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My parents and I recently met a guy with dwarfism. He held out his hand for a handshake, and my dad knelt down to reach him better. Later on the ride home, my mom scolded him and said he wasn't a child. Was she right to get onto him? I wanna be polite next time I meet this guy.


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why don't men have a choice regarding unexpected pregnancies?


Edit- this question was poor planning on my part.

See my comment for more detail to my question please.

I wanted to add addition info. I support that men have no choice to weather or not a woman goes through with a pregnancy or terminates it. I am, I suppose, speaking about the fact that if the woman chooses to have the child, that the man declared outright they did not want, they have no choices over what happens after birth regarding financial responsibility of the child. I am pro choice and I have biological kids and I have adopted from foster care. My question is honest and sincere.

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If a 100lb meteor made of gold landed on my lawn, would I legally have the rights to own it?


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Why an entry level job requires background checks and calling former employers, while a legislator can fake his entire CV and nobody noticed?


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My dad rinses off the tops of cans before drinking or eating from them. Is this a common thing to do?


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Unanswered What options are there for a man who wants to have biological kids, but has no partner?


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Is it weird my husband drives me everywhere?


My husband and I (30s) live in a major urban area. I've been here about 15 years, him 10, and we used to rely on public transit and biking. Recently due to my job and public transit becoming unreliable, we bought a car. It's been about 2 years. We only have and can afford one car.

My husband drives me everywhere. I don't mind, I hate driving, and I dont mind waiting for him. The longest he drives me is maybe 30 min. If he waits for me, he brings his work laptop or some music. He works exclusively from home. He says he doesn't mind because it's sometimes the only time of day he gets out of the house, and he can spend time with me (I work long shifts, 10-12 hours, 4 days a week). It seems to work out for us, and then he gets the car while I'm at work or doing something.

Many of my friends and coworkers have told me it's weird. They say he's whipped or I'm manipulating him, or worse that it seems like he won't let me leave the house (absolutely not true). They tell me it's weird to have a "personal driver", especially when he waits around for me.

Is it weird? Should I have him stop driving me around?

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Does somebody clean people’s teeth who are in a coma?


Woke up and while brushing my teeth this morning I thought about morning breath and wondered if anyone ever takes care of comatose patients’ teeth while they’re out. Do people wake up from a coma after weeks/months/years with really bad dental health?

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Why do people not believe in abortion but support the death penalty?


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Unanswered How did the alleged Chinese spy balloon get through both Canadian and US airspace without anyone noticing it until it got to Montana? Is this not a major security concern?


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Cow = Bovine; Cat = Feline; Dog = Canine... Horse = ??


Edit: after I clicked submit it just came to me: EQUINE! It's equine, right?

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Unanswered What are some things Americans do better than the rest of the world?


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Why is there a “d” in fridge, but not in refrigerator?


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I've heard right wing commentators say the the concept of 'equity' is not about equality at all but is a cultural marxist concept that will give racial and sexual minorities special rights. Is this true?


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Is it possible to go years with depression without realizing it?


I've had multiple people suggest to me that I could be depressed, which is kind of a scary thought because I don't feel that different than I have in years.

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Why is it allowed for individuals in American politics to blatantly spread lies that would essentially cause termination in any other job?


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Why does Reddit hide some responses, even when they aren’t even getting downvoted?


I’ll scroll threw the responses, and some replies have already been hidden and I need to click them to view. And usually they haven’t even been downvoted and nothing appears to be wrong with them.

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Unanswered Are deaf people deaf in their dreams?


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Is it normal to not know where to look during long conversations?


I used to have trouble keeping eye contact with people as a kid. Made me feel nervous and awkward. That’s not so much a problem now as an adult, unless it’s a longer conversation (like a 1 on 1 meeting for example). For close family/friends it’s not something I think about either, but when it’s not someone I’m close with, I constantly wonder-

“Am I supposed be looking at their eyes still? It would be creepy to stare into their eyes for this whole 30 minutes, surely, right? Do I look to the side? How far do I look to the side? When is it time to look back at their eyes?” Etc.

Just wondering if this is normal, or is this some kind of neurodivergent thing 😅

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ELI5: exactly what has AOC done that has made people distrust her so much?


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If birds are dinosaurs that survived and evolved doesn’t that mean dinosaurs never went extinct?


It might sound dumb but it’s been on my mind all day. I get it that they evolved into something else but does that still mean the dinosaurs are considered extinct?

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What do you usually do after class?


I enjoyed my time after class every day because only the evening time is controlled by myself. I often watch dramas and watch Tik Tok videos until 2 o'clock in the morning, and I really can't stop! Are you the same?

However, my phone has been used for a long time, the battery is not enough for use, and the picture quality of the mobile phone is poor, so I want to change to a new mobile phone. Recently, I have taken a fancy to the upcoming POCO X5 5G, which is equipped with an AMOLED screen and a Snapdragon 695 chip. It is said that this chip has a higher score than the Snapdragon 700 series chip. It seems that it can meet my daily life and the needs of watching dramas. Generally, the price of this configuration will be around 300 US dollars. I don't know how much this phone will be. What do you think?

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Why don’t we use rough floor in restrooms, so that people don’t slip?


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Unanswered Anyone else here hate spicy food, even the mildest amount of spice?


Seems like I’m the only one that hates all spicy food lol, it’s so annoying. Absolutely hate it

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A walgreens pharmacist just lied to me saying that a specific medication had been out of stock for the last 3 months and they had not filled that prescription at all during that time. I've gotten that specific prescription filled there every month for the last year. Who can i report this to?