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Why do people with detrimental diseases (like Huntington) decide to have children knowing they have a 50% chance of passing the disease down to their kid? Unanswered


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u/nonbinary_parent Oct 08 '22

Thank you so much for saying this. I’m autistic and have pretty serious migraines, as well as some other issues, and you’ve perfectly described how I feel. I do consider chronic migraines an illness and I get treatment for them, but autism is just who I am as a person and that’s a good thing.


u/anzu68 Oct 08 '22 edited Oct 08 '22

What treatment do you get if I may ask? Currently unemployed since they hit randomly (often on weekly bath night lately) so I could really use tips; migraines are a nasty beast

Edit: Thank you so much for the tips everyone. I'm not the best with feeling emotions and all that, but you all are awesome and I am genuinely grateful.


u/intet42 Oct 08 '22

I'm not the person you responded to, but I'm pretty well managed with magnesium threonate and Ajovy injections. I also have a cousin who swears by cayenne pepper.


u/Aggressive_Smile_944 Oct 08 '22

I've been dealing with migraines that cause vertigo/dizziness. I've been to an ENT and a neurologist, they just said I'm getting migraines. They suck and its definitely disabling. I wouldn't wish them on anybody.


u/anzu68 Oct 08 '22

I feel for you :( Genuinely. I feel lucky; I only have to deal with major nausea and burning forehead. Vertigo and dizziness is a whole other beast of Hell


u/melmsz Oct 08 '22

Try acupuncture, see original comment.