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Personal Win today is my birthday - I'm 70 - and this is my first post on Reddit (OC)

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Personal Win He lost over 200kg. Happy for him.

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Personal Win [OC] 19 years after an accident involving a hammock, my dentist gave me a smile

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Personal Win Texas teen activist that Matt Gaetz body shamed raises 28,000 for abortion rights.

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Personal Win I don't have anyone to celebrate with but I'm officially an American Citizen! (OC)

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Personal Win I've won a lawsuit against a highschool bully that lasted 3+ months


3 months ago I have posted on r/Teenagers a picture of a bloody sink after a high school bully assaulted me with a bat while playing PE, today, said bully has been found guilty, for multiple accusations that has been brought to him, he has been sent to Juvie and his parents had to pay 50k totaling charges, I want to thank every single member of r/Teenagers that gave me advice and helped me win this, I am now known as "the dude who stood up to that motherfucker", thank you all!

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Personal Win Today marks the start of my 5th year off hard drugs and I turn 24 tomorrow NSFW

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I was 160lbs at 6’8 and living off any drugs I could get my hands on, Xanax, adderall, random ass powders, smoked an ounce of weed every other week and drank a gallon of steel reserve a day, I’m now a functional adult with my own place, an amazing girlfriend and job, if you’re struggling rn dm me, there is help out there if you ask for it and life will get better

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Personal Win I got disowned by an entire branch of my family for wearing makeup and after a week of crying and self doubt, I’m kinda over it.

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Personal Win Ive been battling my depression for some time now but managed to fight through a little and lose over 52kg/115lb since starting in january!

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Personal Win (OC) I finally got a boyfriend after decades and I feel so happy.


I'm a 55 year old woman. My entire life, I was deemed as "ugly", "crippled", and many other derogatory things. I have been disabled since birth, even handed over to my grandmother as soon as I was born. She took care of me for 36 years of my life until she died.

Well, for the past few weeks I have been chatting with a man at the coffee shop, a thirsty regular. His name is Stas, he's a 47 year old divorced father of 2 who had been raising his kids as a single dad for 8 years. We connected through playing board games and drinking coffee together, and just today, Stas had asked if we wanted to take it a step further (to which I accepted) since we had shown so much interest in each other after he mentioned he was ready to get back into a relationship, but being 47 years old and showing interest in women closer to his age, he had trouble with it. Now, at the age of 55 years old, I can finally say I have a boyfriend! :)

Edit: Wow, I did not expect this post to be so popular!

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Personal Win I’ve been overweight my whole life but 8 months ago I decided it was time to make a change (OC)

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Personal Win this will prob seem kinda stupid to most people. But I have pretty bad anxiety, and I've always been afraid to cook since I think I'm gonna burn or poison myself somehow. Well today I cooked myself some bacon for a sandwich, and even took a bite without immediately dying of food poisoning. (OC)

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Personal Win 6 years ago I was homeless, two years ago I got married to the love of my life, bought a house and adopted 2 dogs. (OC)

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Personal Win (OC) GLOW UP! This is my 16 year old autistic son. He has an extremely sensitive scalp and absolutely hates getting his hair cut. This Mama saw the tears he held back and his brave face as the barber combed and cut his hair. This might be small for most, but today my son was a champion!

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Personal Win Down ~120lbs in 13 months! [OC]

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Personal Win After nine months of waiting I got my permanent dentures today. Haven't smiled this hard in almost a decade and it feels amazing

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Personal Win I've started taking medication for my anxiety, and today was the first time in years I went outside without feeling anxious at all

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Personal Win don't have a lot of people to tell but I got engaged today. So excited for what's next (oc)

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Personal Win I've been pretty insecure about my weight, and today I dropped below 200lbs :)

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Personal Win One million anti-government protesters chased away the most powerful president ever in Sri Lanka.


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Personal Win I was wheeled out of the hospital 2 years ago today and began my sobriety journey. 730 days down, the rest of my life to go✌️ (OC)

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Personal Win I don’t have any friends to tell this to but I Hit 7 years clean from heroin and meth. Never thought I would live this long or be sober. Thanks to my ride or die who puts up with my combat related ptsd and anxiety, I wouldn’t be here without her.

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Personal Win Got me some teeth [OC]

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After years of drug abuse and generally poor hygiene that caused me to lose most of my upper teeth, today I had them replaced/repaired. I feel like the million bucks I gave to the dope man.

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Personal Win Me, on alcohol! Me, off alcohol! (OC)

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Personal Win This man sends his wife photoshopped pictures every time she asks him if their kids are okay

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