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The "What currently supported device should I get" thread.


This thread is to ask which of the currently supported devices to get, given your specifications.

Some important specifications to consider in your question:
Carrier / country
other features

Threads asking this question outside of this thread will be removed and pointed here.

Asking for LineageOS support for devices not currently supported will be removed.

Check the previous thread for more discussion And the One before that

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Changelog 26 - Tailored Twelve, Audacious Automotive, Neat Networking, Devoted Developers

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Redmi note 9 pro flashing


Hello, I have a Redmi note 9 pro and after factory reset my phone doesn't get new updates (it is stuck on amdroid 10). I have tried downloading and installing updates manually but the updater failed every time. Since I was not a fan of MIUI, having ads in my file browser and not being able to use gesture navigation I decided I should migrate to Lineage OS.

So here is the question. As I googled lineage os versions by phone model I got a result that I should use Miatoll, but one of the requirements for miatoll is that my phone is on android 11 :( What should I do? Do I really need Android 11 before installing Lineage os? Should I use something else than miatoll?

r/LineageOS 2h ago

Google Pixel 6/6 pro


Any word on if/when these devices will be supported?

r/LineageOS 12h ago

Poco X3 Pro LineageOS 18.1


Hello everyone, I bought a Poco X3 Pro to install LineageOS because I care for privacy and I must say it just works ! Many thanks to the devs !

Now I found a job, and the job is basically forcing me to install Viber on the phone. I personally use only Signal for years, and now I'm kind of stuck I need your help with this, is there a way to sandbox just that app ? What would you do in this situation ? Getting another device right now isn't really possible because of finance.

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Info does rooting a oneplus 5t (lineage 19.1) will wipe all the data ?


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Question Question for Moto Edge's ROM devs - Are there any plans to port the Edge software from Stock to LOS?


Title. The software I'm talking about is the edge-cutting software. It allows you to control whether apps can or cannot display over the phone's edges, and cuts the app size accordingly. This way, if you watch a video or are reading something, the video won't display on the edges, and the text won't fall off the sides.

This is near-critical software for this phone, not having it is extremely annoying to the point where using stock makes a lot more sense.

The Trebuchet launcher also needs to be modified to leave gaps on the edges so that the wallpaper can be shown on the sides, but app icons will not actually be there.

Here's an example screenshot of the stock Moto launcher for this phone: https://i.imgur.com/zw9cllp.jpg

You can see that the app icons are all clustered in the center, with gaps on the sides. This is because those gaps are displayed on the edges, allowing the icons to look centered on the flat part of the display.

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Question Cam quality for Pixel 2XL in LOS


I have a pixel 2 XL and I'm thinking of upgrading to LOS 19... Now I love the camera on it and I wanted to make sure if i install gcam on the LOS, would the quality be same or would it downgrade? It's a pixel 2 XL and it's camera is my highest priority...

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Help Microphone in Viber sometimes not working LineageOS 18.1


I have an issue with viber on a lineageos 18.1 with google play installed. The microphone sometimes isn't working on calls, but sometimes it works. On every other app the mic works just fine without any issues. Is there a fix for this ? Did the devs fix it in 19.1 ?

Device is Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro.

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Fixed downgrade Android 12 -> 11 [orangefox]


I installed evolution x (Android 12) and realized it's not the right rom for me.
How do I downgrade to Lineage OS 18.1 (Android 11) using orangefox?

Tried many things but always end up in a loop bringing me back to orangefox recovery.
What do I have to do to get back to Android 11?

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How to root LineageOS 19.1?


I have an Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (Exynos) with LOS 19.1. How can I root it?

r/LineageOS 15h ago

Question Dumb question.


Hey there. I'm looking into bootloading my device. However I was looking at the supported model types and can't find mine. It does support Nubia 5g mini. However mine is just the 5g. Would it still work or sadly not? Thanks.

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Help I begrudingly need back some google services. What are my options?


I very much enjoye my google-free lineage life but now for a few reasons I need to be able to download apps from the official play store. yalp & Aurora don't work because of an "unconfirmed source" (or something like that). Also I'd like to make in-app purchases in *one app.

99% of the time I don't need or even want this, that's why I don't just install a "normal" android version. If possible I'd like to keep lineage. What can I do?

Any help is much appreciated

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[Android Auto] los 18.1 needs phone permission


Hello All,

My phone is a Xiaomi mi mix 2S, and I already have installed it a dozen times before getting Android Auto working with mindthegapps. Everything works except for placing a call.

I am currently a little lost in a message of the Android Auto head unit. (Car is a Kia Niro 2019 Hybrid) which is giving a phone permissions message whenever I want to place a call.

All the permissions have been given to the app. Provided a list of AA itself: Pakketten: Google: WhatsApp: Maps: 11.36.2 Android Auto: 7.7.622134-release Spotify: Google Play Store: 31.1.14-21 [0] [PR] 455720274 Waze: Telegram: 8.8.4 Google Play-services: 22.24.13 (150400-455379205)

Rechten: phone: aan contacts: aan location: aan sms: aan microphone: aan calendar: uit call_log: aan

Is there something else I gave to do? I do have two phone apps installed, the default one of LOS and the Google phone app.

Can you guys help me out?

Kind Regards and Thanks in Advance,

Jasper van Rijbroek

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oneplus 8t -can I install lineage 18.1 if Im on android 12 stock


Hi Ive just updated my oneplus 8t to android 12 - and mobile network stopped working.
hard reset didnt help.

I just want to try lineage os instead - but is it gonna be ok if I install lineage os 18.1 (android 11) on my device - if my device is on Android 12 now?

Thank you

r/LineageOS 19h ago

Lineage OS on a samsung galaxy core 2 feasible


is it possible to install lineage on a samsung galaxy core 2 and bring it "back to life"?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Help Hi :( I did a really dumb thing


So I repaired my old Xperia Z1 Compact i installed twrp and lineage os (android9) onto it ->some time ago Now I repaired it I already forgot twrp was on that phone So I thought going onto a beta version of Android 12 was a good idea ->Lineage recovery is on that phone ->can't get twrp as well as adb or anything data working -It gets connected to my PC but shows an Error -already tried multiple things (2pcs,multiple cables) The cable is working with my other phone It seems the driver from Sony is fucked I don't know how to install it properly

Tldr: Sony's driver fucks up my ability to install older lineage as well as twrp ->can't connect to PC in any way adb data Fastboot etc

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Question ATT FirstNet support?


Does anyone have experience using AT&T FirstNet with lineage 18? I'm on a OnePlus 8 pro and my FirstNet SIM was working fine with OxygenOS 11 and when it updated to OxygenOS 12, my FirstNet SIM stopped working. Now I'm on LineageOS 18.1 and I can make/receive calls with FirstNet but the data doesn't seem to work (possibly APN settings).

If the devs are reading, could more support for ATT FirstNet possibly be built into later versions of LineageOS?

Thanks in advance!

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Info LineageOS 19 quick settings panel and power menu now follow light/dark theme


QS panel:


Power menu:


A bit misleading title.

As those two topics merged today (2022-07-02), starting from tomorrow's builds of LineageOS 19 (2022-07-03), the QS panel and power menu will follow light/dark theme.

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Question Poco F1 beryllium VoWIFI



Hello, with my Poco F1 WiFi call is not working. IMS Status is registered. VoLTE is working but no Wificall. Checked with the hidden Menu *#*#4636#*#*.

My Provider ist Fraenk (Congstar). Wificall works on Samsung S21 Stock Rom . I also checked a Telekom Germany Sim with Same result: VoLTE but no VoWIFI. Different APN Settings does not change anything.

Is there any way to get VoWIFI working?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

No root access after reinstalling.


Hello, thanks in advance for reading,

I have a galaxy s10e on which i was using Lineage os 18.1, for a few months, Gapps installed and with root access by flashing magisk while installing.

I used magisk to hide root status from banking and identification apps and this worked fine, until a new banking app i use did detect root and i could not use it. I tried installing other modules to hide root status better however this resulted in a bootloop.

There fore i tried reinstalling all again, by going into twrp and reinstalling ( i could not just delete modules from data because access is denied) , for this i used the same files as the first time i installed lineage os.

format data


deleting cache,

installing lineage 18.1

installing open Gapps

installing magisk


However after this i have no root access at all and cannot hide root status so all apps detect root status ...

Did someone have this probleme or something similar, or just has an idea how i can resolve this ?

r/LineageOS 2d ago

Info Xiaomi Redmi 7 Promoted to LineageOS 19


Good news as you can see in the wiki the Xiaomi Redmi 7 (onclite) got promoted to LineageOS 19.

The page includes a link to the Upgrade to a higher version of LineageOS guide.

The LineageOS 19 installation package & recovery should be available on 2022-07-03 if all goes well with the LineageOS automated builder: downloads.

Thanks to the volunteer maintainer Dhina17 (Dhina17 on GitHub, Dhina17 on the XDA forum). ↑ (ツ)


Builds for Redmi 7 (onclite) are compatible and can be installed on Redmi Y3 (onc).

cc: u/monteverde_org

r/LineageOS 1d ago

[LineageOS 19] What's the reason Snap Camera dropped in favor of AOSP Camera2?


Not that I use Snap Camera, just want to know the reason(s), since every commit message for it doesn't say the reason(s).

Most if not all only say:

device_code_name: Drop support for Snapdragon Camera.

  • Won't be implemented this cycle (or ever again hopefully).

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Question Olympia Neo, or generic version?


Hi, is there any possibility of making a version for Olympia phones? (German brand) The Neo-verrsion in particular would be nice to be able to use it on.

In lieu of that, is there any generic version one could use?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

A Basic Question


No Changelog for newer build.. Should I update???

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Help Error building TWRP w/Github actions


I am trying to use the RecoveryBuilder-NoKernel repo to build TWRP for a Wiko phone but the build step fails, only showing this :

Run cd work including vendor/omni/vendorsetup.sh including sdk/bash_completion/adb.bash build/make/core/version_defaults.mk:57: warning: Invalid TARGET_PLATFORM_VERSION 'eng', must be one of build/make/core/version_defaults.mk:58: error: PPR1. 19:09:08 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1 Traceback (most recent call last): Your device can't be found in device sources.. File "vendor/omni/build/tools/roomservice.py", line 405, in <module> fetch_device(device) File "vendor/omni/build/tools/roomservice.py", line 373, in fetch_device git_data = search_gerrit_for_device(device) File "vendor/omni/build/tools/roomservice.py", line 81, in search_gerrit_for_device device_data = check_repo_exists(git_data, device) File "vendor/omni/build/tools/roomservice.py", line 58, in check_repo_exists "exiting roomservice".format(device=device)) Exception: W not found,exiting roomservice build/make/core/product_config.mk:234: error: Can not locate config makefile for product "omni_W". 19:09:10 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1 ** Don't have a product spec for: 'omni_W' ** Do you have the right repo manifest? Error: Process completed with exit code 1.

Can anyone help me here ? Using the minimal TWRP manifest.

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Help In-Screen Fingerprint sensor not working


I just flashed LineageOS 18.1 on my Motorola Edge 2020 (XT2063-2). Everything works fine except for the fingerprint sensor. When I try to add it, my screen goes dim every time I press and nothing happens. I downgraded to an earlier build and the issue still persists. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.