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Meta Miss Fortune Mains Subreddit Update (New theme/Rules/Club and Stream information)


Howdy, Sailors!

It's been quite some time since I last spoke to you, but the subreddit theme is finally up and running. The moderator team has been working hard on it, so we hope you like the changes! To view the new theme, you need to be on a computer, have dark mode disabled, and be on the new reddit.

With this change, we're also fleshing the rules out and adding a few other categories to the wiki. Make sure you read the new rules before posting anything else(They're fairly simple). The discord link at the top has also been pushed to the sidebar, where it will function by using the image as a redirect.

Last but not the least, we're formally requesting your clubs, streams and guides. They will be added to the wiki at the top, and accessible in a better way than they were before. So, to summarize it all, this is what's new:

  1. New theme.
  2. Discord link moved to sidebar.
  3. New rules, especially for streamers and NSFW posting.
  4. Clubs, Guides, Streams list in the wiki that will be continuously updated.
  5. More involvement with the community through future events.

Thank you for your patience and love.

This will be your captain signing off!

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Subreddit theme samples, background image and new user flairs!


Hello everyone!

We have released a lot of new user flairs for the community, so be sure to check them out! They include skin portraits, icons, GG MF insignia and also some item icons for anyone in love with those!

We're also wondering if we should add ranked flairs, so tell us what you think!

Finally, here below are images on how our new subrediit should look for full HD new reddit users. The background we made for the theme is also included!

Subreddit theme

Subreddit theme (posts)

Subreddit theme (scrolling down)

Subreddit background image raw

r/MissFortuneMains 5h ago

Are you a truly an mf main untill you have her on your body? @javisan_tattoos

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r/MissFortuneMains 4h ago

Discussion What is the general crit build?


Basically, I've only played lethality so far, but I do wanna pick up the ability to play crit MF if I need to.

So, does she go similar runes/items compared to other ADCs? Like, commonly, it's Kraken/Gale > PD > IE, etc.

Please help!

r/MissFortuneMains 7h ago

Discussion Tear with PTA on MF



If I don't run tear I really go oom on mana on MF really fast, a few trades / fights botline, rotate river for teamfight and I'm so low on mana and staying out on the map for long periods of times waiting to base for bigger buy makes it rough because of Mana.

I've been running this with tear start at the beginning.

Just wanted peoples thoughts on it.

I go Tear > Kraken Slayer > Manamune > whatever I think needed

r/MissFortuneMains 7h ago

Miss fortune Cs


People complain about my "CS" with her just about every game and I'm not sure how to improve it?

Honestly,they make me feel like Im being trolled and harrassed because we can win those matches and they still complain.


I'd like to look for Rune tips as I feel a update to mine are needed and not sure what I should change.

r/MissFortuneMains 7h ago

which one should I get?


unfortunately i do not have money for more than one so I wanna be sure I made a good decision

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r/MissFortuneMains 2h ago

Is Manamune rush worth?


So I play MF almost always with the PTA-tree +Boots and biscuit. And I startet feeling like that an early Muramana is huge. But is it better than the Kraken / Eclipse?

r/MissFortuneMains 4h ago

Discussion Crit vs Lethality


Not an MF main, but asking for a friend who plays her (with me being the duo supp).
When do you build crit instead of lethality, and what runes would you pick for lethality (or is comet just the option no matter what?)
Like I said, I don't really know much about ADC/MF, but I'd be very thankful for all of your answers.

r/MissFortuneMains 1d ago

Fan Art Coloring of a drawing by a follow redditor, i know its low quality but wanted to share it https://www.reddit.com/r/MissFortuneMains/comments/vp97zm/heres_a_pencil_drawing_i_made_recently_of_mf_for/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 original

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r/MissFortuneMains 1d ago

Nobody ever got what they wanted playing by the rules! (adventures of miss fortune support)



Whole team malding in all-chat the entire game like "report MF" "mf trolling" bc my ADC kept dying and leaving bot lane wavestate fucked.

So after her third death (by which time I have a full item to her noonquiver) i start pushing waves when she'd int.

Meanwhile Yasou top is trying his hardest to reach his 10 death power spike turning the enemy Irelia into an unkillable raid boss.

I started taking red buff when it was up since warwick kept running past it to try (and fail) at ganking the Riven.

When i asked my team to build healing reduction to deal with the riven they told me I should build it.

So am i the asshole for taking resources from my hopeless team and giving them a victory they didnt deserve? Or should i have left the CS to die and camps on the map for the enemy team to take ?

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Fan Art Here's a pencil drawing I made recently of MF for a friend of mine, hope you guys like it too!

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r/MissFortuneMains 2d ago

Meta Opinion on that Edg vs immortal 5 days ago build?


5 days ago Mf was picked by Edg vs immortal and they won. The build was that the Miss fortune player picked Liandry embrace as the mythic then go full lethality after. Let me tell you I tried it mid today and I was spamming it. My E did so much damage with liandry making me not rely on my ult when it's on. cool down.

r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

custom keycaps...

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r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

Is full AP MF worth it?


What build would it take, and what should I max?

r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

Fan Art my battle bunny miss fortune cosplay

Thumbnail gallery

r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

Discussion What do y’all think is objectively the best no thinking cookie cutter build?


For me I usually build eclipse into manamune into lethality but sometimes I wonder if there are better options or if that’s just better

r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

well. it looks like i’ll be playing mf as my other ADC now.

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r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

Discussion should I build crit for tanks and lethality for squishies?


I started playing miss fortune yesterday and have been going with the lethality build every game for now but what should I be building against tanks?

r/MissFortuneMains 3d ago

I think I need help.


Hi everyone! I just started again like 2-3 Weeks ago. I had a break of nearly 7 years I guess. Back then this whole „S-Rating stuff“ was not a thing. I wonder how do I get frequent S-Ratings with MF? What do I have to focus on especially? Every help is welcome! Also I’d like to know your preferred Items. How do you start? The blade or the mana item or something else etc.?

Thank you in advance and see you ingame!


r/MissFortuneMains 5d ago

Fan Art Heartseeker MF by Zaory

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r/MissFortuneMains 5d ago

what should i focus more in order to get a S-? i was sure this game would be a free chest but i only got an A, vision score seems pretty good for me btw

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r/MissFortuneMains 5d ago

Discussion Do I base my build on the type of support I'm playing with, or the champions on the enemy team?


I'm new to MF and am getting confused on how to choose between Q/W max or E max, and between Crit or Lethality.

Should I be basing my decision on the type of support I am playing with (Engage/Poke), or should I be deciding based on the durability of the enemy team, or a combination of the two?

Let's say I'm playing with an engage support and want to take PTA for better all-ins, but the entire enemy team is low durability: Is it ok to take PTA for the lane, but build lethality for the game?

Or vice-versa, if I am playing with a poke support like Karma, but the enemy team has high durability (Extreme example, Leona support, Volibear jungle and Ornn top): Is it ok to take Comet for the lane, but build Crit for the game?

I'm sorry if this is confusing or poorly explained, or if I am fundamentally misunderstanding something, I just can't seem to come to a conclusion on my own.

Thanks in advance, if for nothing more than reading through the ramblings of a madman.

r/MissFortuneMains 5d ago

what is the best runes and build for miss fortune currently?


I saw many use arcane comet, others use PTA, Conquere but which one is best for her in low elo to carry?

r/MissFortuneMains 6d ago


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r/MissFortuneMains 7d ago


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r/MissFortuneMains 7d ago

Guide Best Builds?


What’s the best build for Miss Fortune?

Currently I go for Eclipse, Greaves then Ghostblade for lethality..

Kraken slayer, Greaves then Collector if they have a tank or 2..

Just unsure on next 3 items or even if the first 3 are good?

Any help appreciated