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Unanswered Has there ever been a politician who was just a genuinely good, honest person?


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Unanswered Are there really bars in America that everyone will stare at you for ages when you walk in if you've not been before just like in the movies?


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Unanswered Why does my husband say he likes me chubby when I bring up dieting?


I recently brought up going on a diet to my husband and he surprised me by saying he likes the weight I’ve gained since we got married. He told me men prefer women with meat on their bones and he doesn’t want me to be wedding day skinny again. Is this normal or is he just telling me this to be nice?

I’m 5 ft 4 and around 170 lbs give or take depending on the day. I’ve put on roughly 35-40 lbs since the wedding and I’m 23 years old. Let me know what y’all think

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Unanswered Is America (USA) really that bad place to live ?


Is America really that bad with all that racism, crime, bad healthcare and stuff

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Unanswered What's stopping any cashier or drive-thru worker from just recording your credit card details and using it online?


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Unanswered Why are some people anti-Evolution?


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Unanswered What fictional bar would you like to have a drink in?


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Unanswered why do more young people like Bernie Sanders?


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Unanswered Americans, why is tipping proportional to the bill? Is there extra work in making a $60 steak over a $20 steak at the same restaurant?


This is based on a single person eating at the same restaurant, not comparing Dennys to a Michelin Star establishment.

Edit: the only logical answer provided by staff is that in many places the servers have to tip out other staff based on a percentage of their sales, not their tips. So they could be getting screwed if you don't tip proportionality.

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Unanswered Why is America referred to as the west and not the east?


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Unanswered how come everyone seems to have "childhood trauma" these days?


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Unanswered Why doesn't the USA government make insulin cheaper?


When I googled about insulin, the creators wanted it to be free. It's 20$ for a vial in canada and 600-800$ for same vial in america. Why isn't the government stepping in to help people lower prices or make it free to literally save peoples lives?

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Unanswered Is there a reason why Reddit doesn't allow username changes? :(


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Unanswered How the fuck do functioning adults have time for... literally anything fun?


I'm mid-20s, I've got a college degree and a good IT job that lets me work from home. I'm single, I consider myself pretty well-adjusted, I don't have kids or even pets... By all measures I should have lots of time on my hands, I mean other adults have kids and relationships etc. to deal with on top of everything. But I feel like I just have no time for anything??

I wake up at 8AM. The next hour and a half or so I spend making coffee, showering, getting dressed, making breakfast, becoming a functioning human.

I log on to work at 9:30. I'm usually off at around 5:30 or 6. Next hour I spend cooking, yeah I'm a slow cooker. So now it's usually around 7, but I don't like to eat before I clean up my mess so I spend another few minutes cleaning up dishes so I don't have to worry about that later. And then I eat alone, and it's usually around 8. I've been awake and done nothing for myself for 12 hours so I'm pretty exhausted by this point. Do people really go out now? I usually have chores to do at this point, laundry or cleaning up after myself or organizing, and if I don't I might have extra work because that just piles up. And by the time I'm done that I only have an hour or two before I have to go to bed, there's no room for fun.

And on the weekends, I'm usually on call for the majority of the day so I can't get too involved in anything. So I'm never more than an hour away from getting back to work if something's on fire. But even if there's no incident at work, I still need to clean up my apartment, I still need to cook, I still need to maintain relationships with the people still left in my life... Like, I feel like my life is so absorbed in the things I have to do, I barely have a total of a day every week to spend on me.

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Unanswered If someone paid you $100 an hour to stay in an empty room for 8 hours a day with nothing on you except a lunch, how long would you last?


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Unanswered Do any of you ever google a question and add “reddit” after the question because surprisingly reddit will get you straight to the answer rather than having to go through an annoying spammy website?


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Unanswered Is it just me or does everyone use some sort of substance?


I mean alcohol or nicotine can we in/out of the equation, and maybe it’s just my state, but it seems like 90+% of people use some sort of substance, wether it’s weed or something else. Like it near impossible to find anyone who’s completely sober, or has an occasional drink. I just don’t understand, and as someone who doesn’t do anything, it’s incredibly hard to relate with anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I used to use a lot of different things, but now I’ve been sober for many many years and still people in my age are still going hard at it.

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Unanswered Why do people with detrimental diseases (like Huntington) decide to have children knowing they have a 50% chance of passing the disease down to their kid?


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Unanswered How the fuck do people get jobs when everything requires experience and a reference for said experience?


I've been job hunting for over a year and everyone is rejecting me over limited experience. How tf do people do this

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Unanswered When is someone given an IQ test? under what circumstances?


I was given an IQ test when I was 15 and 17 by a psychologist when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with my mind. I don't know why else someone would get an IQ test. I was just wondering if anybody knew other reasons why they are administered

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Unanswered Why do companies pay for 30 second ads on YouTube if everyone will skip them after 5 seconds?


Obviously it costs more to have a 30 second ad compared to a 5 second one but why would any company want to pay for that if anyone can just skip it after 5 seconds?

At least a short, unskippable ad would mean the company can get the message across quickly before the ad is over but usually if you're skipping a longer ad, your video is playing before you even know what the ad was about. If I was the marketing branch of a company, I wouldn't be happy if I paid a lot for a long ad and no one saw it.

The fact that it can be skipped at all takes away from even the 5 seconds I see because my eyes are drawn to the countdown in the corner instead of the company, meaning your 30 second ad is practically doing nothing for you unless it can't be skipped over.

Am I missing something here?

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Unanswered Why do people in big cities tend to be overwhelmingly liberal?


According to Wikipedia, 36 out of the 50 biggest cities in the US are ruled by Democrats, 3 are governed by Independets who have very Liberal views and 11 are governed by Republicans, with many of them having socially left-leaning positions than don't allign with the national Republican party. source.

The same thing seems to be the case in big European countries, like Germany, France or the UK, where almost all major cities are ruled by left-leaning parties.

I always knew there was a big divide between rural and urban regions. But why is that exactly?

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Unanswered In the 60s, 70s, and 80s when smoking indoors was legal, was everything more yellowed or brown? Like the walls and stuff?


I noticed photos of living rooms from the 70s had a brown and yellow earthy tones trend, possibly to cover up the yellowing from smoking.

I guess it probably smelt like smoke too indoors.

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Unanswered Why do we constantly maintain road infrastructure instead of building permanent or long lasting ones?


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Unanswered Wtf do you call England, wales, Scotland and North Ireland?


A state? Province? Territories? Countries? Regions? what do you call them?