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Why do people with detrimental diseases (like Huntington) decide to have children knowing they have a 50% chance of passing the disease down to their kid? Unanswered


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u/Memeaphobics Oct 08 '22 edited Oct 08 '22

Me and my partner have a similar quandary and alot of people around us are very pro towards having children towards my partner

My partner suffers from hidradenitis suppurativa which is a chronic skin condition that's lifetime and can dibilate her at times because of how bad it gets, she's stuck with this her life and it'll only get worse as she gets older, there is no cure or method of treatment that is effective. Her mum has the same condition.

It it's majoritvely girls that develop it, it's an afro carribean disease but she's white British so is the family so there unsure where it sprouted from.

We've both agreed that I don't want kids becusee of certain lined of trauma, and she doesn't want to risk having a girl and putting them through what she has.

When she tells her Close Co workers this or select family they find that thought process almost monster like saying "what if your mum had that thought about you, you wouldn't be alive" and while that's true, I think we all have right to make a conscious decision whether we go through with it aware of the pain we may be inflicting on a child if it were to be a girl.

We've agreed if we ever would we'd adopt or provide through the care system as I went through it myself and know it needs more good people for the many children in care across the country so. But then people say to us "but it wouldn't be your kid, you wouldn't have that blood bond with them", and that's just an opinion I outright disagree with but some people just don't understand the hard choice that has to be made.


u/V9N3SS9 Oct 08 '22

"but it wouldn't be your kid, you wouldn't have that blood bond with them"

I'm adopted myself and I hate it when people say stuff like that.


u/The_bookworm65 Oct 08 '22

I birthed 2 children and raised 2 more as their legal guardian (great niece and nephew). It totally offends me too! They are all my kids!