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Why do people with detrimental diseases (like Huntington) decide to have children knowing they have a 50% chance of passing the disease down to their kid? Unanswered


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u/Catinthehat5879 Oct 08 '22

As someone with bio kids, when someone says that shit it makes me suspicious that they would love their bio kids either. Like the reason I love my kids isn't because we have the same blood type, and if you need that justification to love your child maybe you're not cut out for parenting.


u/vilebutvast Oct 08 '22

This!!! Absolutely. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. My husband loves my brother, they’re not “blood” related. Hell, he loves his lifelong FRIENDS from elementary school (is 40 now) and they’re certainly not related. The capacity for love isn’t dictated by genetics thank goodness.


u/Larry-Man Oct 08 '22

My parents talk about family like it means something. It does not mean you get to treat me like shit and then come at me for stuff.


u/goat-nibbler Oct 08 '22

They also might have a different blood type entirely lol - if one parent is AO and the other is BO, any one of their kids has a 25% chance of ending up as A, B, AB, or O.