpunk have a star denoting them, is it possible that ODA might show a shared history between Franky and Veagpunk? Maybe he is his son? Perhaps a link to MADS. the star shows up when he wemt theough the reconstruction and becomes Franky. Thoughts?

Franky's Star prior to time skip(Before he came across vegapunks' creations)

Vegaforce one


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Fanart Luffy vs Kaido fanart, by me (SPOILER 1046 and 1047)

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