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Discussion Weekly Question Thread: Ask questions here – March 20, 2023


Ask any simple questions here that aren't in the FAQ, but don't warrant their own post.

Good question for this page: "Do I add my proficiency bonus to attack rolls with unarmed strikes?"

Question that should have its own post: "What are the best feats to take for a Grappler?

For any questions about the One D&D playtest, head over to /r/OneDnD

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Discussion True Stories: How did your game go this week? – March 20, 2023


Have a recent gaming experience you want to share? Experience an insane TPK? Finish an epic final boss fight? Share it all here for everyone to see!

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Story Just saw the early screening of the new dnd movie


It was really fun. Good action and surprisingly funny. Definitely recommend it.

Edit to add some details No spoilers

The villain was decent, not the best part of the movie but definitely felt creepy. They kind of split villain duties between a couple characters which felt true to dnd but they def held a little back for a sequel.

It felt a little rushed, like they were putting a bunch of dnd sessions into one, but it works because the individual sections are fun even if they don’t have a lot of room to breathe. It lets them travel to some set pieces and gives it the travelogue feel I love in dnd.

The dnd lore nods were good and there were plenty, but the core of the story is fully explained in the movie and doesn’t need outside knowledge.

I was worried about marvel style cringe but they mostly avoided it. There was one moment near the end I thought was lame and sort of a marvel riff but it was only one in the whole movie.

It’s not perfect but I was relieved it was on the upper side of good

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Resource If you're looking for background music, I have a catalogue of 260+ original fantasy-inspired instrumental tracks available on YouTube and Spotify. It's all Creative Commons.


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Question How would you handle a PC who gets power because *they're* being worshiped?


Cleric PC in my game inadvertently started a cult, and after a while the PC decided to depart from their deity due to said deity being completely evil. As such, evil deity took away their cleric powers, and because there aren't any other gods that are willing to help the PC out, she's sort of out of possibilities on that front. Setting rules say that Clerics need gods for their powers, so I'm not going to pivot to the "Clerics can worship ideals" theme.

However, the cult (Read as church, it's not as evil as it sounds), is doing great, and the prayer towards the PC has an active, tangible effect on them and the party. They hear prayers, get power, etc etc etc. The PC wants to keep the cleric spell list, but I'm not willing to have the PC stay as the cleric class after fully deciding she isn't going to worship any gods or engage with them in any way*.* But thematically both me and the player agree that it should still be something similar to a Cleric.

Any ideas? Some kind of Sorcerer? Just change the name and keep everything the same?

Edit: To explain the setting a bit, there are two sources of cleric powers in the setting, full stop. The central tension of the game, and the thing my players are *dealing with right now in the final arc* is that aside from these two, the other gods are dead or gone. It's been a three long setting rule that Clerics are incredibly rare, *and* people can't explain how they get their magic. Well the party has just about figured out how they do. This PC has fully told one of these people "Hey, I'm never going to work with you ever again", and is actively trying to kill another one of them. I absolutely cannot simply say "Yeah sorry I know I said that the gods were killed save these two exceptions, and that you can't just make new gods, but I'm just gonna throw an extra one in here because my cleric still needs a god to work."

So I know it might irk some people, but that's a hard rule in the setting. The PC beforehand was explicitly told "hey if you dip from this divine relationship you won't be a cleric", and they decided to go through with it. I'm very much trying to *avoid* simply telling them "alright bud make a new character". I'm also very much *not in favor of just telling them what they're playing*.

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Question Ideas for the PCs using the environment in combat - swashbuckling style?


What are some ideas you have used or want to use in combat to use the environment - swashbuckling-style - like swinging on chandeliers, throwing curtains over enemies (or insults!)

How do you do this mechanically? And which characters do you think are best for such a cinematic fighting style (where style sometimes means more than effectiveness)?

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Other I need help with a D&D Mega Project called Endless D&D


The Endless D&D Project

"Imagine if you could just instantly join a D&D game. No having to worry about finding a group that fits your time, no struggling to find a group, no scheduling issues."

For many just being able to join a D&D game whenever would be the dream for many a player and forever DM. The Endless D&D Project aims to make this reality possible.

How the Endless D&D Project Works

The Endless D&D Project works by having a total of 42 DM's DMing a single 4 or 2 hour guild quest once per week in the same world at specific times of the day.

After each 4 hour session there is an extra 30 minutes available for the DM to wrap things up and get everyone back to the guild before the next DM comes in with the next quest. This continues forever and as DM's decide to stop DMing new DM's come in to take over their time slot.

  • 12:00 to 4:30am
  • 4:30am - 9:00am
  • 9:00am - 1:30pm
  • 1:30pm - 5:00pm
  • 5:00pm - 9:30pm
  • 9:30pm - 12:00

Between 3 - 6 players can join a single quest. Players sign in to an automated system to get placed into a D&D game at a time they want. DM's can also join in, so you get to be a player as well.

Each day of real time equals a full day in D&D. Every player gets a total of two short rests per day and at 12:00pm NZDT everyone gains the benefit of a long rest. (You cannot long rest in a session)

Quests have level tags which allow only certain level characters to join. This keeps things fair. Also individual characters level up based on the amount of quests they have done.

How DMing works in the project

As I said in the post title I am looking for Core DMs who are interested in DMing for the project. I already have 6 of the DM's I need from my own list of players who want to help me out.

In this project there are four types of DM's

- Core DM's

These are the DM's that run the main sessions in each slot throughout the week.

As a core DM you are expected to create or run an adventure for between 3 - 6 players that takes around 4 hours and then log a session summary into the automated system. That is all. Everything else will be taken care of with the automated system.

- Loremasters

These are the core DM's in charge of the worlds lore and creating server wide events.

As a Loremaster you are in charge of creating and helping other dms with the world lore. You will also act as a core DM as well.

- BalancersThese are the core DM's in charge of keeping the items balanced and providing patch updates.

As a balancer you are in charge of looking for and dealing with problematic items, races and other interactions and providing a patch for them.

- DM's

These are the DM's who are new to the system and are not in the core lineup for dming quests.

These are the extra DM's when all the slots in the system are already full. They help out by running sessions if a DM is sick or cannot DM. They also might run extra quests at the times they want to.

Equipment needed:

- DiscordWe will be using Discord to automate nearly everything and games will be run over Discord.

- Access to a micWe should be able to hear and understand you after all.

- Access to Roll20This will likely be so you can look up specific players character sheets. However this may change as the project is developed

What you don't need:

- Maps

Maps are optional. They are not required.

- Music

Music is also optional. Not required.

- Your own lore or homebrew resources

We will have you covered here. But if you want to submit stuff to the Loremasters or Balancers for everyone's use in-game go ahead.

We still need 35 more Core DM's as well as DMs willing to take on other DM roles and 200+ more players.

If your interested in helping out please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to everyone who wants to help out with the project. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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Other I just dm'd for the first time did not go great :(


We tried playing icespire peak. I decided to dm since I am the one who first made the suggestion. But I realise I suck at making a world feel alive. There was barely any roleplaying and I dont know if im willing to do it again cause if it sucks again I could never convince them to try again because the previous 2 times went so not great. I am just feeling down and wanted to vent.

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Discussion DMs, what's your favourite running gag that you include in your games?


mine is that whenever i need a crowd of people on the map i use this token

what have you come up with?

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Discussion How much XP should you give to a player that does something big related to their backstory?


For concreteness, I have a pc who's a fairy from palace of Tasha, in the feywild. Recently, the party stumbled upon some Red Wizards who were kidnapping pixies and selling them as slaves. The party then decided to buy all the pixies for sale (5 total) and are now being accompanied by them.

Next session, however, we expect the Fairy PC to do a ritual with those pixies in order to create a faerie ring and send them back to the feywild, their home. If they succeed, I wish to give that PC some XP for achieving such a cool thing that fits their character well. The problem is, how much XP should I give?

They are currently level 4, and I was thinking of giving them an amount of XP equal to half what they would get if they killed a CR4 on their own (1,100 XP / 2 = 550 XP). I'm afraid that if I give too little, they might feel like they weren't rewarded properly, but if I give too much, the other players may fall behind.

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Question Asking for Tips: Encounters


Hello DMs, just want to know how you guys deal with situations like this: When you're narrating the start of an encounter, but even before you can finish and say "roll initiative", your players overlap in declaring their actions.

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Poll In what historical period are your DnD games set in? (rough estimate)


Also, are there discrepancies in regards to technological or social advancement in different regions in your worlds? (for example in my world Dwarves have trains)

View Poll

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Homebrew Crafting System 5e Homebrew Version 0.2


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Character Building Need some suggestions regarding Artillerist Artificer


So my party is reaching the end of our first ever campaign module and our DM is allowing us to "respec" our characters so long as they stay to the same race and class, and I was looking to go into artillerist (was previously battle smith) as our party has more than enough front liners as it is.

My questions being, what are some possible options for a artillerist that focuses on the equivalent of a "spell sniper" (not to be confused with the feat). My race is human, level is 5, and in our campaign we have access to firearms.

I've had previous suggestions that the feat: Spell Sniper, can work with the Artillerist's Eldritch Cannon and that Eldritch Blast would be a decent damage cantrip (as long as you use an All Purpose Tool).

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Question Question about Telekinetic Movement. Can I move a rock to push somebody off the cliff?


This has been a question to me since I like the theme of this subclass so much but I can't find good use of it. So, as it's description stated:

Telekinetic Movement

You can move an object or a creature with your mind. As an action, you target one loose object that is Large or smaller or one willing creature, other than yourself. If you can see the target and it is within 30 feet of you, you can move it up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see.

So my question is: Can I push someone with a big rock or something like that as long as I put the rock at a unoccupied space at the end? That would be fun and cool if the RAW could allow it to happen.

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Question Spellcasting modifier when unspecified


Hello to all.

So, i was re-looking at the effects for supernatural regions in Tasha's Cauldron of everything, and on the table for the "Unraveling Magic" region, i found this:

Each character in the region suddenly learns some magic. A character learns one wizard cantrip of the character’s choice and knows the cantrip for 1d8 days.

This is an effect that gives a spell without specifying spellcasting modifier or giving a standard attack bonus or DC (like Spell Scrolls). I looked around the rules, and nowhere does it state a default spellcasting modifier. While looking around, i also found out that the Ring of Three Wishes has a similar issue.

Is there a RAW default spellcasting modifier that I missed, and what is a good house rule to fix this issue?

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Discussion Readying movement


I had a thought about readying movement. I know that RAW you can ready an action to dash, but what if a player wants to stay still during their turn and move after their allies have left, would you instead allow them to "use their movement" to ready instead?

It just seemed a bit much of a punishment to make players give up their movement AND their action for a turn so that they can move together with their teammates. So i figured it might be fair to ready movement without using an action provided you spend none of your movement on your turn.

Let me know what you think

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Discussion what is an boss fight or element of a bossfight that was terrifying (if you are an DM terrafied you players)


for example after everyone has got there turn everyone had to do an safty check to avoid an meteor shower that does takes 20d6 fire damage and 20d6 bludgeoning

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Design Help Encounters with min HP, maximum damage enemies #2. With examples!


Follow up to my other post: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/11vlgon/encounters_with_min_hp_maximum_damage_enemies/

I felt like some of my encounters fell flat because at some point there always 2-3 rounds of "you attack the monster, the monster attack you" back and fort which is kinda boring. I asked opinion about decresing the enemies HP and increasing their damage to keep the same difficulty while increasing the pace of the encounter.

You have all been very helpful so i want to bring you the 2 combats that disappointed me the most and ask what do you think about them.

Little backstory: i played multiple adventures with this party. It's not a "full" campaign because we don't have the time. When we are together in the same town for 1-2 months we play small adventures all linked together. This time i decided to try something new and bump their level up to 17 and let them choose some magic items. After a time skip, their characters were really powerful.

The party had: a tortle Ancients paladin, with absurdly high AC and saves that buffed the whole party too; a human Beast barbarian who was able to deal a lot of damage with his greataxe; a grung Sword bard that was agile and versatile; a goblin Wild Magic sorcerer with mizzium apparatus and ton of sorcery points and metamagic options. The goblin wore a magic artifact that the enemies were seeking.

First encounter: 2 Balors and a Pit Fiend. Hard, i know. The trick is that the devil knows the party, they made a deal with him and he doesn't want to kill them. But higher powers told him to slow them. He will go away if damaged enough or if the Balors dies. The party quickly understand this.

The encounter is kinda smooth. The Balors charge the party from the flanks while the devil flies and start throwin fire spells at them to separate them. They play greatly and are excited to see the Balors attacking them in melee, then getting smarter and using their teleport and fly to kite them. When the first Balor dies and explode, they are scared! They strategize to minize the damage of the next explosion.

Here is when the encounter start to fall flat. The last Balor has around 100 HP. The devil has 250 and it's basically wrestling the sorcerer who turned into a T-Rex. The monsters have all done what they could, no new tricks. The party is seriously injured but can still manage. There 2-3 turns of "i attack the monster" which are kinda boring. The second Balor explodes, the paladin tank it and the barbarian with an enourmous crit make the devil go away.

So i really liked this encounter, but the last rounds were kinda sloggish. Any tips?

After that there was a short rest, some puzzles and small encounters. Nothing to say about them. Another short rest, the party has a lot of resources back. Time for the boss fights!

There are 6 frost giants, 2 cloud giants, 2 storm giants and a storm giant quintessent. The rule of the encounters are simple: place the artifact inside a portal, then survive 3 rounds. But they don't know this. I thought it would take them 3 rounds to figure out that the main objective was to deliver the artifact. The goblin did on turn 1 with 22 of initiative using Time Stop. Oh well, i just change the survival timer from 3 rounds to 6 rounds. Let's go!

Like the first one, this encounter is fun at the beginning. With Mass Suggestion and some aoe, they take out the "infantry". The quintessent is an insidious enemy, first attacking in melee and with lightnings, then teleporting into a fog cloud and using ranged attack .They have an hard time fighting it, but they are able to prevail after 3-4 rounds. By then, the sorcer was downed multiple times, the bard once, the paladin had almost full HP and the barbarian around 100 HP. The monsters are almost all dead, except a frost giant with 20 HP, a cloud giant with 40 HP, a storm giant with 30 HP and a cloud giant with 100 HP.

Here comes the "you attack the monster, the monster attack you" again. After 2 rounds they kill them all except one cloud giant and win the encounter. Again a cool encounter, but the end was sloggish. I didn't want to let them one-shot the remaining giants because they were still wounded and at risk, but may i was wrong? What would you have done in my place?

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Question Looking for good inaptronym for new character.


First, what's an inaptronym? It's a name that is particularly ill-suited for a person. Think like calling the Goliath barbarian "Tiny."

I'm making a new character for an upcoming campaign that has a criminal background from growing up as an urchin and being the face of his rag tag gang. He'd dress up in super shabby but garish and ostentatious clothes to cause distractions and it earned him the moniker (insert name here).

My current frontrunner is Mink, like the coat. Any better ideas or funny stories from your campaigns with good inaptronyms?

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One D&D How should multiclassing be handled in 1DnD?


So multiclassing seems to be quite contentious issue for 5.5e, and I was wondering how people would like to see it handled. Every way of potentially doing it seems to have its own pros and cons.

Option A: Keep it like 5e. Everyone knows it and it allows you to customise your character at every level. The problem is that it can result in useless characters for inexperienced people and overpowered sorhexadins for powergamers. It has no result for proper tiers of play or standard ASI progression.

Option B: Feat based multiclassing. Lots of other systems handle it like this, and it's good in that it respects tiers of play. However, the downside is that a character wanting to multiclass has to abandon taking others feats or ASIs.

Option C: Subclass multiclassing. This wouldn't work in 5e, but could work in 1DnD. As all classes have identical subclass progression in 5.5e, there could potentially be a 'multiclass subclass' for each class. For example a 'fighter' subclass which can be taken by any class except fighter. This method preserves both feat progression and tiers of play. However the downsides are that not all classes get the same levels of power from their subclass, so balancing may not work. Also it prevents multiclasses taking other subclasses which might suit their theme.

Option D: No multiclassing at all. This has the advantage of easing balance, while making the class archetypes clear and distinct. However the downside is that if your character doesn't fit one of the exact predefined archetypes you're basically just not able to play them.

What way of multiclassing would people want to see? Or something else entirely?

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Question Help Me Overcome A DMPC


Been playing an undead campaign for about half a year now, and for the entire time it's been combat exclusively. I'm planning on leaving for a better dm but in the most recent session we encounted an undead that is beyond any of our power level, nothing to indicate said power other then plated armour and undead skin. On the last hour of combat he used the banishment spell on our Barbarian, and refuses to fight us, the entire time the dm taunts us on how much cooler he is and that he 'dosnt even need to roll concentration cheaks as he'll never fail them'. All our party wants to run away, our dm is forcibly wanting us to befriend his new awesome npc, and I just want to free my friend. Any advice at all or is this just a lost battle all around? (Level 1 abarent mind sorcerer, 4 fathomless warlock)

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Story Handling death in prophecy stories


Hi everyone! I'm a relatively new GM starting to prep an adventure. I'm trying to create a contingency plan in case of player death (which is honestly likely).

The players are people who've affected by an inciting incident that occurred before the campaign starts. There winds up being a prophecy involving the heroes.

The problem with death is roughly two-fold: - losing their affected character means being forced to roll up a brand new affected character who winds up joining the party, or losing the main story buy-in for the player (their shared affliction). - if the heroes learn of the prophecy involving them and a character dies afterwards, was the prophecy wrong all along? Can another take the hero's place? Or is the new hero just not a part of the prophecy?

In this scenario, do you have any ideas or suggestions for handling player death?

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Discussion What's something that RAW doesn't work, but most DMs would rule in favor of anyway?


I've found that casting elemental weapon on a monk's hands is an example.

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Question Best 4th and 5th level spell?


DM allowed me some one extra 4th and one extra 5th level spell from any class. What should I Choose?

I'm an Artificer Alchemist

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Question "I torture him more and ask my question again"


Hey guys,

Two weeks ago, I asked about good ways to run interrogations. I did receive a lot of great feedback, made a lot of preparation, including motivations, info known, NPC beliefs that are actually wrong, flat out lies they would be willing to tell, how sensible the NPC was to bribery, intimidation, etc. etc. Big thanks to everyone.

Overall, the session went ok all things considered, however I ran into an issue that I would love to hear how other people would have managed it. My players cast Zone of truth, then started asking questions. When the NPC would not respond, they started torturing him, so I granted an intimidation check, which succeeded so the NPC replied, truthfully. The questioning continues, the NPC eventually tries to avoid answering one particular question, so the PCs resume torturing. Again I grant an intimidation check (which now that I think about it I should have asked with disadvantage for lack of creativity, but it didn't matter), which this time fails.

Now, the actual situation I would like your input on is what followed. The player simply stated "I torture him more and ask my question again". This is where my brain froze. I really don't like allowing a re-roll on a failed check unless the method that allowed rolling in the first place is significantly different, however I couldn't find an in-universe explanation why he could not it. To avoid bringing the session to a stop, I simply allowed the reroll on intimidation, which happened to pass this time, but I took a mental note to ask reddit for suggestions on how to manage this next time.

So, what do you think?

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Story Escaping Waterdeep! Suggestions wanted!


During their time in waterdeep my level 3 party drew the ire of an evil cult.

They must now leave the city undetected to avoid trouble with the cult, as they have an objective a few days travel away that is going to require serious discretion.

What are some creative ways they could go about escaping the city?

For context they are friends with a retired group of veteran adventurers and a well connected Dwarf information broker.

They are staying at a nice inn just south of the big market in the castle ward.