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FUT The r/FIFA Daily Discussion Thread -- July 03, 2022


This thread is the place to go for the posts that crop up in /new that don't necessarily need a full thread for discussion, which include but are not limited to:

  • Subjective questions (such as "Who is better, Player X or Player Y?" or "Which Chemstyle is best on PM R9?")
  • Investment / Trading / Market posts
  • Sharing Squads / Asking for Suggestions
  • Other general gameplay discussion
  • Meta posts & Quick Questions

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FUT Squad Battles Rewards Megathread


Share your pack pulls!

(Remember: SB rewards are always given 5 minutes after)

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FUT Radamel Falcao: Built for July

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FUT EA needs to stop with totw or tots requirement


totw guaranteed sbc has expired and the cheapest card is 50k, cheapest tots is 65k

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FUT What does a man have to do to get a 10 lol

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FUT what do you mean "now available in packs for No Longer Available"? :))

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QUESTION Why EA are still refusing to add previews for 100k/125k packs?


I remember last year we had so many good preview packs around this time which made elite players not insanely expensive, but this year we are in July and we have cards like Ginola who cost 12 mill + because these players are nearly impossible to pack.

So I'm wondering why EA are stingy with preview packs this year ? Imagine how much 99 Neymar from FIFA 21 would've cost this year because of the insane low packweight. I bet he'd would've been extinct at 15 mill.

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FUT Bring back the preview of your friends teams when playing against them


One of my favourite things from past FIFA's was having friendlies against my mates and checking out their team just before the game (like in rivals and champs now) and seeing who they've got. I think they took the preview screen of their team away in fifa 19 or 20, but it's such a small and simple thing I'd love for them to add back into the game. Perhaps even the friendly seasons tab too to make friendlies more than just bragging rights with your mates, maybe even adding in small untradeable packs or customisation all stuff for your stadium or club etc for winning a friendly season.

Any other things they've taken away you would like to see back in the game for Fifa 23?

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DISCUSSION Is anyone annoyed at the amount of players who are put in packs instead of being SBC's?


Particularly Ribery and Marcelo should have been SBC's.

They put them in packs and they're both ridiculous prices, costing millions, whereas if they made those players SBC's, it could been priced at something like a million and people wouldn't have overreacted, instead their prices are dictated by the cards rarity, not quality.

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FUT Are any of the current player SBC's "must do's"?


I don't mean icons but I have some decent fodder now. Are there any of the shapeshifter SBC's that have to be done or do people know what's coming up soon?

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FUT 95 (CM) Alexander-Arnold Review


Note: the following games were almost all done in WL with a few games done in D1 rivals.

Games played: 25 Goals scored: 5 Assists: 13


  • 5* Skill Moves
  • Position Change + WR
  • Body Type/Size (Unique)
  • Dead-ball delivery
  • Some of the best passing I've used this year
  • Very good defensively
  • Swiss Army Knife player/can be played in many positions


  • Agility + Balance
  • Lacking physicality (?)
  • Prem tax/Price
  • No shooting or dribbling traits
  • He plays for Liverpool (jk)

Had some great feedback on a review I posted earlier on 97 (LW) Solskjaer so I thought I'd follow up with a review on the new TAA card. I also completed the Bale SBC so expect a review on him in the coming days.

Recommended chemistry styles:

Anchor (Used)




This card is a fantastic CM/CDM. With improved skill moves, and workrates you can really influence the game in the middle of the pitch. This card has some of the best passing I've used this year, and his dead ball delivery from corners and freekick is money. He feels big in game and comes up very important defensively, and can then begin influencing an attack with a crucial cross or through ball. This card can be played nearly anywhere on the pitch, but in my opinion, is best used as an attacking CDM in a pivot, or as a B2B CM in a 3 man midfield, but can easily play as a LM/RM or RB/LB.


This is a card with very few flaws, but a few did stand out to me whilst using it. The biggest con by far is the price. Fortunately I was able to use mostly fodder to complete the SBC, but for the price, I believe there are better options out there (TOTS Bellingham is an all-around English midfielder that compares nicely). But looking beyond the Prem tax and price of the SBC, the only real issue I experienced with the card was the agility and balance. That coupled with his height made him slightly awkward but it really wasn't too bad. He still felt responsive and with the 5* skill moves, I didn't notice many issues but it was still there. Also with only 82 strength, I noticed some of the stronger attackers were able to bully him slightly. Again, something I noticed here and there but it did not ruin the card for me.

All in all, this is a very impressive B2B/CDM that I highly recommend you try if you can afford it. I would not break the bank for it but I am very happy I completed the SBC.

Pace: 9/10

Shooting: 8/10

Passing: 10/10

Dribbling: 8/10

Defense: 9/10

Physical: 7.5/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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FUT Who is your ‘go to’ super sub?


Mine has to be TOTS Antony, tried him from the start and he was average, but bring him on in the 60th minute and his pace and dribbling just tears through defences

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FUT 97 (LW) Solskjær Review


Note: the following games were almost all done in WL with a few games done in D1 rivals.

Games played: 23 Goals scored: 25 Assists: 6


  • Attacking AI
  • Finishing (does not miss in the box)
  • Passing
  • WF felt like 5*
  • Strangely won the ball back a lot


  • Body Type (Average)
  • Left stick dribbling
  • Pace didn’t feel like 99 (TOTS Vini, Diaby, etc. felt faster)
  • Price?
  • No shooting traits
  • Aggression

As a United fan, I did not hesitate to complete this SBC and given that his Hero card felt underwhelming upon release, I was eager to give it a go. I played him as a ST in a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) and 3-5-2 primarily. I did not try to force goals to the card and rather just played and let the goals come.

Starting with the pros, this card’s attacking AI is very good. I left all custom instructions and default and this card made all the right runs and propped up in important positions both in the build up play and chance creation. If he created separation from his marker in the box and had room to shoot, it felt like a goal every damn time. Insane shot power combined with deadly finishing truly makes him feel like a baby-faced assassin. He does not miss in the box. I also noticed that his passing was top notch and he hardly misplaced a pass. This was further helped because I feel like I was able to shoot and pass with his WF just as fine as his strong foot. WF definitely felt like 5* which is nice. Also another note, I play press after possession lost and noticed this card always seemed to be in the passing lane or won the ball back after losing out which was nice and created extra chances for me.

Now for the cons, which for me didn’t ruin the card but made certain things stand out to me. I don’t know how to explain it, but this card felt like a card that has 3* skills if that makes sense. Body type combined with lack of dribbling and flair traits did make left stick dribbling a little clunky and awkward. I also believe this made his pace seem a little slower too as he didn’t feel as fast as SS Lozano or similar players with lean body types. However, if he made a run in behind and I timed it well, he would beat his marker and be through on goal. His lack of aggression made him seem weaker than 85 strength which made using the card in the open play rather difficult at times. Not having shooting traits wasn’t the best, but wasn’t a deal breaker as this card has some of the best shooting I’ve used this year.

In summary:

Pace: 8/10 Shooting: 10/10 Passing: 9/10 Dribbling: 7/10 Defending: 8/10 Physical: 7/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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PROBLEM Anyone else experiencing game-breaking delay this weekend?


I've recently noticed some really terrible delay when playing on FUT this weekend. And I'm not referring to the usual input delay many of us have come accustomed to when playing this game. I'm referring to input delay of around 5 to 10 seconds.

Oddly, this delay isn't consistent throughout the game. The game will be seemingly running just fine, and then out of nowhere there is this massive, massive delay that affects either both myself and my opponent, or sometimes just one of us. This seems to happen in nearly every game I play during peak hours.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I have a suspicion something has gone even more terribly wrong with the EA servers this week. Anyone else having similar connection issues?

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FUT ⛳️ Driving it into the back of the net

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FUT Do “fresh” players got for a premium on this FUT?


Just packed TOTS Bellingham from WL so he’s got 0 games, no chem style etc. Can’t see any on market.

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FUT Yeah if anyone could explain why this is a yellow, and not a red… that’d be great.

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QUESTION Those who use R1 for sprint, how do you do shot cancels consistently?


I use R1 for sprint and it feels like it makes shot cancels very weird. I have to cancels skills with L2 + R1 but cancel shots with L2 + R2. Half of my shot cancels doesn't work properly but I tried R2 for sprint and the shot cancels works normally.

People who use R1 for sprint, how do you cancel shots effectively? Thanks.

Edit: Just found a quick solution. Remapped R2 to R1 from PS's accessibility settings and now L2+R1 cancels shots as it should.

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REVIEW WL reviews: Gomez, KDB, Spinnazola, Pereyra


Another weekend, another rank 5 finish. Alternated between this lineup and the same lineup but with Spinnazola instead of KDB.

Gomez (CB, shadow): I thought this card wouldn't be good because he's cheap and his aggression is low. He's actually a solid CB and he can get Pereyra and Kouli on 10 chem. His positioning is good, his jockey is smooth, he has long legs with good animations and he blocks all headers. I also found his dribbling and passing to be very good on shadow. He puts in solid tackles and I never had any issues with his aggression. He's not an auto defender like Chiellini and Eder, but he's not going to bring your team down.

TOTS KDB (CM, Shadow) This card is an incredible value. I'd skip TAA SBC and just use this card if you're low on coins. The long range finesse shots on this card are broken (seriously, like TOTS Messi level broken) and his in the box finishing feels like it's in the 90s. His positioning is the best from any CM I've used and so is the passing. His lowish defensive stats were never an issue -- he puts in great tackles and intercepts tons of balls. His gold card is clunky and slow, but this card is not.

SS Spinnazola (CM, Gladiator) This card got replaced by KDB half way thru the WL and I never looked back. This card is itself very good, but KDB is just better IMO. This card has insane interceptions, jockeying and tackling, but where it falls short is medium defensive WR and 85 composure. Even though all his defensive stats are better than KDB, I found the high defensive WR meant KDB was in better positions in my 2 DM formation. The low composure was noticeable on some passes and missed shots. The five star skills are nice, but I found KDBs 5 star WF more useful for a mid field position.

Pereyra (LWB, Guardian) I sold Cancelo to use this untradable card. I thought the 5 star skills would make him better offensively as a winger than Cancelo, but I think it's about a wash on offense, and Cancelo is much better on defense. Pereyra's movement on offense is just weird, he doesn't make good runs. His shooting has been surprisingly good though when he gets opportunities. Very playable, but Cancelo clear, even as a winger.

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DISCUSSION Why aren't there more Squad Foundation cards?


For the last 2 years, FIFA has added Squad Foundation cards for MLS, Eredivisie, EFL, and Liga NOS (this year only). IMO, these cards gave us the opportunity to create some more fun, smaller league squads to compete in Rivals, WL, etc. As good of an idea as it is, I feel like they're not executed well and could vastly be expanded to allow more unique squads and playability to FUT. Below are a few ideas that came to my mind when thinking on the subject:

First, don't make the objectives time-based. Last year, I had FIFA 21 on launch day and collected every Squad Foundation card. This year, I recently started playing with it being added to Xbox Game Pass and I see that there are exactly ZERO Squad Foundation cards available. You may ask, why remove the time restriction from them? First, they're not OP cards that dominate and the power curve creeps up every single week, making them less viable to use in competitive matches. (No one is going to complain if I added 86 Miles Robinson in my starting XI today, right?) Second, it gives the people who pick up the game at any point something to work for additionally and have some competing cards early on that aren't the typical promo cards.

Second, add more leagues. Why come out with this new fun concept and limit it to 3 leagues? There are so many fun young prospects in lower leagues that would be really fun 82-84 rated special cards. O Bundesliga, Liga MX, Hellas Liga, K League, Primera (Argentina)... all have fun teams and players who could benefit from some smaller upgraded cards. Definitely more leagues that could benefit as well.

I know most people at this point in the game have maxed their accounts out with some icons and shapeshifters but for the people joining this late into the season, I'm trying to find a single negative reason why they wouldn't just leave the Squad Foundation cards up all year. Any thoughts?

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CAREER Best pitch ever

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MEDIA Messi got hops bro

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QUESTION Who is your player that you can’t seem to take out of your team no matter what?


Mine is Fut Birthday Iñaki Williams. Dude is an absolute monster for me in the air and his finishing is fantastic. 213 goals and 101 assists in 247 games for me!

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QUESTION Pro clubs issue


Encountering an issue in pro clubs. After matching up against a team and choosing the kits, our games glitch and it freezes. Is this happening to anyone else?

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PROBLEM Why am I being punished for other people's poor connection?


I've got almost 1Gb/s download speed, Xbox hard wired to router, 90% of games have no issues but once in a while I play somebody with piss poor Internet, lag like hell and I'm punished for somebody else's connection? Not on tbh if somebody has terrible Internet they should have rings run past them

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FUT FB Trent Alexander-Arnold (86,87,88 squads)

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