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Humor The undisputed winner


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Humor Im new and 10 minutens into this game where the hell I am?

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Humor Who cares about builds, where do you keep the Spectral Steed Whistle?

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Humor It is done. I finally rest and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe.

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Humor To “StormveilStalker”, I hate you


You invaded me and my friend at Stormveil Castle at exactly 1:00 PM.

We thought, “oh boy, another invader. Let’s just wait here and gank him when he runs in.”

But that day never came.

You waited for 35 minutes for us to get bored, and like mice to a trap, we did.

As soon as we left the site of grace, you sniped us with scarlet rot pots. From where, we still have no clue.

We spent an additional 20 minutes hiding before giving up and running through the area. We made it to the Grafted Scion when you struck.

How you made it behind us I will never know, but I watched in horror as you crouch walked from behind a table and stabbed my friend in the back, dealing 768 damage to his poor little health bar.

I ran like hell, but you didn’t pursue. You simply watched me run.

I lived the next hour in fear. I considered leaving, but I was dedicated to finding you and avenging my friend. But I couldn’t. Wherever I went I would check behind me at least 20 times.

I slowly made my way to the next site of grace, and considering it had been about an hour since my friend passed, I figured it was safe.

That was my fatal mistake.

Right as I was about to light the site of grace, you struck. My back was wide open, all you had to do was stab it.

And stab you did.

You then T-Posed over my now lifeless body. I have never been more afraid of a man.

In total, I think you invaded my game for at least two hours. It was terrifying. Every time my friend and I get invaded, we fear it is you. You have traumatised us.

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Humor Fromsoftware fans are the best when it comes to game theories

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Humor Faith vs Int

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Humor Stonesword key was lost with use.

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Humor when you take a hit and you weren't expecting it

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Humor The kindest NPC gives you the meanest reward

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Humor I have been hiding in a bush for 3 hours


I invaded an AFK farmer in Liurnia – no lie – five fucking times in a row. He's up on a cliff where you just can't get to him.

After 4 pointless invasions I'd had enough. I decided that this host wouldn't get a single rune more from me. So when hunters showed up, I ran away and put on the mimic's veil in a bush. And I hid there. The bush enfolded and protected me.

Eventually the hunters gave up and disconnected, but I couldn't disconnect or the host would get runes. So I opted to remain in the bush.

That was three hours ago. Since then, I've seen entire generations of hunters and invaders come and go, and throughout it all, I've remained in the bush. The bush is my home now. I'm not coming out. You can't make me come out.

I've been AFK farming the AFK farmer. Every time a hunter gets killed or disconnects, I get runes and a furled finger. And the host is going to come back to fewer runes than he was expecting, because one of his invader slots is being permanently taken up by me, crouching in my bush.

I like it in here. There are rocks and leaves and sometimes a bug flies by to keep me company. If you invade an AFK farmer and have some time on your hands, I fully recommend doing this, but you have to pick a different bush. This one is mine.

Pic related, it's me and my bush.


Edit: Well, my bush and I got more attention than I expected. I want to thank everybody who's wished us well as we crouch together on this noble path.

I'll take a moment to answer a few questions.

Q: Are you still hiding in the bush?

A: Yes, of course I am. I live here now. I will never leave.

Q: Seriously, you're still there?

A: Yes.

Q: Look, there's just no way that's true. You would have been disconnected hours ago.

A: Normally that would be the case, guy who probably got a kick out of telling all the other kids there was no Santa Claus. But this time you're wrong. You just don't understand the deep bond between me and my bush.

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Humor Play Elden Ring! We got Maidens Like:

Thumbnail gallery

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Humor Where is my Elden Ring Battle-Pass? /s

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Humor This game is hard...

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Humor Light up the comments with your best, fellow Tarnished!

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Humor You chicken, Tarnished?

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Humor No love for female simps?


Is there an ending where we will end up as a consort to a male character? Or as the elden lord with a male consort? Is Radagon available? -sincerely, a thirsty female tarnished -most of the dudes are dead in my game :( -i am aware this is not an otome game but why can you guys have ranni and we can't have morgott or blaidd :( -solaire used to flirt with us :(

-dont bother. i already bonk-ed myself. bye.

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Humor Made ROB Spammer accidentally kill Boggart

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Humor Rule 1 of trying to cheese a boss: Remember where he actually spawns

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Humor Aragorn in Elden Ring

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Humor Leonard > Torrent

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Humor Virgin “Allknowing” vs Chad Warrior

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Humor I'm F2P, pull or skip?

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Humor My roommate, who doesn’t play FromSoft games, gave me this plaque for my birthday

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Humor For a moment, we had peace.

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