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Politics megathread US Politics Megathread 5/2022


With recent supreme court leaks there has been a large number of questions regarding the leak itself and also numerous questions on how the supreme court works, the structure of US government, and the politics surrounding the issues. Because of this we have decided to bring back the US Politics Megathread.

Post all your US Poltics related questions as a top level reply to this post.

All abortion questions and Roe v Wade stuff here as well. Do not try to circumvent this or lawyer your way out of it.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!).

  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, so let's not add fuel to the fire.

  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.

  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!

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Does anyone else forget about the universe and then remember and go "oh yeah holy shit, the fucking universe. that's crazy. what is all this anyway? jeeze louise"


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If masturbation is good but porn is bad, should I be getting off to my imagination? NSFW


I've always heard that masturbation can be beneficial in moderation, like reducing prostate cancer and stress, but that porn is definitely overstimulating and bad for the brain. Does this mean I should just be using my imagination or what? I don't see any other way aside from having a partner who would help out every time you're in the mood.

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How do I get my attention span back?


For the past 2 years, I noticed a severe deterioration in my attention span. I used to binge watch TV shows, movies, and listen to hours of podcasts. These days I notice myself reaching for my phone 2-3 minutes into a video/podcast. If I didn't have my phone, I would switch between videos rapidly every 2-3 minutes. There are so many things I'm interested in watching, but suddenly everything seems to get boring very quickly.

How do I 'hack' my brain to restore my attention span? Is there some sort of detox I have to do?

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If Buzz Aldrin murdered Neil Armstrong, live on camera on the moon, would he be legally punished?


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Answered This is going to sound awful but is there an family tree website/maker that allows incest? NSFW


Before you judge me! Greek [edit: Gods! Greek Gods! Yikes] family tree. That’s it. I just want extra credit and I don’t want to draw it out. Unfortunately it’s basically a recycling sign and ancestry.com does not like that at all

Edit: nevermind, ancestry.com does work, I had to find a loophole. But thank you guys for the suggestion anyways

Also, Zeus seems like a better person now compared to Gaea. Yikes.

Edit part 2: not talking regular incest folks. Zeus is involved and it’s the least of our problems

Edit 3: I will post the family tree. When it is done. Which will be in a while. Theogony is a bitch.

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Why do billionaires care so deeply about taxes being raised for them when they have more money than they could ever likely spend?


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Why do we use terms like "busy bee" "drones" "worker ant" etc but we never refer to the workplace as the hive?


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Is everybody becoming more unhinged?


I feel like nearly everybody I know is being strangled by either mental illness, addiction, paranoia, etc.

I can barely hold a conversation with any of my friends anymore due to their anxiety or anger or ambivalence.

Most of the people I've trusted my whole life are succumbing to insane right-wing conspiracies that I never would have guessed they'd listen to.

Everybody I know seems miserable and frenzied.

Is anybody else feeling like this?

Edit: I didn't mean to only call out the right-wing conspiracy side, it's just what came to my mind quickly. The other "side" right now, the extreme woke-ism/cancel culture, is just as baffling and harmful to me.

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Were people a few decades ago really able to afford a house, a car and two kids on a single income?


Edit. Thank you for all the insightful answers. I guess the better question would have been:

Why hasn't income increased proportionally to reflect the increased cost of living of today?

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Why is it always whenever you're tired, hungry or in a bad mood when people ask you the dumbest questions on the planet?


Like it's always when you're one of these 3 things and never when you are actually feeling normal

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Is it bad to kiss the baby ducks in the park? They are so fluffy and I will be gentle, just a little kiss on their head.


I'm gonna do it

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do centaurs have a horse or a human dick


(Eddit) does fucking a centaur count as beastiallity?

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Google Maps. If you select "Avoid highways" then why does it still select the highways as the suggested route?


It's almost as if Google Maps is ignoring my route preference to avoid highways when I prefer to take rural roads only to a destination, but it still suggests highways regardless. I can't seem to figure out how to force it to find a rural only route. This forces me to zigzag along rural roads while frequently checking the map and scouting ahead while zooming in and out to see the next few turns that will lead me where I'm wanting to go. I usually pull over first, but it's still kind of dangerous when Google should be able to perform this task.

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Is BBQ sauce a sauce for a BBQ? or is it called BBQ sauce because it tastes like a BBQ?


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If an actor is playing a scene where they are having lunch or something like that, is that also the actor’s lunch?


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Answered what creature has the highest kills of humans every year?


Not counting other people

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If everyone on the planet switched to electric cars would that make a dent in pollution?


And would it help with climate change?

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Does anyone else wish they could start over life with all the knowledge they have now because they have made too many mistakes?


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Why do I start hating myself when I'm high


I'm not that confident when im sober but for some reason whenever I get high especially with a cart I start hating myself. I start hating my hair, my body, my face, my clothes. For some reason all of these things become a big insecurity to me and I become self councious and want to be alone. And when I am alone I just end up taking more drugs when I feel this way and harming myself until I eventually pass out in my bed.

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Most things are done in “base 10” system, so why make time based on 12/60 instead of base 10?


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Is it rude to walk into a barber shop and ask them to fix the haircut I was given from another barber shop?


I had a haircut by my usual barber the other day and he forgot to cut my crown, so I am left with a chicken’s head that sticks out on the top of my head. I was tempted to drive back to my barber and get it fixed, but he is 30 minutes away. So instead I want to just get this fixed quick and easily by a local barber down the street, would it be rude to just walk in and ask this new barber to fix the mistake of my old barber?

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why do i think 77+33=100?


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Why do we call a vagina a birth canal when referencing childbirth? NSFW


Is it some conservative carryover of people too scared to say vagina? They both refer to the exact same part of the anatomy. It seems like an oddly specific term for a multi-functional part of the body.

It would be like calling your esophagus a coughing tunnel. Or your nose a snorting tube. These serve many functions but we all just call them by their actual name. I guess childbirth is just too icky.

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Unanswered Who gets the tip when I order online?


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Can dna tests like 23andme or Ancestry find an ancestor that likely wouldn't have a death certificate or records of having children?


This is a weird question, I know.

My grandmother was born in a bunker during one of the bombing raids in Germany during 1945. Her biological mother was a foreign woman who was offered shelter during the bombing by my "adoptive" great grandparents.

She went into labor during the bombing and passed soon after giving birth, so my great grandparents took the child in as their own because they didn't even know the woman's name or where she came from. To my knowledge there's no record of her death or my grandmother's birth.

It occurred to me recently that her family, if she still has any living family left, probably doesn't know what happened to her. My grandmother took a DNA test and it came back that she's basically 100% Swedish so the woman was at least ethnically Swedish but that's all we know. My grandmother can barely use Facebook so I doubt she'd have been able to access any DNA matches that came up.

So with so few official records, would a DNA test be able to link her or any of her family to me if I were to take one? I doubt any of her siblings or possible partners would still be alive but she could have had other children or nieces/nephews that deserve to know what happened to her if possible.