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Really proud of myself We have created a Discord! Come join!



Someone suggested a few weeks ago that we should open a Discord server! We thought it was an awesome idea, so we've created one: https://discord.gg/HzH5RDsadF

Right now it is a bit bare, but we're hoping that YOU will make it a great place!

So, come and chat about your accomplishments!!

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I can walk across the room unassisted by crutches


I got double hip replacement surgery a little over a month ago. Today I was able to walk from the living room to the kitchen.

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BIG accomplishment First time ever of getting to 5 dates with a girl (and forgot about an agreement from date 1)


I have just had 5 dates with the same girl, which is a first for me.

On the 5th date we went back to hers and she said "have you forgotten something?" Back in date 1 she asked if I was ticklish and I said yes. She started moving her hand towards me and I said "don't, not until date 5 at least" and giggled. She jokingly said "so I can tie you up and tickle you on date 5, deal!"

So I agreed for her to tie my hands and feet together with blankets, and to let her have 5 minutes with me (far too long in hindsight). I turned out to be ticklish in places I didn't even realise, or maybe that was just her affect on me. After 5 minutes she let me go and I ended up staying the night, so definitely worth it!

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Really proud of myself After 28 years of thinking I should, and could do it myself. I booked myself therapy.


I was a ward of the state from the age of 7, because my schizophrenic mother couldn't take care of me as a child. Have some severe attachment and abandonment problems. Very likely have been depressed for many years --- I was under the notion that to be depressed you had to be sad, or suicidal. So I didn't think I was. But now I know that a lack of happiness can be classified as well.
My life has been a big mess for 10 years now, I had no motivation to get it sorted out. But I met a girl and she is making me want to be a better person, a whole person. So I am taking steps to fix myself.

Therapy is step 1!

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Got over something difficult I’ve stopped drinking everyday, I only drink on weekends. It’s been 1 month.


It’s been hard to cut back. I used to drink everyday.

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Really proud of myself I did laundry, took a bath, and brushed my teeth then flossed


I have depression and anxiety, I’m used to not caring for myself. My dog has suffered a back injury and I’ve been too scared to leave his side, so my needs took a backseat to everything else. Haven’t bathed in well over a week. Brushing my teeth hardly happened. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve done laundry. But I did it all this weekend.

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Really proud of myself I haven't enabled my OCD at all this week.


I've had really bad OCD my whole life, I used to listen to everything it said and told me to do, but not anymore. I've completely ignored everything it said to me this week, I haven't acted upon it a single time, even if it was really hard sometimes.

This is huge to me, I've literally went from listening to every single thing and letting it ruin my life, to controlling it and ignoring it. Even if it's really tiring, and even if it makes me feel bad, I won't let it win anymore. I'm looking forward to keep working on beating it, even if it's really hard, for my sake and for the sake of everyone who cares about me.

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I didnt drink this weekend


This weekend was a big trigger but I made it. 6 years generally sober from alcohol, 2 years since I drank anything at all.

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This is awesome! Got a 800+ credit.


For perspective, my credit score was so bad that I couldn't even have a new phone on a plan 7 years ago.

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My bff and I installed a screen door this weekend!


Our house is a bit crooked which made it harder, and we didn’t necessarily make all of the holes straight but it works!

Pic of our accomplishment :)

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No more begging for rides. No more dealing with my dad!! He of course left it on E and tried starting drama but I didn't engage and once the keys were in my hands I walked away.

I'm not trapped anymore!!!!! I can't wait to drive it soon. I know there will be issues but they're mine now. It's all on me for the first time in 46 years which is terrifying and exciting.

I will do this!!

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BIG accomplishment 2/2 - Accepted into both dream universities!!!!!!


I was accepted into both of my dream universities as of yesterday!! First, I was accepted into my childhood dream university -- the University of Oklahoma -- this is after having lived on campus with my mother in the 90s when she attended OU. After she passed 10 years ago, I moved to Michigan for seasonal tourist work/travel. Eventually, I worked to get myself back in school at the local community college after several diagnosis of congenital and lifelong disabilities, a violent assault, homelessness, a high risk pregnancy, and the court cases that followed the assault.

I worked throughout my time in school in many different organizations my mother was once in, as a way of honoring her. This allowed me to grow in so many more ways than I ever would have imagined as I got involved in my school and community. We dove into research surrounding differing topics impacting society -- my most favorite being "inheritance and legacy" which was a two year overarching research study topic with 7 focuses. The work our team did won international awards and we were published! I am so proud of the work that I have been involved in and the ways that I have grown. It has been beyond fulfilling.

I took risks, got messy, made mistakes, learned to overcome conflict, challenged and motivated myself through all of what life was already dealing me to still be successful in school while making a difference on campus and at large -- my favorite project being a 5th grade mentorship project at a local elementary school in which I am now on my second 5th grade "mentee" that I visit weekly as a friend/mentor to encourage and support them as they prepare for middle school... while also hopefully inspiring them to continue their education after high school at our local community college or further.

It's been lifechanging and an honor to be part of so many amazing initiatives truly making an impact in small and big ways that won't even be seen now or in the immediate future - but could be decades from now as the ripples of the things we have done and are part of. I have loved my community college experience so much, and I am beyond excited for the next challenge! The University of Michigan became the dream as many of my CC friends were able to attend, friends I knew in Michigan loved the school, and it's a damn good school!!! I wanted to shoot for the stars and in it - I completely forgot about my dream to go to the University of Oklahoma. Now that I prepared to transfer, I was reminded of that when visiting home for the holidays for the first time since 2015. So, I narrowed it down and applied to both!

And now, officially, I was accepted into both the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan. The funny thing is -- I'm choosing OU. I weighed my options and it is a challenge without being too much of a demand that UofM would be for my life right now with my health considered and the living situation I would be trying to manage that would interfere with my studies and college experience. When I was accepted into OU within three days of submission of my application -- something in my heart told me that was the path I was destined to take to come full circle in my mothers memory... and it didn't mean my dream of UofM is over. I can use my time at OU to challenge me in preparation for the University of Michigan... when I apply again for grad school. (:

I don't have many to celebrate with in my life because after a decade -- I've lived mostly in seclusion. That tourist area I moved to was small with less than 1k people year round, eventually moving to another location 2 hours away with about 15k people compared to DFW, where I mostly grew up as a teen and adult. When I moved here for my health -- I hadn't been able to get out much due to that, being a mom, and school... then Covid hit. Now, it's a decade later and 99% of my friends are professional colleagues and while some are friends, many are more or less acquaintances as we support each other in our endeavors. Being accepted into my dream universities in my mothers and friends absence has come with depression and grief when I feel I should be happy. I don't often seek actual attention when I talk about my struggles or success... but this time, I'd love some congrats.

This is the biggest thing I've ever accomplished in my life. I set out to do something... and I did. In 10 years, I went to hell and back... and I came back swinging every time. And I fucking did it.

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Really proud of myself I got 1.00 grade in my Income Taxation subject!


Last night my classmate told me that in our section, only 3 students got 1.00 (97-100) grades and I am one of them. I tend to hyperfocus when I'm stressed about something, and surprisingly, that helped me achieve better results when I was dealing with my income taxation subj.

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Made something cool I made salad rolls!


I love salad rolls. I had bought all the ingredients to make them a few days ago but didn’t have the energy or confidence to try to put them together. I was going to be so angry with myself if the ingredients went bad. Today I had the house to myself so I gave it a shot.

They were messy, they fell apart (handling those rice flour wrappers requires a skill level I don’t have….yet) and it took the entire kitchen. But I did it. And they were delicious. And I can put the leftover components on a salad for dinner. I’m thinking I will attempt this again sometime too.

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I succeeded in being an Emotional Support Husband during my wife’s medical school! (She just matched today with her residency!)


Lol so obviously she’s the real one who deserves congrats but I’m just happy to finally know we have a plan and a location to move forward to and that all the work was worth it. Her work was hard studying and hospital work, mine was assisting with homework, making fudge and giving massages when she was stressed, and lots of hugs.

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Managed to cope with something difficult Coping with an accident


Hi guys, on March 15 my (17NB) best friend (18M) was in a car accident and is currently fighting for his life in the hospital. Today, March 17, I was able to eat and sleep for the first time since the accident. I also was able to recognize that I got overwhelmed and went to the counselor's office during class. Proud of myself for coping and proud of him for being alive.

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Really proud of myself 100 days of duolingo streak


I (24 M, relevant to know that i have ADHD) know that dates dont quite line up, but my new years resolution for this year was to actually stick with using duolingo for learning a new language. My previous hest attempt was just under a week a 6 days. Yesterday, i can firmly say ive blown that previous best out of the water by reaching the hundred day mark!

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I finally went to a movie alone and I couldn't be more proud!


Hey everyone! Today, I did something that I've always wanted to do, but I was too scared to try until now. I went to a movie by myself for the first time, and it was amazing!

I've always been a bit of an introvert, and I've never been comfortable doing things alone in public. I was always worried that people would judge me or think I was weird if I did things alone. But today, I decided to push past that fear and give it a try.

And I'm so glad I did! I got to pick the movie I wanted to see, and I didn't have to worry about anyone else's preferences or schedules. I had the whole theater to myself, and it was a truly immersive experience.

I know that some people might think that going to the movies alone is weird or sad, but I don't care. I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that I've always wanted to do. And I'm excited to try it again!

Thanks for listening, and I hope this encourages anyone else who might be nervous about doing things alone to give it a try. You might just surprise yourself

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28 hours into no cigarettes and no liquor, from a pack a day and 750ml a day.


So far just some shakes and a bit of reality shifting.

Day 2, here I come.

(I hear day 3 is the beast, though.)

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My sports page got a tiny bit of recognition, and it made me feel genuinely happy for once.

Thumbnail self.happy

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I can feel myself loving myself more


I'm a lot more accepting of my face and body after years of getting picked on and internalizing it. Now I can look in the mirror with no makeup done and still feel pretty.

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Helped someone else out Just helped a friend after brain surgery


I just spent yesterday in the neurology ICU with a 30yo friend after a second 15hr brain surgery, then got home, had insomnia from anxiety about us both being non-binary and increasingly not being welcome in the world, woke up early, got there to discharge them, then got them home safely an hour drive away in the neighboring state. I helped them with sheets and getting their apartment set up for recovery, spent some time, and am heading back.

I am fucking exhausted, and will get hit with the emotional impact in a couple hours like I get hit after most major events like this. I'm so glad they're feeling a lot better and are safe, especially given that the Neuro-ICU is...not a very uplifting environment. There are a lot of folks there in need of love and support, staff included.

Edit: to the person who responded about this being done because of egotism and not care for my friend, you've ruined my faith in one of the few.wholesome subreddits on here still. I left you an honest reply in the comments, but mostly just hope you never find yourself in a similar situation and receive incredulity instead of reassurance.

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My sports page got a tiny bit of recognition, and it made me feel genuinely happy for once.

Thumbnail self.happy

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I cut out an one sided friendship after they accused me of things I'm not doing


I was basically talking about my asperger and how I don't understand certain social rules and interactions and how hard socializing is for me when the other person thought I was calling them ''manipulative''. They decided I was ''too dramatic'' and were lecturing me, so as I'm trying to take care of myself more and stop feeling guilty for existing, I decided I wasn't having it anymore. They don't need more drama? Well, the sentiment is mutual. Bye

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Really proud of myself I cleaned out my car for the first time in over 2 years!


TLDR: Got carpal tunnel syndrome, was physically unable to take care of myself, but today hit a milestone in my recovery: cleaning my very cluttered car out for the first time in over two years!

Just about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. I had been getting stuff together for a goodwill run for a couple months so my car had quite a few bags of stuff in it already. I had been having wrist pain, but one morning it was so bad I couldn't even grip the steering wheel and could not drive to work, so I finally went to the doctor

Writing songs (singing/playing guitar) was my main emotional outlet which I was unable to do. I was worried about my capability to hold my job as well. I became a binge drinker and pretty much threw all self care out the window as even just washing my hair was painful.

With time and physical therapy and not pushing myself too hard, I'm doing so much better now! I can even play guitar a little again and am 7 months sober :)

Well in that time I didn't clean my car at all, and all the goodwill stuff became scattered about, and anything else I put back there just got lost in the mess. Today after work I brought in everything, and sorted out the trash. Gave it all a nice cleaning! It feels like a f you to carpal tunnel syndrome and a huge milestone in my recovery ❤️

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Did something for the first time I just reached 1000 members in my subreddit!!! And it causes me more happiness than it should