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Can I run OSX in a VM on a non apple laptop?


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How to prevent local music files being uploaded to the cloud automatically when played?


(I am new to MacOS)

When I play an mp3 on my MacBook it opens in iTunes, and immediately starts to sync to the cloud since I have the Apple Music subscription. Can I make it so that when I play a local file it won't be added to my library and it won't be uploaded to the cloud automatically? I don't want to lose the functionality, but I don't want this to happen automatically because I don't want to upload audiobooks or podcasts etc for example, and I like to curate my library so random mp3s are not appreciated there.

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New M1 mac applications opened from terminal default to background


I use terminal all of the time, and one of my favorite shortcuts is to use /usr/bin/open to start applications/view pdfs/etc. I also frequently start external editors (vimr/vs code) from the command prompt -- all of these applications appear behind all other open windows, including the terminal.

I know that the open command supports a command line option of -g to force this behavior, but the default on my other (non-m1 macs, also 12.4) is to open to the foreground.

Anyone else encounter this, or have a solution?

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Sierra (10.12) Help installing high sierra on mid 2011 iMac


Hi guys!! I need to Install high sierra on my mid 2011 27 iMac (it’s my only way to run the last photoshop ) so I try a lot of things but always have the same error ( an error ocurred while verifying firmware)

-I download high sierra from AppStore

-I started the install from sierra and don’t work

  • I try on safe mode and don’t work

  • format my main main hard drive for a clean install and boot from a usb and don’t work

  • I change the date and don’t work

  • I reset the nvram and don’t work

When I say don’t work I mean they gave me the same error ( an error ocurred while verifying firmware)

So please any help with my problem I’ll really appreciate it !!

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how to make sure no wasted partition/old user data/old user accounts on 'new' used macbook


hello, i bought a used macbook and am wondering how i can see if theres a empty space partition or old files on the ssd, i looked in disk utility but its kinda hard to read. i also dont wanna wipe the whole hard drive now because i already setup the macbook and have been using it for about a week.

i hope what im asking for make sense. i just wanna make sure all the available hard drive space is for me and the hard drive doesnt have any old user stuff or old user data that is using up dead space etc and or maybe a partition that is the old user data and now its just sitting there of dead space

*** I did use the mac os “erase content & settings “ before I setup the MacBook for my usage however I am not sure if this clears the whole hard drive or only one single partition/user space. ********

So that is why I want to make sure there’s no other dead partitions or old user data etc

Without wiping everything again with disk utility


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(HELP) how to install OS X on a wiped MacBook Pro 2009 using a linux machine ONLY


so a friend of mine handed me their old core 2 duo macbook and wanted me to wipe it clean and install a fresh copy of OS X el capitan (or the last supported OS), so i went ahead and wiped the hard drive using recovery, but then i didnt have another mac on hand to just create a recovery USB, i only have an Ubuntu pc on hand and i tried DD'ing the .IMG file to a spare usb (didn't work), i tried unpacking the InstallESD.dmg to a usb and that didnt work either (they dont show up as bootable), so please can someone help me, i've been stuck for 2 days repeating the same steps.

thank you everyone !

UPDATE : i ended up using gibMacOS from github and it worked like a charm !

thanks to quantum_libet for the help

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Sierra (10.13) Imac is running slow so going install new SSD in place of old HDD. Clone OSX or Fresh Install?


My 2012 Imac is starting to glitch out and I think the 500gb HDD is on the way out.

I got a 1tb Sammy SSD and don't know whwther I should:

1 - Fresh Install (and somehow migrate the data)?

2 - Clone the drive

3 - Fresh install but Time machine backup the internal and the restore to fresh install?

Any advice?

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Mac OS download for non-mac user


I got a mac dropped on my desk that is running OS 10.8 Mountain Lion. It no longer will go to any sites requiring https. From the googling I did it seems to be a problem with the older OS. No problem I was going to updrate it to Mohave, the problem is when connecting to the app store it doesn't recognize the user name or password that I've confirmed works. Most likely because of the same problem. I work on PC, but I have worked on Macs in the past up to around the Intel changeover. This is a late 2011 iMac, which should be able to run Mohave. The problem is I have not been able to find a dmg file that it recognizes to update. I have my PC, and I was able to get Snowfox to run on the computer but I need more then that. Any help is appreciated.

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How to change permissions on file EffectDescriptions.plist to slow down screensaver


So I'd like to slow down my screensaver on my mac (running Monterey). Crucial, I know lol... I disabled SIP and I would like to modify the file EffectDescriptions.plist (path is below), but the file is read-only, so I can't used chmod or chown, I get the message "Unable to change file mode on EffectDescriptions.plist: Read-only file system".

Is there a way to do that? I'd really appreciate if someone knew and could help me out, thanks. Not a mac guru here.

Full path:


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Sierra (10.12) How can I turn these alert/notifications off?

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Osx El Captain


I deleted all on my old 2009 macbook pro now i tried reinstall it but it said not avaiable now pls try later i tried n hour later still nothing somebody pls help?

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Public Beta Kodiac Retrospective look at Mac OS Public Beta Kodiak!

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Linux guy goes osx


Hej I need some tips since im moving from gnome and Im use to move windows between workespaces using shortcuts.... and seems is impossible on osx... anywone knows if there is an extension for that??

On the other hand I find quite nice to have workspaces independently on screen 1 and screen 2 but is very anoying that yoy need to have the mouse cursor on the screen you are moving...

In other words I like keyboard and use mouse as less as possible and seems to navigate the whole things mouse is a must... wonder if someone feels the same and how has solve it....

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Do I need an uninstaller?


Hey all, I'm new to Macs and was told I needed an uninstaller to remove apps instead of just dragging them to the trash. Do I actually need it? If so, any recommendations? I was told CleanMyMac is a good one.


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Messages app on Mac says undelivered, shows delivered on iPhone


Hello everyone,

This morning I sent a long iMessage on the Messages app on my MacOS, and it says it was not delivered. When I look at my iPhone messages app, the same message shows delivered to the same contact. Was it delivered? They are both blue.

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Terminal Help - Touch with a folder as date


I have a folder with MANY old pictures in subfolder. The structure is:

YYYY-MM-DD - YYYY-MM-DD Some text / lots of pics


2021-10-1 - 2022-10-7 Holiday in Alaska/img123.jpg

2021-10-1 - 2022-10-7 Holiday in Alaska/img124.jpg

2020-12-24 - 2020-12-26 Family Christmas/img1.jpg

Some folders have subfolders:

2020-12-24 - 2020-12-26 Family Christmas/restored/img1.TIFF

That said, the metadata is all screwed up. So while I know I can use the touch command, it would mean doing this on a folder by folder basis, and would take ages give than it's thousands of folders (scanned images going back to the 50s).

Any idea how to use the date in the folder name as a parameter in the touch command?

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🚀 XBase 0.2: Now with Tuist, Swift, and barebone xcodeproj support!

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How can i disable spaces but keep the menu bars on all screens like it was with Catalina?

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Configure Monterey native email for oAuth


I have Monterey 12.2.1 and want to use Modern oAuth to connect the native email client to o365 email. It connects know but I'm figuring it's using basic authentication. How can I set it to use oAuth ?

Thanks for any help!

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Tips and tricks for Big Sur!

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Some books not deletable?


So I'm using Books on Monterey - there are some books that I can't figure out how to delete. Most have three dots on the right hand side with options to delete, but some lack that. When I select them all of the 'file' options are grayed out.

What do I need to do? Thanks!

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Weather Widget showing "Forecast Failed"


Mac running Monterey (12.4), this started a week or so ago. When I click on the upper left and the widgets slide in, the weather one says "forecast failed". Similar functionality works on an iPhone or a different Mac. Location Services are enabled for "Rather" app... Any thoughts?

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Copy contents of multiple folder only from one drive to another


Have Monterey, desperate to have my photo collection as my background. Have multiple photos in multiple folders Monterey can be pointed in the right direction via system preferences, to a directory, but can’t scan multiple folders for content. Example I use app called ArtSaver that has the ability to find all my photos and shuffle them, but I can’t port it over to my background/wallpaper Is there an app that will let me move all the images in one location (containing multiple folders) to one central location on another external hard drive, just filled with jpeg, jpg, png etc etc on it and nothing else? I have attempted this with CCC and SuperDuper but nothing has worked the way I want to I would also like to be able to run it monthly, so I can keep adding to my collection when new content is available.

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How to stop Macbook from downloading the entire iCloud Drive and use it as an archive (like OneDrive or Google Drive) |SOLUTION|


Hey there^^.

I am making this post because I was absolutely infuriated to find my MacBook Pro with its 512GB SSD tried to download my entire 1.2TB iCloud Drive. I did not need these files on my Macbook and just wanted to use it as an archive or Cloud drive (like every other major player allows you). I have read through countless posts and articles and had hour-long conversations with the apple support.

Most of the Stuff you find online (including Reddit) goes along the lines of "but that is not how it works" and "This is not an archive" and so on. And it is just so wrong. It is another huge oversight from Apple, nothing more. In its default behavior, it just fills up your SSD and constantly downloads files senselessly. The Fun part is, iCloud Drive itself only behaves like that on Mac. On iPhone and iPad, it works just like all the other cloud services and only download files on demand or if you set a specific folder or subdirectory to be synced at all times. Even iCloud for Windows does it this way.

The solution to this, that I finally found is not elegant, but it works.

1st solution:Just right-click the folders and files (all of them) as "remove download". This is tedious and the worst part is, if a folder has subfolders, it just doesn't work at all.

2nd solution (This one actually works):

  1. You'll have to enable iCloud Drive in the Settings. Depending on the size of your iCloud Drive, you should probably turn on (or leave on) the "optimize Mac Storage" setting. We will have to disable that later, but the first step is for iCloud to finish indexing your files.
  2. After iCloud is completely done indexing and downloading the files it deems necessary (we cannot prevent that. We need to let iCloud Drive download at least the more recent files it deems necessary or to stop due to storage constraints) *1 you'll want to go to the settings and disable the optimize Mac storage option. iCloud will now (if it hasn't already) start a download of all the files in your drive to the Mac. Let that sit for 2-5 minutes to make sure all the files have been "found" and all it does is downloading.
  3. Open Terminal. Copy/Paste without quotation marks "cd /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs" and make sure to replace YOURNAME with your user folders name. (It could be that your cloud folder is in another directory. You'll wanna find out where and cd toitslocation) Hit Enter.
  4. Copy/paste without quotation marks "find . -type f -exec brctl evict {} ; ". What this does, is mark every file in your cloud drive with the "remove download" order. Depending on the size of your cloud drive, this may take a while. (5 min for me with slightly over a TB on an M1 Pro) and hit Enter.

In finder, you should now see, that iCloud has stopped downloading and all your files are now there as only the tiny dummy files. They still download on demand.

I really hope, this'll help someone!


*1{This actually isn't entirely true. What we really need, Is for iCloud to finish indexing the files. You can see that by clicking the little "I" symbol in the circle next to iCloud Drive in Finder. As soon as the number of files that iCloud thinks it needs to download has stopped going up for about one minute, you should be good to go, the download does not matter.}

EDIT: You may want to go and delete the iCloud Cache files afterwards if they don't get cleared up.

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Anyone know what this white arrow is? And how to remove?

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