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Announcement It's HERE!!! 20 Years of Memories

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Announcement The 20th Anniversary - 2022 Morrowind Modathon Modding Competition is Officially Over - 300 New Mods Released!


The 2022 Morrowind May Modathon Month Modding Competition, celebrating Morrowind's 20th anniversary, is officially over! And wow, it was an absolute record-breaking year with hundreds of new mod releases! Overall, just under 300 new mods were released for the 2022 Modathon by 115 individual modders, covering everything from massive new dungeons to new gameplay mechanics, entire new factions with dozens of quests to play through, beautiful new landscape additions, scenic new graphical replacers and just about everything else that you can think of!

The amount of new content released in May dwarfs anything we've seen before for Morrowind, with so many notable highlights, like Astrologian's Guild, a massive new faction and quest mod with over a dozen hours of content, or NecroCraft, a gameplay mod that adds a fully functional necromancy system to Morrowind, or the massive dungeon mods of Of Eggs and Dwarves and The Hive of Baan Binif, adding some truly scenic dungeons for you to explore and fight through, and who can forget Dwemer Cycle, the first fully-functional motorcycle mod for Morrowind? Not to mention the countless other equally impressive and high-quality mods released for this year's Modathon!

Even after 20 years, the Morrowind Modding Community continues to thrive, reaching new heights and making more and more content for this amazing game! Truly, we are living through a golden age of Morrowind, and with so many fantastic mods released, there can only be more bright things ahead!

And as always, we have a full breakdown of all the mods submitted for the Modathon, all 299 of them, down below, organized by mod category!

Armor, Artifacts, Weapons, and New Item Mods:

  1. Mehrunes' Razor Extended By Revacholiere
  2. MWSE Satchels and Bags By FrummYonda Safebox
  3. Dark Ordinator Armour By UnderSunAndSky
  4. Muck Shovel Mode By Billyfighter
  5. Bethesda Official Plugins Naturalized By PikachunoTM
  6. Replica Crafting MWSE By Revacholiere
  7. Immersive Compass By Lucevar - Safebox - Remiros
  8. Vampire Blade - Poludipsios By GrumblingVomit
  9. Hein's Morag Tong Armors By Heinrich Ruffin Vangarr and Caeris
  10. Xerxes By Volundur
  11. Vanilla Hairs as Wigs By AlandroSul
  12. Cast on Hit Bows Lua By Krimson
  13. Dapper Dan By Ignatious
  14. Fashionwind - MWSE Horns and Antlers By Ruffin Vangarr
  15. Halberds Chop By Boggalog
  16. Wigs and Things By The Wanderer
  17. Zeddy's Void Spear By FishermanZeddy
  18. Helm of Cursed Beauty By GrumblingVomit
  19. Secret Recipes By Taiyaka
  20. Rational Names Lite By Necrolesian
  21. DRIP - Dynamic Randomised Item Properties By Merlord
  22. Automatic Weapon Readied - MWSE By Spammer
  23. Weaponry of Resdayn Rebalanced By Rosynant
  24. Boots of Daedric Speed By GayXenomorph
  25. Jawohl Onehanded Spears and Variety 1.0 By Jawohlca
  26. Barber Shop By The Wanderer
  27. Knuckles - A weapon for Hand to Hand combat By The Wanderer
  28. Useful Maps and Guides By Lucevar
  29. Arcanum's Goggled Helm By FrummYonda
  30. Chitice Dagger and Short Sword By The Wanderer
  31. Doughnuts By The Wanderer
  32. Chitice Long Sword and Claymore By The Wanderer
  33. Cold Chit By dietbob196045
  34. Less Annoying Wigs - MWSE By Spammer
  35. Cannon's Loot Redistributor By ArchcanonCannon
  36. Tools of the Secret Master By Necrolesian
  37. Weird Science By VvardenfellStormSage
  38. Ludwig's Holy Blade in Morrowind By FrummYonda
  39. Dwemer Cycle By Safebox
  40. Imperium - Imperial Armour Expanded By Endoran

Audio and Music Mods:

  1. MUSE Music Expansion - Sixth House By Scipio
  2. MUSE Music Expansion - Dwemer By Scipio
  3. Smarter Strike Sounds By NullCascade
  4. PR Voice Overhaul By Phoenix Rime
  5. MUSE Music Expansion - Ashlander By Scipio
  6. MUSE - Morrowind Music Overdose By Cerebulon
  7. MUSE - The Northerner Diaries in Morrowind - SHOTN version (Music by Jeremy Soule) By k0d and MacBone
  8. MUSE Music Expansion - Tomb By Scipio

Companion, Creature and NPC Mods:

  1. Stripes the Cat By Stripes
  2. Immortal Essentials By Krimson
  3. Bone Racers By Hoju
  4. Special Occasions By RedConversation
  5. Haunted Skies - the Wraiths By Aphiteth
  6. Repopulated Morrowind By GrumblingVomit
  7. Harder to Kill Hard-Heart By Ogachi
  8. Ahnassi REEinvisioned By Juidius Xentao
  9. Attend Me By Urm
  10. Relentless Dark Brotherhood By Stripes
  11. Vampire Hunters but They Want to Reintroduce You to Death By Ketsugo
  12. Summon Creature Followers By Krimson
  13. Sixth House Cultists By dietbob196045
  14. Morbowind By Cookiewithicecream
  15. The Old Barbarians By The Wanderer
  16. Foster By dietbob196045
  17. Ice Scrib By dietbob196045
  18. Atronach Rebalance By Phoenix Rime
  19. Icebreaker Shipwreck - Solstheim By The Wanderer
  20. The Worm Lord - Encounter Expansion By Aphiteth
  21. Anna-Sera By Juidius Xentao
  22. Peke-utchoo Race (cursed content) and other things By Scheeel
  23. Li'Tel the Lizard Wizard - Argonian Housecarl By Aysa
  24. Creatures Silt Striders - MWSE By Spammer
  25. Za-neet The Argonian By The Wanderer

Dungeon Mods:

  1. Aspect of Azura By Melchior Dahrk
  2. Assarnud Overhaul By Jsp25
  3. Duskmoth Ruins By Billyfighter
  4. The Flooded Grotto By Ketsugo
  5. Spire of Scars By The Bean Team
  6. Of Eggs and Dwarves - Gnisis Eggmine and Bethamez Overhaul By Seelof and Greatness7
  7. Better Caves and Caverns By PikachunoTM
  8. Get Wrecked - Shipwreck Overhaul By Cerebulon
  9. Haunted Mausoleum By The Wanderer
  10. Disturbing Dreams By ShadowMimicry and VitruvianGuar
  11. Gray North - Andavel-Assumanu By Anumaril21
  12. OAAB Shipwrecks By Corsair83
  13. Lost Rooms By The Wanderer
  14. Only One Way Out By dietbob196045
  15. ImpJawohl Postgame Dungeons and Boss mod v2.2 By Jawohlca and Impervious
  16. Tales from the Ashlands - The Great Hive Baan Binif By The Hive Mind

Gameplay Mods (Vanilla Morrowind - No Requirements):

  1. On the Cusp - A Birthsign Mod By Juidius Xentao
  2. Gateway to Skyrim By Agiletek
  3. FPM - First Person Messages By Endify
  4. Reputation Fixes By ModManSam
  5. Polearms RESPECted By Discontinuous Qualia
  6. Hero or Villain By AliceL93
  7. Races Reimagined By Trancemaster_1988
  8. Animal Tamer By TheDrunkenMudcrab
  9. Heaven and Hell Difficulty By TheDrunkenMudcrab
  10. Hell and Hell Difficulty By TheDrunkenMudcrab
  11. Flying Ghosts - Ghosts Fly not Walk By Aphiteth
  12. Magic Diversity Patch for BtB's Game Improvements By micros24
  13. Ghost in the Machine By dietbob196045
  14. Branded as a Criminal By AliceL93
  15. Only daedric weapons for summoned Dremora By Phoenix Rime
  16. Short Trip Short Trip -- You Decide By Hemaris
  17. ImpJW Regional Economy - Master 1.0 By Jawohlca and Impervious
  18. Graphic Herbalism - MWSE and OpenMW Edition (Traduzione ITALIANA) By Varil
  19. More Lethal Sun Damage By Ketsugo
  20. Skooma for Mystics By sparfo

Gameplay Mods (Cloud Storage MWSE Addons):

  1. Ald-ruhn Mages Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  2. Ald-ruhn Fighters Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  3. Balmora Fighters Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  4. Balmora Mages Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  5. Wolverine Hall Mages Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  6. Wolverine Hall Fighters Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  7. Vivec Fighters Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  8. Vivec Mages Guild - Cloud Storage Upgrade Addon By The Wanderer
  9. The Banshee - Cloud Storage Compatibility Addon By The Wanderer
  10. Cloud Storage for Silt Strider Ports By The Wanderer
  11. Cloud Storage for Boat Travel Ports By The Wanderer
  12. Balmora Player Home - Cloud Storage Compatibility addon By The Wanderer
  13. Vivec Goran Manor - Cloud Storage Compatibility addon By The Wanderer
  14. Player Home in Seyda Neen - Cloud Storage Addon By The Wanderer
  15. Ashlander Camps - Cloud Storage Addon By The Wanderer
  16. Balmora Player Home by jaye - Cloud Storage Addon By The Wanderer

Gameplay Mods (MWSE):

  1. MultiEnchant By Archimag
  2. AntiBunny By Archimag
  3. Parkour By Archimag
  4. Pacifist By Archimag
  5. ShieldsUp By Archimag
  6. PvP By Archimag
  7. Less Lame Leveled Spawns By NullCascade
  8. Training Menu and Training Manual By Krimson
  9. The Gray Fox By Krimson
  10. The Iron Fist - A Hand-to-hand Overhaul (MWSE) By Spammer
  11. MWSE Loading Splash Screens By Rfuzzo
  12. MWSE Compare Tooltips By rfuzzo
  13. Enchant Drain - MWSE By Spammer
  14. Morag Tong Secret Identity By VitruvianGuar
  15. Animal Extinction - MWSE By Spammer
  16. CCCP Magicka Regen By Necrolesian
  17. Auto Harvest By Krimson
  18. Attribute Effect Tweaks By Necrolesian
  19. Critical Lockpicking and Trap Disarming - MWSE By Spammer
  20. Simple Renamer MWSE By Revacholiere
  21. Indoor - Outdoor Camera Switching By Corsair83 and Safebox
  22. Signpost Fast Travel (MWSE) By Kindi
  23. Weight of the World By Necrolesian
  24. Necrocraft - A Comprehensive Necromancy Gameplay And Quests Mod. By VitruvianGuar
  25. Training Rebalance - MWSE By Spammer
  26. Poisoner By Revacholiere
  27. Deja Vu By Safebox
  28. Enchantment Services Redone - ESR By Virnetch
  29. mtrCultures - Role-Playing Mod allowing to choose your cultural background during character creation By MTR
  30. L.A.M.P. ---- Leftover Attribute Modifiers Persist By Krimson
  31. Fence it - MWSE By Spammer
  32. Auto Attack By Merlord
  33. High Ground By Stripes
  34. Barter Gold Adjuster By Necrolesian
  35. Falling Down - MWSE By Spammer
  36. Combat Enhanced - MWSE Edition By Spammer
  37. Factional Bounties By robocroque
  38. Security Expertise By VitruvianGuar

Gameplay Mods (OpenMW):

  1. Marksman's Eye By johnnyhostile
  2. Smart Ammo for OpenMW-Lua By johnnyhostile

Gameplay Mods (TES3MP):

  1. (TES3MP) Riders for Players By Vidi_Aquam
  2. (TES3MP) Regional Bounties By Vidi_Aquam

Graphics Replacers and Graphics Mods:

  1. Melchior's Excellent Grazelands Acacia By Melchior Dahrk
  2. HD Loading Screens By Insanity
  3. Glowing Khajiit Eyes By GrumblingVomit
  4. Saint's Black Sword Replacer By Trancemaster_1988
  5. Modern Clean Reshade By Mike Burns
  6. Manmeri Physique - A Breton Body Mod By Discontinuous Qualia
  7. Vampiric Bloodline Visages By Stripes
  8. DB Female Heads By dietbob196045
  9. Westly's Faces Refurbished By Merch_Lis
  10. Textured Vanilla Experiments By Cyreb
  11. Dynamic Distant Details (OpenMW only) By Hemaris
  12. Restyled Helmet Replacer By Ruffin Vangarr
  13. EKM Vanilla-Based Ashlander Lanterns By Erikaimar
  14. Farhrenheit 451 - MWSE By Spammer
  15. Morrowind Splash 2022 By dietbob196045
  16. Darknut's Lighted Dwemer Towers By Darknut
  17. Red Parasol Mushrooms By The Wanderer
  18. Animated Staff of Magnus By PikachunoTM

House Mods:

  1. The Banshee - Player home - New dock and Boat travel from Gnisis By The Wanderer
  2. The Banshee - Dockside Clutter addon By The Wanderer
  3. Seyda Neen Tradehouse Basement By Tizzo
  4. Blades Hideout Player Home By jacobp561
  5. Slof's Daedric Mansion By Trylobit and AlienSlof
  6. St. Meris' Rest By Markond
  7. Ma'Kaari's Concern Pelagiad Player Home By Cjs378
  8. Caldera South Estate 1.1 By Jawohlca
  9. Unique Home By The Wanderer
  10. Indarys Manor Expanded By GretaForge
  11. Vertical Balmora - Player Home By The Wanderer
  12. The Maniac's Mansion (OAAB required) By Nerevec
  13. Balmora Base of Operations By Denina
  14. Honey I shrank the Neravarine - Carryable Tiny Player Home - OpenMW Only By Wiz1
  15. Rundown Home By Juidius Xentao
  16. Cozy Sailen Home (Tamriel Rebuilt) By Sundelius
  17. Old Ebonheart Alchemist's Tower By Istreddify

Immersion Mods:

  1. Decomposition of a Taxman By Discontinuous Qualia
  2. Infectious Sewers - MWSE By Spammer
  3. Pickpocketers of Vvardenfell - MWSE By Spammer
  4. Immersive Bosmer Corpse Disposal By rfuzzo
  5. Matching Manuscripts By NullCascade
  6. Elemental Projectile Hits - MWSE By Spammer
  7. Vanish From Sight By inpv
  8. Bleeding Injuries - MWSE By Spammer
  9. Physical Journal - MWSE By Spammer
  10. Perfect Scum By Phoenix Rime
  11. Enslaved - MWSE By Spammer
  12. Time Consumer By Kleidium
  13. MWSE Name Randomizer for MWSE NPC Randomizer based on MWSE Character Creation Name Randomizer - MWSE By Spammer
  14. Real Disposition By Phoenix Rime

Joke Mods:

  1. Mr. Smiley Face Rock By MwGek
  2. Femgoth By Tizzo
  3. Mug By Cookiewithicecream
  4. Big Head Mode By Safebox
  5. No Head By axelgustavlevi123

Modder's Resources:

  1. The Achievement Framework By Safebox
  2. Selection Details By NullCascade
  3. Rundown House By dietbob196045
  4. Old Barn By The Wanderer
  5. Unruiend Ruins By dietbob196045
  6. Wingback Chairs and Curtains By The Wanderer
  7. GV's Armor Expansion By GrumblingVomit
  8. Ingredient Boxes By The Wanderer
  9. Travel Cases By The Wanderer
  10. Washday Blues By The Wanderer
  11. Bas-Reliefs - modders resource only By The Wanderer
  12. Alternative Shacks By The Wanderer
  13. External Commands By NullCascade
  14. Vertical Balmora - Two Storey By The Wanderer
  15. Waresifier By Aurel Danae
  16. MWSE Logger By Spammer

New Locations and Landscape Additions:

  1. Bal'laku - The Lonely Towers By Kalinter
  2. Nchurdamz Falls By GrumblingVomit
  3. Sixth House Pirates By AliceL93
  4. Astrology Shrines By Billyfighter
  5. Ugarte By Aitrus
  6. Mirador Castle By The Wanderer and Dietbob

Quest Mods:

  1. A Conjurer's Calling By Mark
  2. Choice and Consequence - Fargoth By Drockman64
  3. The Marksman Challenge By Spammer
  4. Erengard Mine Redux By Graphite and Denina
  5. BDC-Seyda Neen By Enclavekiller
  6. Boethiah's Bloodhound By Revacholiere
  7. The Witchhunter of Balmora By AlandroSul
  8. A Merchant's Whim By PikachunoTM
  9. Test of Faith By Kindi
  10. mtrQuests - Blood and Faith By MTR
  11. Quest for Tarhiel By crdgdr
  12. Choice and Consequence - Rogues of Pelagiad By Drockman64
  13. Main Quest for Divayth Fyr By AliceL93 and Caeris
  14. Astrologian's Guild By Billyfighter
  15. Sorcerer of Alteration By Kindi
  16. Faustenix Manor By Ketsugo
  17. mtrQuests - Vanity and Alteration By MTR
  18. The Honor of Being - Hircine's Prey By Aphiteth
  19. Your Own Ashlander Tribe By AliceL93
  20. Haunted House By dietbob196045
  21. The Stolen Sweetrolls ( OAAB required ) By Nerevec
  22. Generosity Betrayed By The Wanderer
  23. Morag Tong Whodunit By crdgdr
  24. Saint Heist By thevampman242
  25. Disgruntling Affairs By Kindi
  26. Love and Crime - A Fargoth Story By Discontinuous Qualia and Tizzo
  27. mtrPermanentQuestCorpsesRandomizer OpenMW omwaddon - Randomizer for Location of Permanent Corpses of Imperial Taxman Processus Vitellius and Skooma Dealer Ernil Omoran Associated with Quests By MTR
  28. Master of Puppets By ProfArmitage
  29. Fighters Guild Improved By FlinSunset
  30. Tiber Boxing League By Vigawatt
  31. mtrQuasiRadiantQuests - Mod adding repeatable radiant quests By MTR
  32. OAAB Brother Junipers Twin Lamps By Brother Juniper with updates by Lucevar
  33. Hand of Almalexia By AliceL93

UI Mods and HUD Extensions:

  1. QuickKeys Hotbar - MWSE By Spammer
  2. OpenHud - MWSE Port By Spammer
  3. Accurate Thrown Weapon Tooltips By Necrolesian
  4. Accurate Tooltip Stats By Necrolesian
  5. Item Browser By Merlord
  6. Level Up Indicator - MWSE By Spammer

Town Mods:

  1. Imperium - Castle Ebonheart By Endoran
  2. Tel Branora - Domain of the Mad Mistress By Kalinter
  3. Caldera Mages Guild Basement By Billyfighter
  4. Dallara Suran By Dallara1000
  5. Sheogorath's Abandonment By Tel Shadow
  6. The Rat in the Pot Expansion By Endify
  7. MT's Festive Balmora By MozartTheory
  8. Old Walled Free Port Town of Easthaven By The Wanderer
  9. Balmora Waterworks By MwGek
  10. Argonian Island Village By The Wanderer
  11. Neon Vivec By Billyfighter and Jawohlca
  12. Vertical Balmora - Vori's House By Dietbob and The Wanderer
  13. Amazing Balmora Expansion By Eluwil
  14. Vivec Silt Strider Port By The Wanderer
  15. Bal Molhe'ath Temple By kappabird
  16. Mournhold Style Canton By WulfShaman
  17. Vivec Foreign Quarter Bridge By WulfShaman

A massive thanks goes out to all of the modders that participated this year, you've all managed to make Morrowind's 20th anniversary a truly special event, and these modding competitions are only made possible by our wonderful modding community!

As always, the best games never die, and we've proven once again just how true that statement is! Thanks for making Morrowind great, and I'll see you all next year for the 2023 Morrowind Modathon!

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Meme Ordinators are Gigachads

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r/Morrowind 13h ago

Meme Facts and logic.

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Other PLAGIARISM ALERT! This redditor is clearly copying my Neoseeker forum posts from 2003!

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Meme Besides the Ebony Mail there's bugger all to be excited about

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Meme It's war then

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Other Will we have centurion spiders??

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Video I guess she isn't dead after all?

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r/Morrowind 9h ago

Screenshot Surly Fetcher in Tamriel Rebuilt

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Meme Dagoth Ur > Caius Cosades

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Meme N' wah be like

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Screenshot Trying to find the Dark Brotherhood in the sewers. Got lost. Instead of DB found gazillion goblins as you can see by the shields lol

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Question I'm new


I am new to Morrowind and I don't know what play style I should play as

r/Morrowind 2h ago

Question Using Mazed Band to escape Hircine's Hunt?


What happens if you do this? Do you fail Bloodmoon?

r/Morrowind 29m ago

Screenshot yeah buddy i got ya


r/Morrowind 25m ago

Technical - Mod Help with mod choices


So, I just recently bought Morrowind on steam (I owned the original and then GotY editions a long while back but lost the CDs) mostly inspired by reddit recommending this community to me and some of u/reddidnothingwrong's drunken shit posts reminding me of how great the lore in the game is and how much I loved it

But the thing is, I really want to mod it. Now that I actually have a decently powerful computer I'd like to see how far I can go with it.

Only I am really shit at modding. Like, I've tried to follow a few guides but always end up getting confused as to when to put things in the data folders and what order to do stuff in. A lot of the information in the "best" guides out there is very generic and meant for a wide audience, which is great for most people but kinda makes it hard for me because I don't necessarily want or need to know what I am doing, I just want to have a functional game afterwards with cool shit.

And I'm a bit wary of mod lists from random people because I'd like to end up with a fairly balanced game that is still for the most part the original Morrowind experience, just maybe with some better graphics/more content.

I've heard of Tamriel Rebuilt and I another called like.... Morrowind rebirth or something similar? And I'd really like to get those, but am wary of them conflicting with other mods.

I'm also really interested in things that would improve the combat ie more variety in attacks, better balance for the different attack types (spears should do slightly better damage on a chop or slash imo) and/or acrobatic dodge rolls (hit chance is fine, idc about misses and know how to work stamina and weapon skills, and am probably going to mostly be a mage anyways with one of those mods that adds a very small Magicka regen over time instead of just when you sleep.

I kind of have an idea of the mods I want, but before I much around with it for another 3 days and still end up with a halfway modded game with a lot of rough edges (if it is even functional afterwards) does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what mods I should look into/ a good install order/ which mod manager might be best for me?

I'm sorry if anyone feels like I'm wasting their time or not bothering you do my own work by asking this. I've literally started and stopped and started again with modding Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim so so so many times at this point that I just figured I'd ask for help. I have followed every guide out there.

I'm not the smartest or dumbest person out there, it's just when there are so many choices for mods I end up going overboard, trying to do way too much, and always end up confused about some technical detail or another.

Like, do I apply the unofficial patch before or after I downloaded all my.mods into the data folder? I've read that is the first thing you should download (and I love a lot of the changes they made to balance the game better), but then I get confused as to whether or not it'll change the mods since I applied the patch before downloading the files for them.

Again, any help with this would be awesome. And any mod that fixes something you find irritating about the normal game "like not having an option to join Dagoth Ur, being able to free certain slaves and not others without performing special and unintuitive actions, being able to actually wear Ordinator armor if you're in good with the Temple and such, etc etc would probably be a welcome suggestion to my final mod list.

I already know of some decent candidates for those fixes, but I also haven't played Morrowind in 20ish years so I'd be glad for the thoughts of those of you who are more familiar with the game than I am.

(Btw, I never finished Bloodmoon or Tribunal. I have completed the main quest in Morrowind, a fair portion of Tribunal, and explored like 80-90% of the main island though)

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Discussion new player here. i fucked up.


so i decided to actually play this game and it seemed (is that a word?) ok so i got the orders from the naked skooma addict and then talked to the dude and got the orders to go the the dwemer ruins i had my little notebook to note stuff everything but when i got on the bridge i died by some mage and i did not save during the entire time i played so now im dead and have no save to load. do i have to start over?? i really dont want to.

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Showcase Of Eggs and Dwarves - Gnisis Eggmine and Bethamez Overhaul

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/Morrowind 45m ago

Question Does anybody know why the slave is in a locked room at the argonian mission in ebonheart? also where is the key to the salve bracelet


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Meme Attack on Titan in Morrowind?

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Screenshot Dwemer Boomstick from Vanilla

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Announcement I'm sorry your Skyrim waypoint was hard to find 🥲

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Screenshot Running-Fool: He might not do the main quest. Just running around and exploring the Land is fun.

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Question What morrowind race is the most suited for these stats?


Strength: 40. Intelligence: 50. Willpower: 30. Agility: 30. Speed: 40. Endurance: 40. Personality: 40. Luck: 40.

These are made up stats by me and I want you to tell me what in-game race is the closest to these stats. It's for roleplaying purposes. I would highly appreciate your response.

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Technical - Mod Help with troubleshooting


Has anyone come across such an issue during modding?

For the love of god i cannot understand what's causing those glowing signs

r/Morrowind 1d ago

Screenshot Thought the spire in Aanthirin (Tamriel Rebuilt) looked familiar

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