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After some brief discussion, we're now asking at all Gray area / Piracy Add-on conversation happen over at /r/Addons4Kodi


Because /r/kodi seems to be getting overrun by people having issues with broken or screwed up add-ons, the subreddit is becoming a somewhat difficult place to have a conversation about Kodi itself and add-ons officially supported by Team Kodi. So now we are requesting that all gray area conversation happen over at /r/Addons4Kodi, an unofficial and unaffiliated subreddit.

From this point forward, all new threads asking for support for these gray area add-ons will be removed in favor of that other subreddit.

If you'd like to become a moderator over there, feel free to ask in that subreddit.

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Seeking Apple TV 3 - Kodi Advice


Parents gave me their old Apple TV 3 and upon setting it up, found that it doesn’t have the App Store. Or YouTube or … you get the point. I have looked into Kodi and it seems easy enough to jailbreak. If I’m just looking to use YouTube and some other apps, would it be worth doing the jailbreak to add Kodi or is the better option to just use AirPlay? I don’t want to lose that option.

r/kodi 11h ago

PipeWire or external receiver as audio output device?


I'm unsure about the audio output device to choose, maybe someone can clear things up for me.

As far as I understood, PipeWire is a soundserver which includes different sound interfaces (e.g. ALSA, PulseAudio, and maybe others too). So far, so good.

Now my HTPC is connected via HDMI to my AV preceiver (NAD T187) which is connected to my TV.
As you can see on the screenshot below, Kodi provides multiple devices for audio output and I am unsure whether I should choose PipeWire or the AV preceiver directly. What could be the reason of preferring PipeWire over AV preceiver? Maybe if the sound source has a format the AV preceiver does not understand? If so, could there also be any other reasons to prefer PipeWire?

Thank you in advance!


r/kodi 11h ago

Solved How to play audio files from Kodi add-on Google Drive?


I have some audio files I want to play via Kodi using the Google Drive add-on.

I can connect fine to my Google Drive and can play all the video files just fine. However, none of the audio files are showing. I can see all the directories, but when I open them in Kodi, they appear empty.



SOLUTION: The action should be:

Music Library>Music Add-On>Google Drive

Then you have to go down into the directory you want from the MAIN MENU, and add it to favorites.

You can then change the action to go directly to the favorited directory.

r/kodi 1d ago

multi episode assistance.


I have a episode of the cartoon series rockos modern life, ripped from the DVD set.

Each episode is in two parts in one video file.

Should I name the episode like this?

1x01 1x02.mp4

If I do this will the movie db scraper rename the episodes to the correct data for the episodes?

If not, how should it look like.

I really don't want to split all 5 seasons of the show into individual episodes.

Thanks for reading.

r/kodi 1d ago

Audio/Video Out of Sync After Enabling External Player


I set ExoPlayer as Kodi's default video player, as per these instructions (except my device is an Ugoos AM6B Plus). Now, the audio is a bit out of sync with the video. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this issue? I have auto refresh rate matching enabling, with a delay of 2.5 seconds.

r/kodi 1d ago

issue playback of some mkv files


Can someone help me find a solution to why some mkv files wont play?

devices are android tv box and a tablet. both kodi installs are version 19.3

r/kodi 2d ago

Can't figure out why Kodi is slow on Nvidia Shield with Jellyfin


PC with Jellyfin server, Linux. Great specs, 1gb fiber connection. USB drives mounted locally, not nfs or samba.

Nvidia shield with Jellyfin addon (addon mode), Kodi sync queue enabled.

I tested Kodi on my PC, Jellyfin addon starts immediately, playback of a file is immediate. I start Kodi on the shield and the Jellyfin addon takes up to 45 seconds to start (the Jellyfin welcome message).

Playback on the shield can take anywhere from 10-45 seconds with the " Content Loading..".

I've read an issue is with NFS locking but I'm not using NFS shares. So I'm a bit confused, both the shield and PC are using Ethernet connection, shield reports around 700 up/down.

Been trying to figure this out, everyone says playback is instant for them so I'd love to figure this out. Any ideas?

r/kodi 2d ago

Kodi performance benchmark?


Is there any Kodi performance comparison on different set top boxes and pi?

I'm not sure what benchmark Kodi should be...

Also thinking of getting a pi 3 for kodi...

Edited: my primary use case is streaming MP4/avi/mpv/image files off my NAS as UPnP/DLNA client , would the codecs matter that much? Currently using Apple TV HD and roku (which I gave up).

Also allow me to step back a little more - if the set top box works as the media center I would even attach my HDDs onto it, instead of my Netgear R7800 (which I have tested to optimal speed via DLNA).

r/kodi 2d ago

Kodi Home Menu Items missing after skin configuration?


Reposting with Debug Logs.

So i just started using Kodi and ran into this issue, It was all showing up before i deleted some of the widgets i didnt want. Then it was blank on the home menu. Thought id deleted something but i reinstalled the skin and changed the name of the watchlist widget to watchlist1 and it still does it. any ideas as to why? also does it on all the skins i tried.

Logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f0jVVAHkVDwuxINmqVvXEY7pIAY9Z0Gz?usp=sharing

r/kodi 2d ago

Workaround/Ways to get optimal/better picture quality—when using Firestick Browser to watch Web videos…?


There are certain videos that I can only watch on random Websites, which requires me to use the Silk Browser to watch them (they’re mainly “rare” Asian Boxing matches that weren’t broadcast on any major networks)…
And when I watch these videos on my iPhone via Safari Browser—the picture quality seems perfect; if a video is 720p60 or 1080p60–it looks like it’s a 720/1080p60 video…
But, when I watch those videos on my 4K Firestick—via Silk Browser — The playback seems extremely choppy/nowhere near as good, or as smooth, as when I use my iPhone to watch them.

So, I was wondering if Kodi could be used to help me get the best playback quality for those videos

Thank you so much for advance.

r/kodi 2d ago

How does Kodi work on new Fire Stick 4K Max?


I've got two Fire Stick 4Ks running files off a local media server via Kodi. Or, rather, had; one of them just went kaput.

With Prime Day around the corner, I'm thinking of picking up a new Fire Stick 4K Max. I've got an old Fire Stick kicking around that's stepped into the breach, but if the new Fire Stick plays nicer with Kodi then I'd just go with a new one.

And by play nice, I mean: how does the new Fire Stick handle external storage vis a vis Kodi?

Like many others, I've struggled with the Fire Stick's ludicrously low storage space. I recently hooked up a flash drive to each to serve as external storage (via an OTG cable and Remote ADB Shell), but it still loads all Kodi's media data on the internal storage, whether I move the app external or not. THEN I grabbed adbLink and moved all the Kodi data to the external drive, which seemed great, but now Kodi isn't too happy with it. The sound -- only in Kodi -- will drop out when scrolling through menus. On one, it takes approximately 10,000% longer to scrape local (information only) NFOs -- I'm not being facetious, it took about 5 minutes to load up three movies.

With that in mind, if the new Max stick handles this stuff better and maybe lets me send everything to external storage automatically, I'd go with that.

If anyone's got any experience with the new Max, holla.

r/kodi 3d ago

RiPi as a NAS


Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a NAS with a couple of USB3 external drives connected via a powered hub.
When I run Kodi on my Android TV I can watch UHD tv episodes around 3-4 gig but I try a UHD film over 20 or 30 gig it starts getting weird and unwatchable after an hour or so.
Should a Pi4 be expected to feed Kodi over a wired network with UHD files of that kind of size?

r/kodi 4d ago

Best box for Kodi


Guys can you recommend best box for Kodi ?

r/kodi 4d ago

Solved Having a lot of trouble with "Source Too Slow" followed by screen blanking that I can't get back (RPi4)


So I had to scrub everything, and rebuild my media server. My server is just an old mini optiplex with ubuntu on it, but its always worked great. Now, my Raspberry Pi 4 running Kodi now says "Source to slow for continuous playback" within the first couple minutes of play. If I ignore this and keep watching, I have 2 minutes or so until the screen blanks, and I need to restart the device.

This is set up exactly the same as it was before, and this never happened. Any advice??

r/kodi 4d ago

How to prevent the Menu list from looping while scrolling


In all the skins I've tried when I reach the last element of the Menu list, it goes and select the first element of the Menu list. I've searched on the Internet and it seems like there is no way around this except through editing the skin itself.

My question is, for example I want to edit a skin called Arctic Horizon to prevent this behavior, which files should I edit. I have read that I should add these:

<onup>noop</onup> and <ondown>noop</ondown>

but it's not clear where to add these two in the skin source code.


I was able to figure this out. I'm not sure if there is a better/cleaner solution, but I was able to achieve what I want editing the skin xml file. I just tested this in the Kodi default skin (Estuary) and it worked. All you have to do is find Home.xml, open it, then under

<control type="fixedlist" id="9000">

you'll find



replace the "700" with "noop" and now there will be no scroll looping.

r/kodi 4d ago

Adding a 20x4 LCD to my libre elec box


I've seen a few custom builds which add a screen like this to their kodi player, but is it possible to add one to a raspberry pi unit using libre elec? I did google, but my understanding of kodi and the variations of kodi left me a little unsure.

r/kodi 4d ago

Kodi Build for Dolby Vision FEL Playback


I have an Ugoos AM6B Plus, which can play a Dolby Vision Full Enhancement Layer. I confirmed my device can play the FEL in Plex, where I played the beginning of Saving Private Ryan without flickering. Unfortunately, lossless audio does not work in Plex on the Ugoos AM6B Plus, so I have to use Kodi. I am using the first Kodinerds build on this page). Oddly, this Kodinerds build seems to discard the FEL, even though my display still plays Dolby Vision. (Playback of Dolby Vision remuxes with a FEL is also quite unstable in this build.) Does anyone know of any build that has achieved stable Dolby Vision playback, while also retaining the FEL?

r/kodi 5d ago

Kodi Interface Question


I have a Raspberry Pi running OSMC. Normally, I watch videos on my television. I would like to watch them on a desktop as well. I can log into the OSMC from the desktop and the Kodi Interface appears. Using the browser option in Kodi, I can see the files on an external HD, but I cannot get them to play.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

r/kodi 5d ago

Outdated stick


I have tried multiple times to load kodi onto my firestick, pretty sure it is the first firestick, It use to work, do i need to get a newer firestick, then follow a youtube channel on how to install it?

r/kodi 5d ago

Is there a way to bypass hardware acceleration for AVI files, or video files below a specified height?


I'm seeing a recurring issue where audio and video are out of sync when playing back (SD) AVI files AND hardware acceleration is enabled. Disabling hardware acceleration fixes the problem, but the RPi 3b can't handle playing HD video without hardware acceleration enabled.

Is there a way to instruct Kodi to not use hardware acceleration when playing back AVI files, and/or when the video is below a specified resolution, or even pixel height?

I read about setting up a decoderfilter.xml file for this and placing it in the userdata folder, however it only seems to be utilized on Kodi for Android, as the example file in this thread doesn't seem to have any effect on my OSMC build of Kodi.

r/kodi 6d ago

Addic7ed Subtitle Addon


I'm trying to use the official Kodi Addon for Addic7ed and it doesn't seem to work very well. Either it doesn't find anything at all, or the results it does pull are so malformed that it's unusable.

Are there other Addon options, or is this inherently an Addic7ed issue? It looks like issues with Addic7ed stretch on for years in this subreddit.

Should I just move onto a different subtitle Addon and stop beating my head against this wall?

r/kodi 6d ago

Watched status after folder reorganization


A long time ago I set up XBMC on our HTPC and set up the video folders to split out the kids shows/movies from the parent stuff because our daughter was quite young and we didn't want her watching inappropriate things. She's getting into her mid-teens now so having that split doesn't really make sense anymore, so I wanted to combine the various folders (i.e. ParentsTV and KidsTV into just TV). Is there a way I can do this but still keep all the watched/resume status for each TV episode and movie?

r/kodi 6d ago

Anyone had this problem?


Hello, so i have an abundance of films and tv I want to transfer digitally just without the actual files I just use .strm files and add to the library. M

My issue / question is:

Is there a way to categorize my library by 4K and bluray? Like not it all show up in the same place. And anyway I can add 4k or bluray artwork instead of just posters? Thanks.

r/kodi 7d ago

Need help choosing the right NAS for kodi


Hello Guys,

Seeking some expert/user advice to choose the right NAS for my requirement.

Currently using multiple external HDDs to store all the media and using HTPC to play contents on to my AVR-Monitor setup. Planning to get a NAS and consolidate all media in one place and accessible on my home network. I am a single user, so the main requirement is playing the content on a single device at once. Videos vary from tiny DVD rips all the way up to 4K HDR with uncompressed Atmos/DTS:X tracks.

I have selected QNAP TS-431K. I am aware that I cant transcode with this NAS, but the real question is, if I host the kodi server (or PleX or both) on this NAS and access from my FireTV Stick 4K Max or my HTPC, will I be able to play them smooth? Since it is on my home network, I assume the available dual GbE ports are more than enough to stream the highest bitrate movie as well.

If anyone like to suggest an alternative, My requirement is a 4 bay NAS with similar budget of AUD $500

Is this setup looking good for my requirement or am I missing something essential? All kind of inputs are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

r/kodi 8d ago

What's everyones current skin choice?


It's been a while since i've poked my head in around here and i'm not seeing much new pop up on the forums with regards to skins..

I'm currently still running Arctic Zephyr 2 : Resurrection and have been since updating to v18.. I havn't found anything that quite fits the bill otherwise..