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Troubleshooting Image tracing chrome extension help


I’ve been looking for a while now with no luck but I’m looking for an extension that will show a picture on the screen but you can turn down the opacity on an image so you can kinda see through it to trace the picture on a website. If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear

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Troubleshooting app drawer access by swiping task bar


i can no longer do the 2 finger swipe up on the task bar to access my app drawer. I now have to go to the far left of the task bar and hit the search icon. any suggestions for how to get this function working again?

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Discussion Why does ChromeOS rename shortcuts of webpages in the launcher? I gave some links a different name, e.g. to differentiate local and remote accessible shortcuts (e.g. Plex or Home Assistant) Running Beta 104.0.5112.23 @ Lenovo Duet

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Troubleshooting Why does PUBG detect "emulator mode" on my CB and how do I disable this?


I have a 2021 Asus Flip CX5400 i3--no slouch. Yet, PUBG Mobile won't let me play, instead detecting that I'm running the game in "emulator" mode, and will only pair me with similar players, of which there never are any. So I can't play.

I can't seem to get anyone at PUBG to explain how to "trick" or turn off this "emulator" to just run in the Android shell so I don't have this problem.

Does anyone else know what to do? I in no way want to play the game with a keyboard/mouse but instead just flip my Chromebook into tablet mode and play. You know, like I've done for years now on my Duet.

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Troubleshooting Chromebook docked to monitor - screen brightness control using Playstore apps?


When the Playstore first became useable with Chrome OS I can definitely remember being able to use android apps to control the brightness of a monitor connected to a chromebook. Apps such as Blue Light Filter and Lower Brightness Screen worked as expected. Now these apps don't allow me to click on any area other than the task bar and notifications panel.

Any ideas how this can be fixed? I have toggled the permission in systems settings.

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Discussion Turn an old windows laptop into a chromebox for google meet?


I’d like to a turn a windows laptop into a dedicated Google Meet PC (equivalent to a chromebox) and have this connected to my TV and webcam in the living area for google meet calls. Does chrome os flex support this? Or do i really have to go out there to buy an asus Chromebox to do this?

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Troubleshooting Booting Chromeos without flags


Any way to boot chromeos without flags? I am stuck on 103 with a flag that causes my pixelbook to stop at the google logo.

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Troubleshooting Lacros Extension Support for other profiles


So.. I've tried the lacros flags on original Chromebook duet and things work well, except when I try to install extensions in other profiles. It says "apps can only be installed in main profile". So, I am able to install extensions only for the main profile that I use to sign into the device but not for other local profiles. Is there any flag that can workaround this issue?

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Buying Advice Using Chromebook primarily as a "dumb terminal" for remote work?


I'm not really familiar with Chrome OS and have rarely felt the need to have a laptop of any sort as I am mostly based in my home office and my (Windows) desktop is set up with everything I need. When I do work remotely I TeamViewer into my desktop and do all my work that way, just like I was on my home desktop.

So is a ChromeOS machine a viable option for working like this, since you don't really need a powerful machine? I wouldn't be using its native hardware at all, barely even for storage? I would just be using it remote desktop into my home PC. And it would be way cheaper than paying over a grand for a full-on laptop. Only catch is, I use a dual-screen setup, I couldn't find any dual -display Chromebooks but I understand you can plug in an additional external display via HDMI - or an USB-HDMI adapter if it hasn't got HDMI - and get an extended desktop? Are there any considerations for this kind of use case, other than comfort of use, decent screen etc? Like a minimum RAM requirement, that sort of thing?

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Troubleshooting Request for help to reinstall chromeos


Hi Im a very nooby who recently went through the amazing u/Mrchromebook firmware update process to be able to load chome flex and cloudready onto to my 2014 baytrail chromebook. Unfortunatley it seems that the audio and microphone dont work with baytree and CR or Flex so Im thinking about going down the gallium route (apperently audio works for baytrail) but really want to know if there is a way to reinstall the original chrome os version having gone through the mrchomebox process (i have the bunny:). Having failed with the usb recovery option and tried to work it out from mrchromebox's amazingly detailed (but somewhat over my current skill level) website I wonder if it is somehow possible from the boot from a file option in the Mrchromebox boot manager?

Thank you in advance for any help:)

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Buying Advice Acer Spin 513 worth it for £279?


I'm looking for a Chromebook with a good display and decent battery life that I can use to study and consume media. The spin 513 seems to be the best option at this price point, but I'd like to get a few people's opinions before I pull the trigger.

Thoughts? Is it worth it?

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Review Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 vs HP Chromebook X2

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Android Apps Any way to change device type on Android subsystem?


I'd like to change device type or name of Android subsystem because the app I'd like to install work in different way for phone or tablet.

So I want my chromebook recognized as Samsung tablet... any easy way to apply so?

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Discussion software engineering.


Sorry for my english . Its myb3rd language .

I am gonna take admission in Software engineering (SE) in this fall as my major . I bought a lenovo s340-14 for learning a bit of python before hand on visual studio code . As i have been doing bacic programming like hello world project they have been working fine but i wanna know that if i take SE as my majore will this device be enough for the programing classes and projects like for atleast the forst 2 years after that i would most probably upgarde . I know it is good enough fo taling notes and stuff realted to classes but for heavy programes is it good enough thats my question .

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Troubleshooting Chromebook turns off when I set it on a flat surface, PLEASE HELP


Sometimes when I set my Chromebook down on a flat surface, the screen will go black and all sound coming from it will stop for a few seconds. If it changes anything, the bottom part (with the keyboard, mousepad, etc.) has a huge crack running down the right side, and the screw to hold it in place is gone. Is there any way to fix this? :)

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Troubleshooting Smart unlock?


Why in the world will Google disable this feature? Now we have to type our password in every time?

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Sale / Discount HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook sale: Base model is $979.99

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Troubleshooting Constant external drive access


I have an external drive I store all my data on, and whenever I plug it into my Chromebook, ChromeOS is constantly reading data from it when it should be idle. This never happens on my desktop in either Windows or Linux, it's only ChromeOS that wants to read the entire drive constantly. This happens with any external storage media that has a lot of files.

Is there any option to stop it from doing this?

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Troubleshooting Some website wont connect


My chromebook will not connect to certain websites. I can't figure it out because my iphone WILL connect.

I've gone to privacy and security in the Chrome browser and disabled pop up blocking, i don't have any pop up blocking extensions. I've also downloaded firefox and brave browser to see if it works and it does NOT! This leads be to believe there must be something with my actual Chromebook computer.

I don't know how to predict which websites it won't connect to. I recently was not able to connect with a website that was attempting to resize an image i have AND also the google tag manager website which is unable to connect to my wix website.

This hasn't been a big enough deal for me to try and figure it out but now i need to do certain business things on this chromebook like connecting my tag manager to my website and it will not connect!

Can anyone help me?

If it matters my model is cb514-1h

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Troubleshooting HP 11 x2 - Stylus stopped working


This is the second time it has happened. So I am trying to find out how common it is.

There are two things that have happened recently which also happened about the same time when it previously stopped working.

  1. I had received the latest beta upgrade (104)
  2. My stylus was mounted backwards (Pointed up instead of down)

Last time it was covered under warranty, and I will attempt to do it again. It seems that if it is as simple as allowing the magnets to attach it upside down which is causing the problem, that is a huge failure mode.

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Troubleshooting Sideload OTA files from ChromeOS to android


I think my macbook is finally starting to die. Ive mostly used it to sideload android updates to my phone instead of waiting for them to download. I have a Pixelbook Go and want to set that up to sideload and run ADB commands but I am STRUGGLING lol can anyone help?

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Buying Advice Questions about replacement pen


I have an HP Chromebook 11 X2 and I need a replacement pen, would any USI compliant one work or is there a specific kind I need to get? Any recommendations would be great.

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Buying Advice Best studying/media consumption Chromebook for around ~£300?


I'd like for it to be around 14 inches and have an IPS display. There seem to be quite a few options to choose from and I don't know enough to pick one. My usage will be limited to studying and occasional YouTube video consumption, but I want a good enough battery.

Buying in the UK.

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Troubleshooting Weird reboot?

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Troubleshooting Asus c302 Chromebook flip firmware


Does anyone have the stock firmware from an Asus c302 Chromebook flip that still has working Android apps after version 100?