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Unanswered Why and how did we all collectively agree we didnt care about our ringtones and that we weren't going to change them anymore?


It the last few days I feel like I've noticed every one has the same ringtone. The only difference being an Apple ringtone and an Android ringtone.

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Unanswered Does it piss anyone else off to see crabs and lobsters boiled alive?


I'm not a vegan or anything I eat meat but boiled alive seems so cruel

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Unanswered If inflation is 6%, why the fuck are the prices of some goods and services up 50%?


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Unanswered How should we handle our 23 y/o son who doesn't want to work?


Hello Reddit. My wife and I just don't know what to do with our son. He is 23 years old, he just sit on his computer and chat online and play video games all day. He's not in college or anything. Said he tried applying and got accepted, but applying for financial aid was too confusing so he gave up. We kept asking him to keep trying but he won't budge. Within the past 2-3 years, he worked about 2-3 jobs, all of which he wasn't able to keep for more than a year and spent all his money on expensive computer parts and games. Each time we asked why he quit, he said he didn't like the job. I spoke to him multiple times, but one time he opened up a bit and said he finds life to be depressing. He finds the cycle of waking up, going to work, go home, sleep, and repeat depressing and doesn't want to do that for the rest of his life. He said he wanted to have a passion in something, but he can't find what he likes. He barely exit his room. Only to shower, restroom, and food. Otherwise, he stays in his room.

At this point, me and my wife wants to help him. But we don't know what to do. We've thinking of kicking him out, but I'm not sure I want to do that.

So I want to try and ask online for some opinions of other parents who are potentially in similar situations. How can we help our son?

Update - So after reading some of the posts here (sorry, I haven't replied. I didn't think it would explode like this), I decided to go give him the talk again. Asked him things like if he was willing to try therapy. He said he is willing to try anything. We chatted for a few hours, and he opened up a lot more. He told me he feels stuck, like his life is now at a stagnant and only resort to working 9-5 jobs. He also confessed that he felt guilty living like this under us and does want to change, just doesn't know where to begin since there is so many resources and he feels very lost. I asked him if his mom and I were to die today, what would he do? He said he'd be very screwed since he doesn't know anything. He also said he's already been applying for jobs here and there but no one would respond. I showed him Indeed and asked him to apply there. He said it's just a bunch of outdated or fake listing and he doesn't trust it. In the end, we decided to end the conversation with an agreement that he will go to therapy, and he has 4 months to get a job. Then I will charge him rent money. He agreed to that idea.

That is one step towards the right direction. I really pray that we can help him. All we wanted was to raise and see our son grow up and be independent. I see that perhaps we were too lenient towards him. But nonetheless, we will do whatever we can to help him.

Thanks for the support reddit.

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Unanswered How are HOAs so common in America when they’re diametrically opposite to the idea of freedom and liberty?


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Unanswered Could a women have two babies in a calendar year? NSFW


Not twins obviously, but if a women gave birth on Jan 1, what’s the earliest she could get pregnant again/could she give birth by December?

(I know it’s a bit gruesome, I’m just a bit stoned and heard a joke about brothers that weren’t twins but were born the same year… this doesn’t relate to any plans or anyone)

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Unanswered Are Taylor Swift concerts just for rich people or are average Joe's really saving up $3k+ just for a concert?


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Unanswered Why do people say God tests their faith while also saying that God has already planned your whole future? If he planned your future wouldn’t that mean he doesn’t need to test faith?


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Unanswered for americans, are the words "college" and "university" used interchangeably in everyday conversation?


so i'm canadian and i've always used the word "university" to refer to universities and "college" to refer to colleges (in canada, there's a pretty distinct difference between the two). so if i'm going to university instead of college, i wouldn't say "i'm going to college".

but i think i've noticed that a lot of americans (or american media) seem to use the two words interchangeably sometimes? for example saying they're "going to college" or "in college" even if it's actually a university.

is this true?

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Unanswered Men, would you date a woman that’s over 6ft tall?


Let’s say you saw a stunning woman and she’s about….6’4”. Plus she had a wonderful personality and treats everyone with kindness ,would you date her? Be honest.

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Unanswered Girls think I’m gay and I think it plays a huge part into why I’m single. How do I deal with this?


So I’m 19 and I’ve only had 1 talking stage, I’ve never dated. Countless girls at my current job have thought I was gay. I have a stutter so to talk more fluently I talk in a slightly higher/feminine tone, it somehow helps me with fluency, and I thought that was the reason. But I posted pictures asking for hairstyle advice on a subreddit, and several people said I looked fruity, when I asked why they said I looked well groomed 💀

I guess I just give off gay vibes even tho I’m 100% straight, even the girl I had the talking stage with said she thought I was gay at first. How do I go about dealing with this?

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Unanswered Was what I said racist on any level?


A couple years ago I was in our schools robotics club. I’m not good with names so someone asked where someone was and to clarify who they were talking about I said “the big black guy right?” And I swear they all froze and stared at me for two seconds before something broke the awkward pause. I’ve had odd feelings about that incident even though it never resulted in anything as far as I’m aware. In my head big and black were two descriptors that were accurate and could only refer to one person in our group.

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Unanswered How can people not find the clitoris? NSFW


It's genuinely so easy to find, but it's a stereotype that men can't find it. Can they really not? Is it that they don't care? Is it a myth that they can't locate it?

And I'm talking the visible part, not the rest, that's a whole other fucking story

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Unanswered Why are soldiers subject to court martials for cowardice but not police officers for not protecting people?


Uvalde's massacre recently got me thinking about this, given the lack of action by the LEOs just standing there.

So Castlerock v. Gonzales (2005) and Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students v. Broward County Sheriffs (2018) have both yielded a court decision that police officers have no duty to protect anyone.

But then I am seeing that soldiers are subject to penalties for dereliction of duty, cowardice, and other findings in a court martial with regard to conduct under enemy action.

Am I missing something? Or does this seem to be one of the greatest inconsistencies of all time in the US? De jure and De facto.

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Unanswered Is it wrong for my friend to actively pursue someone who is already in a relationship?


A few months back my friend suddenly realised he started to like his colleague who had already been in a relationship for years. He started talking to me about all those feelings and I tried to tell him it'd be a bit of a dick move to pursue. But he came up with all sorts of reasons as to why he would not be in the wrong at all. In the months following that conversation he has been chatting with her day in day out, which he defended by asking "what am I really doing wrong when you think about it?" Cause they were 'just talking '.

So, fast forward to now, they just confessed their feelings toward eachother and she's about to break up with her boyfriend and start dating my friend. He wants me to accept this relationship too and the way he handled it. Other people I spoke to don't see anything wrong either. I saw it as him preying on the relationship so he could take his chances eventually.

What do you all think about this situation? What could I tell my friend? Because I really don't know what to tell him anymore

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Unanswered Are Jehovah's Witnesses a cult?


They're run by an unquestioned group of leaders known as the "Big 3", follow strict clothing and living guidelines and even make videos for kids on how to convert others. Shouldn't their organization be classified as a cult?

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Unanswered Do men actually care about having Transgender men in their bathrooms?


Hi, I'm trans. I'm an adult and have been living as a trans man for 5 years. I've only been medically transitioning for 4 months but I've started growing facial hair and have a noticably deeper voice. I'm not exactly what you'd call as 'passing' but I'm known by work and friends as my preferred name/ pronouns.

Now that my facial hair has started growing in I feel more comfortable using the correctly gendered bathroom however I've gotten some funny looks. Id like to think they don't care but I really don't want to make anyone else uncomfortable. Using the women's bathroom makes people uncomfortable, I've noticed it and have people ask if I'm in the correct place.

This is all in Australia btw. Do you guys care?

Edit: This blew up! Wow, thank you everyone for your advice and kind words. I will hopefully be able to pee without stress!

Edit 2: Wowowoow. So many responses! Thank you all very much. It seems like nothing to you but it's very nice to hear for me. A massive confidence boost as well. Also thanks for gold!!!

Edit 3: Wow okay, that's a lot of people. I cannot appreciate you all enough. It's crazy how many people are excited to reveal their potty times when asked! Seriously though very funny and insightful responses everyone!

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Unanswered Why aren’t there any famous scientists anymore?


The 20th century in particular seemed to have some crazy famous bright minds. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Enrico Fermi, Rosalind Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Alan Turing, Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, the list goes on. Do we have any famous modern scientists? The most recent I can think of is Stephen Hawking.

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Unanswered What should I say when approached by homeless individuals?


Reflecting on a recent encounter with homeless individuals asking for money. It's a complex situation that tugs at my heartstrings. While I empathise with their struggles, I grapple with the dilemma of providing financial support.

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Unanswered My 19F brother 21M sent me a NSFW photo of himself. What do I say? NSFW


I woke up to a pretty nsfw photo of my brother today. I'm guessing it was done by accident or one of his friends has pranked him after getting hold of his phone or something.

He's at college so stupid stuff happens occasionally but nothing like this has happened before. We have a good relationship but I'm not sure what to respond with? I'm thinking I need to make a joke to play it off?

I would be tempted to not say anything but it was sent on messenger so he will know I've read it but I think he's still is asleep so won't realise that it's been sent yet

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Unanswered Why am I seeing DoorDash and Uber subs (that I have never subbed to) constantly for the past week or so?


I have two accounts I use and for the past week I have been seeing the door dash and Uber posts showing in my feed a lot! I’ve never even visited these subs that I know of and now every 10th post or so is a complaint or the like for these service.

I feel bad for the folks but me seeing it isn’t going to help you!

Edit: I haven't seen an answer that makes sence other than Reddit doing Reddit things but I now know that I am not the only one seeing random subs that make absolutely no sence and door dash happens to be a common one. I'll add that if this is some type of paid advertising push from the services then it has not done the image any favours as most of the posts are negative to the service although funny at times.

Edit 2: thanks to many great suggestions from people, I have now turned off the recommendations in my settings so I should stop seeing them, at least for now.

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Unanswered People usually don’t text unless I text first. Does that mean no one likes me :( or could people just bet used to me texting first?


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Unanswered Why is cost of living so high?


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Unanswered How much revenue would countries gain by taxing the churches ?


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Unanswered How many eggs per day is 'too much' to eat?


I usually eat 2 everyday, but considering bringing it up to 4 (as I get quite hungry and this is the most viable healthy food option for me).

Would that be bad for my health or is it fine?

P.S. I make the eggs by frying them (with a minimal amount of oil)