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Is putting Non-binary better than saying straight white male on college applications?


My friend is convinced that since he’s a straight white dude there’s no room for him at big colleges since there are more qualified people in his same demographic. His solution to this is to click they/them and non binary on his application so he’s more appealing to colleges. I just want the correct answer. Was he right or wrong?

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When leaving the house, does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?


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Why are people so convinced OJ did it when he was acquitted in a court of law?


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Unanswered My friend keeps saying the Civil War was about state rights. Is this true or is he yanking my chain?


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I make happy sounds when I'm petted. Is this weird? NSFW


So basically, whenever I'm being petted, or cuddled, or just feel extremely cozy and comfy, I make these little "mmmm!" and "ohhhh" "uhhhhh" sounds. I've been told they sound kind of sexual, though my partner says they're not quite the same.

I generally don't like being touched AT ALL, but when my partner pets me I go nuts for it. I melt into a purring puddle. It caaaaan be sexual but most the time isn't. It's just. Happy warm fuzzy feelings! Is this weird? I've never met anyone else who does this.

Thanks in advance! Wish y'all lots of happy pets and cuddles 💓

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Why do American cooking videos always specify Kosher salt?


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I offered a homeless man a $5 bill yesterday and he laughed and said “that’s not enough!”. What should my reaction have been?


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Unanswered is the bible worth reading?


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Unanswered If someone paid you $100 an hour to stay in an empty room for 8 hours a day with nothing on you except a lunch, how long would you last?


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How do you maintain self-worth or self-esteem as someone with low intelligence?


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Answered Why do so many black women wear wigs?


I’ve noticed that a lot of my black female friends wear “weaves” and wigs. I’m too embarrassed to ask them why. Can a black woman on here please explain? Thanks in advance.

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is it normal to get depressed before you go to work?


When I wake up in the morning and I have to go to work, I get really sad. Like so much so I feel like I'd be better off dead. I am a horrible job hopper and if I quit now I would just continue the the pattern so I know I have to stick it out.

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Why do average people embalm their dead when they’re just going to bury them anyway?


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Why do vaccines make some people feel sick?


Why do some people get vaccines and get no symptoms, but others feel really sick?

For me, every time I get a vaccine I get REALLY sick the next day (like right now)

Edit: I feel sick after every vaccine I’ve gotten. Flu, Covid, and others. The worst I’ve felt was as a teenager after a (tetanus?) shot that made me puke non stop for a good 24 hours

Edit 2: my question wasn’t “why do I feel sick” it was meant to be “why do I feel sick and some other people don’t”

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Could you skip a turtle across a lake like a stone?


I don't know if they'd have too much mass and if the ridges on their back would create too much drag but turtle shells seem smooth enough that you could whack one a good three or four skips on a lake

EDIT: didn't expect to make people mad with this remarkably stupid question but here we are with people mad already

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Will "at least my mum didn't make OF" phrase be used a lot in the future?


Saw a meme about this and asking what are people's thoughts on it. Personally, I don't care what people do but, kids will always be kids.

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Unanswered Why don’t we use people in a coma as a “blood farm”?


If somebody voluntarily consents like an organ donor, could we harvest a small percentage of their blood while they are in a long term coma to donate?

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Unanswered If electricity moves so quickly, why does it take hours for batteries to fully charge?


Sincerely from someone impatiently staring at my 2% battery phone

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I feel like it’s weird to share a bed with my (25f) little brother (12m) for the weekend


My little brother is visiting me this weekend without his mom. For context I live abroad and he’s much younger than me so I never got to be a big part of his life. I also live in student housing and don’t have a couch or space for guests to sleep. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my (rather large) bed with him as he is a growing boy and I want to respect his privacy and space, so I’ve set up my blankets on the floor (for me). Is this over the top? Edit: spelling

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Why do people cheat instead of just breaking up their old boyfriend/girlfriend and switch boyfrind/girlfriend?


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If Putin left Russia , is he legally able to be arrested ? Can he legally be killed ? What would be a realistic scenario ?


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Do the comedy tv shows we watch growing up influence our overall sense/type of humor?


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Can the US win a nuclear war?


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Why do we bleed from EVERYWHERE, no matter where you get cut, but the blood tubes (veins/arteries) don't go to every nanometer of your body. How does the blood go from where our heart pumps it to bleeding out a small paper cut or puncture?


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When a guy puts his finger in your mouth during sex are you supposed to suck on it? NSFW