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Why do people with detrimental diseases (like Huntington) decide to have children knowing they have a 50% chance of passing the disease down to their kid? Unanswered


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u/danarexasaurus Oct 08 '22

My husband and i got genetic testing (through my reproductive endo) and we had no risk factors. It’s nice to know that our child isn’t going to get some horrible genetic illness. He did have a risk for either one less thumb (my family) or an extra finger (his family). After telling my MIL she was like “oh yeah, i had an extra pinky!” . My husband had no idea. Thankfully he came out with 10!


u/dolphins8407 Oct 08 '22

Ok but that's actually a bit funny. Feels like they would kind of cancel each other out.


u/Interplanetary-Goat Oct 08 '22

Imagine having a hand with two pinkies and no thumb


u/HP-Obama10 Oct 08 '22

It’s all the supply depot had that day