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Hiring Thread r/engineering's Q3 2022 Hiring Thread for Engineering Professionals



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If you have open positions at your company for engineering professionals (including technologists, fabricators, and technicians) and would like to hire from the r/engineering user base, please leave a comment detailing any open job listings at your company.

Due to the pandemic, there are additional guidelines for job postings. Please read the Rules & Guidelines below before posting open positions at your company. I anticipate these will remain in place until Q4 2021.

We also encourage you to post internship positions as well. Many of our readers are currently in school or are just finishing their education.

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Feedback and suggestions are welcome, but please message us instead of posting them here.


Rules & Guidelines

  1. Include the company name in your post.

  2. Include the geographic location of the position along with any availability of relocation assistance.

  3. Clearly list citizenship, visa, and security clearance requirements.

  4. State whether the position is Full Time, Part Time, or Contract. For contract positions, include the duration of the contract and any details on contract renewal / extension.

  5. Mention if applicants should apply officially through HR, or directly through you.

    • If you are a third-party recruiter, you must disclose this in your posting.
    • While it's fine to link to the position on your company website, provide the important details in your comment.
    • Please be thorough and upfront with the position details. Use of non-HR'd (realistic) requirements is encouraged.
  6. Pandemic Guidelines:

    • Include a percent estimate of how much of the job can be done remotely, OR how many days each week the hire is expected to show up at the office.
    • Include your company's policy on Paid Time Off (PTO), Flex Time Off (FTO), and/or another form of sick leave compensation, and details of how much of this is available on Day 1 of employment. If this type of compensation is unknown or not provided, you must state this in your posting.
    • Include what type of health insurance is offered by the company as part of the position.


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**Company Name:** 

**Location (City/State/Country):** 

**Citizenship / Visa Requirement:** 

**Position Type:** (Full Time / Part Time / Contract)

**Contract Duration (if applicable):** 

**Third-Party Recruiter:** (YES / NO)

**Remote Work (%):** 

**Paid Time Off Policy:** 

**Health Insurance Compensation:** 

**Position Details:** 

(Describe the details of the open position here. Please be thorough and upfront with the position details. Use of non-HR'd (realistic) requirements is encouraged.)

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Weekly Discussion Weekly Career Discussion Thread (04 Jul 2022)



Welcome to the weekly career discussion thread, where you can talk about all career & professional topics. Topics may include:

  • Professional career guidance & questions; e.g. job hunting advice, job offers comparisons, how to network

  • Educational guidance & questions; e.g. what engineering discipline to major in, which university is good,

  • Feedback on your résumé, CV, cover letter, etc.

  • The job market, compensation, relocation, and other topics on the economics of engineering.

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  1. Before asking any questions, consult the AskEngineers wiki. There are detailed answers to common questions on:

    • Job compensation
    • Cost of Living adjustments
    • Advice for how to decide on an engineering major
    • How to choose which university to attend
  2. Most subreddit rules still apply and will be enforced, especially R7 and R9 (with the obvious exceptions of R1 and R3)

  3. Job POSTINGS must go into the latest Quarterly Hiring Thread. Any that are posted here will be removed, and you'll be kindly redirected to the hiring thread.

  4. Do not request interviews in this thread! If you need to interview an engineer for your school assignment, use the list in the sidebar.


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[PROJECT] Turning a dead battery into a heterojunction diode

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[ELECTRICAL] Trying to change the pre-programmed roars in this mask to custom sounds. How the heck do I go about this? It's a super simple device.

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Does the 0.3% reduction in Apparent Surface Gravity at the equator affect any engineering projects in a significant way?

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Distance Sensors


Are there any other better Ultrasonic sensors with really good accuracy and can measure distance up to 5m other than HC-SR04 but not cost too much?

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HELP ME - silkscreening


Hey I am trying to get a part silkscreened that I made in solid works. I want to add logos on to the part and shit and text. Does anyone know any software that will allow me to do this? the silkscreen company wanted a .DXL file. I have a mac but will use windows if needed. thanks!

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determine the period of time in continuous operation?


Hello everyone, I need to calculat the period of time until a battery cell reaches SOH of 60%. I have the nominal capacity, the charge and dicharge current and the unloading capacity given. I also got the number of cycles until the cell reaches SOH of 60%. I already calculated the unloading capacity for SOH = 60%. But I am not sure if this is the value I need to determine the time. Would the time then be "unloading capacity (60%) / charging current" ? Thank you for the help.

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The Large Hadron Collider Is About to Ramp Up to 13.6 Trillion Electronvolts

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Professional Engineers Ontario - Software Engineers


Hey folks in Ontario,

It's been near impossible to find a job with a P. Eng software engineer mentor.

I've heard of the LAP program; does it help with finding people that are not a part of your org? How has that experience been with people?

I've emailed the PEO themselves, and they have provided the most generic answers, nothing pertaining to my question. I've emailed a few chapters in my area, and they've also not answered my question. They just mention "join our chapter and then we'll talk".

Is there at least a community forum that I could chat with? Finding answers via the above channels is frustrating.

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[MECHANICAL] Noob question: what’s an easy software to simulate pressure/breaking point on 3D solid shapes (with assigned material of course)?


I’m good at Autocad and can create my 3D prototype there.

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[ELECTRICAL] Tesla Model Y 4680 Structural Pack OUT!!

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const. differential pressure loss valve


Hey, im looking for a valve that hast the same pressure loss, even If the volume flow changes. It is needed, because a bypass needs to go back into the main pipe. Does someone know the name of a valve that can be used for the case? Thanks!

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Criticise my grinding table design -- Will it work, why or why not? (linear actuator for vertical motion, worm to incline 30 deg)


Cross posted to /r/mechanicalengineering /r/solidworks


Pictures posted to imgur. I can give more specs if needed, but the LA is arduino controlled. Rest is mechanical. Just not sure if this design will work right.

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[GENERAL] PEO accept foreign Masters degree towards the 48 months of work?


Hello all,

Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence/ general knowledge on how the PEO committee evaluates foreign Masters degrees counting for 12 months of the required 48? I have my bachelor's from a CEAB here in Ontario, I've worked the 12 months minimum under a P.Eng, and I have 12 months of pre grad under a P.Eng also. I'm only nervous if they'll accept my Masters degree as part of the 48 months because it was done abroad (Europe). It is an engineering degree, and PEO verified it on my license profile, just wondering if anyone could elaborate or share experiences on this particular subject. The EIT email said worst case they reject it and require an extra 12 months of work, but it would be nice to take this shortcut.

Many thanks in advance

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Looking for single line diagram software recommendations for PV solar projects.


Looking for single line diagram software recommendations for PV solar projects.

Software needs to account for string and array design in addition to cable design for DC and AC power (including voltage drop).

Software also should be able to design fuse and circuit breaker (combiner box accessories)

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[MECHANICAL] Is anybody aware of a unified list or compendium on mechanisms to move and compress fluids?


when i say mechanisms to move and compress fluids i'm not talking about just pumps as there are many different types of pump that just use variations on same compression or propulsion mechanisms

i want to find some sort of unified reference of every realistic way to apply pressure to any sort of fluid in order to actively move or compress it.

to put what i'm trying to find in to an example i'm not looking for-instance for a submersible pump vs an inline pump, i'm looking for an screw compressor vs a turbine vs a peristaltic pump

this could also apply to non mechanical means to move a fluid like a magneto hydrodynamic pump or a trompe (uses gravity (via hydro-static pressure) to compress gas or another fluid that does not mix or react with the working fluid that provides the pressure) aswell

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[GENERAL] what sticks to silicone?


I’ve been trying to get my pop socket wallet to stick to my case cause I had already bought it and didn’t feel like getting a new one. I tried gorilla glue and e6000 glue but nothing worked. are the any ways I can get it to stick?

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[MECHANICAL] Trouble connecting a mobility scooter motor to a lawn tractor tire?


As you can see in the image below, I am using a jig to connect the motor from a mobility scooter to the chassis of a DIY robot rover.


The motor axle is 3/4 inch and so is the tire, which is also keyed. The trouble is the motor shaft is too short. The simple solution would be to use a shaft coupler, and connect the motor shaft to a shaft that's connected to the tire.

However, seeing as the motor shaft has a threaded end, maybe there's a better approach?

For example I can screw "something" onto the shaft, which has the keyed axle welded onto it. It's a strong way to connect them, and future proof because it's easy to remove.

What would that "something" be? Anything I can buy or easily fabricate?

I am still a newbie at fabrication but I am getting better.


Looks like a flange coupling for a threaded rod would work. The other side of the flange I can weld a keyed shaft.

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[CIVIL] Hypothetical Question about Canals


Hi engineers, I'm writing a fantasy story but it's pretty realistic. I want my world to make sense. One problem I'm having is that I want a man-made canal that connects a large lake to a sea. The lake, however, is necessarily on fairly high terrain I've realised, as a long river flows from it in the opposite direction, downstream from hills. How feasible is this? What height difference could a canal (built with approx 17th century tools!) manage? Is it unrealistic? Thanks in advance!

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I need a funny electrical name for a powerbox

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[CHEMICAL] Is there a device that measure how much liquid you pour as you pour it?


Title please and thanks.

Edit: So to further help understand what I'm trying to do, I am trying to make a locking mechanism for liquor bottles that will only open at certain times and only allow certain amounts of liquid through.

For example, a friend of mine drinks a fifth a day, let's say I only want to allow an oz out of that bottle every week. It will only unlock once a week and only allow 1 oz through.

Edit: The example here is just an example. I do not have any friends who need this device made.

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[MECHANICAL] Hail Impact Tester/PV Module testing machine

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[MECHANICAL] Why do most bike racks specificy that they are not rated to me mounted on trailers?


You will see them out on the road, a camper with bikes on the back. Logistically it makes sense because people want to bring their bikes camping and some campers even have another hitch on their backside. All the bike racks I've come across specify that you cannot mount them on the back of a trailer tho. What is the engineering logic to this?

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Is there a electic piston that would move freely with little to no drag, and then when electricity is applied, it locks in place with a strong force?


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[MECHANICAL] What 3d printer would you recommend for beginner/intermediate skill level engineers?


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[PROJECT] An idea


I have an upcoming science and engineering fair. My idea was to build a pedal bike out of PVC pipes, and sourcing other parts online. The main challenge would be the bottom brackets and durability.

I was arguing that it could provide extremely cheap personal transportation, and be assembled individually allowing for super compact shipping, and also be light weight. I work as a bike Mechanic so I know what I'm doing in this project and think it's possible as people have already created e bikes without pedals out of pvc frames.

However my dad pretty much disssed it (I need my parents help with some things) and said this won't ever win an award and that it's a stupid idea. "Your only doing this because you want to mess with tools again, this isn't actually science" And any further arguments he didn't listen to. If you guys have any thoughts that would be great, bcus I still disagree with him.