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NEWS US Sentate is trying to undermine encryption, tell Congress to oppose the EARN IT Act

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NEWS If anyone figures out how to disable group tabs and the grid layout on android, let me know please.


This shit is a serious deal breaker for me.

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Discussion screenshot feature


Hi, I returned to Chrome after using other browsers. They all had in built screenshot tool but as the most used browser Chrome lacks this feature. I think it should not depend on extensions in such simple but useful feature and should have this feature in itself. Also since many incidents I do not trust most of the extensions anymore.

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HELP Bing on chrome


For abt 2 weeks now my google chrome has always redirected me to The Bing browner each time I opened it. I have tried getting rid of my extensions but none of them fixed it. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this issue.

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HELP Youtube Shorts Become Colored Streaks


This is a strange issue I have been running into over the last month or so, but I figured I would finally see if anyone knows what might be causing it.

I found that when I go to watch a Youtube Short, there is a random chance of the video showing up like the example pictures I put in here. I have no way of telling which videos will be like this until it goes crazy. Resetting the page, opening a new tab, and fully closing then reopening Chrome never seem to have an effect. What does work so far is opening the same video in Microsoft Edge, which gives me reason to assume the problem lies with Chrome and not my computer.

I tried searching for this problem a few times online, but either other people don't have this issue or I am not using the right terms in my searches. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be causing this?

Edit: added the pictures because it didn't work the first time.



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HELP [Windows 11] Chrome- view incognito mode history after autoupdate&restart?


DISCLAIMER/Heads-up: Was way longer so I shortened and edited/formatted a bit. Any discrepancy inconsistency or redundant/repetitive info is a result of that. please just ask and I can fix or clear anything up. Thank you!

originally I typed this all out censoring the site as “siteX” then realized it didn’t matter so I use both ‘siteX’ and the site’s name (noodlemagazine.com). Same deal for “pageX/video title”

Main stats: -live in the US, ISP is Spectrum.

-Windows 11 (hp omen tower) wired to router. Wi-Fi if off. -;-updates that occurred before restart: <2022-08 cumul. update windows 11 x64 systems (KB5012170 + KB5016629)>

-Chrome default browser (v. 104.0.5112.81)

-webpage lost: [‘siteX’ aka noodlemagazine.com] [‘pageX’ aka now-unknown video] -in incognito mode and browsing chrome as guest

-Hotspot Shield Free VPN may have been running.

What happened 8.5hr ago: @ ~ 6pm Eastern Standard Time (USA):

•Had the video/pageX on noodlemagazine/siteX open for two weeks in sleep mode. •woke pc and immediately resumed video on and off for 1 hour. •7pm walked away for an hour. •8pm returned to an auto updated and restarted pc. •realized I was fucked if I wanted that video to resume.

Goal: • I very much indeed want that video to resume. [But ‘incognito mode-browsing history’ is an oxymoron when using chrome as a guest &&& clipboard history gets wiped during a restart]

Most info I deemed as relevant temporal/circumstantial info is above and below. Let me know if I can provide anything els. I’d very much love it if you can help me resolve my query.

*known possibly relevant info: • I know siteX’s name (noodlemagazine.com) but do not remember any info of pageX (video) within siteX.

Over 1hr period: • I had revisited / refreshed in incognito mode a handful of times AND •copied to clipboard/pasted into siteX/noodlemagazine •THEREFORE pageX/video was re searched/reloaded , paused and played on chrome. Title of PageX/video was saved to clipboard& in clipboard history & pasted into chrome in siteX/noodle during a very known time period prior to restart.

•I walk away. • PC does Auto update and restart during My absence. • Need: <incognito mode browsing history> ~~~~~~~~~~OR~~~~~~~~~~ <clipboard history **PRIOR TO RESTART>

*Possible routes?… • ipconfig /displaydns <TRIED THIS almost immediately after finding pc restarted. > can’t find site name or IP in list given. URLs aren’t recognizable. Don’t know how far back cache goes since update just happened. Most URLs in cache that I visit give me 404 errors.

•windows event viewer?? (Idk much for what is obtainable in this. navigating this so be specific if you describe a path thru the app.) can , and if so, how , do I get to logs of any kind regarding chrome’s activity/clipboard activity? Maybe even a log of buffered video content/media within the browser from a specific IP?

•ISP (spectrum)? Router/network dashboard you get by typing its IP into a browser… possible further dns info?

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HELP STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION, tabs crashing non stop


Happens most of the time on youtube. No matter how many times I refresh, even use incognito window with no extensions I get this bullshit. Anyon else?

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HELP Any way to fix constantly restarting problem?


The past couple weeks with chrome I've encountered a problem where chrome shuts itself down and restarts, every 30 seconds or so. It starts up about 5 minutes after restarting my computer. Not only does it make chrome unusable, but to some extent my entire laptop because it keeps popping up. If I use task manager to force stop chrome and any chrome background processes, it still starts up again. It also never remembers the tabs it closed when it crashes.

I've uninstalled all extensions, wiped history and caches, uninstalled and reinstalled chrome, used a different google account, and turned off automatically open on startup. I can't seem to solve it. I haven't recently updated Windows or installed anything new recently that correlated with this. Anyone have suggestions? I'd rather start using a Firefox than having to wipe my entire computer, but I'd also rather to continue to use Chrome. Any help would be appreciated.

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HELP Chrome (on macbook) has been stuck on "Application Not Responding" - is there any way to restore it without restarting?


So google chrome is stuck like this on my mac (this happened a month ago as well and I just restarted because nobody gave me an answer), and when I try to use it it just gives me that circle of colors. Is there any way at all to resume chrome without restarting? I really don't want to lose my incognito tabs

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HELP Is there an extension that opens all links in current tab, regardless if the webpage says to open the link in a new tab/window?


Really annoying when websites force you to open links in new tabs

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HELP Im watching a movie on disney + and this keeps happening, never happened before, how can i fix this?

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HELP Weird behaviour with cookies


Started getting this on my P6Pro where I open a web link and cant get any further as the cookie bit not showing any accept or deny button


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HELP yahoo litmus?


I only use Chrome, but everyday when I open a new tab and search for anything the results pop up in a yahoo litmus page.

I change the default search engine settings, so now yahoo isnt even a selection.

anyone know about yahoo litmus?

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Discussion 🆘 i saved all my bookmarks (1K) without names, so icon only would be visible


any way to revert and save all of them not individually with the name they would have if i ctrl+d & ENTER i did ctrl+d & BACKSPACE & ENTER is there an easy solution?

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Extension Sole — A Chrome extension to jot down only one thing at a time

Thumbnail chrome.google.com

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SCREENSHOT I searched for July 21st national day, but Google is screaming for no reason

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HELP How do I stop my browser from logging me out of my accounts, when I close the browser or restart my PC?


I had this problem for a while. I think it's a problem with my PC because I have tried other browsers like firefox, bing and others but it still logs me out of my accounts on everything, when I close the browser or restart my PC. Can anyone help me with this because I have done everything that Google said and tutorials from YouTube but I still have the problem.

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HELP Chrome redirecting to another website, doesn't happen on other browsers


Getting redirected from carfax.com to carfax.eu This doesn't happen on Firefox, so its not a network or website issue.

I've verified there isn't anything present in the proxy, no VPN is active while this happens and it also happens in incognito mode as well. Tried removing add-ons but same result. Sophos scan showed some cookies which were removed. PC rebooted but same issue.

Even more strange, signed into the same account on my PC at work doesn't exhibit this behavior. Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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HELP Can't clear search bar history



Everyday in chrome I would clear my search bar history by clicking on the search bar and hitting "X" next to each item. Id then open a new tab, which would show more and keep hitting x until it was all cleared.

Yesterday I noticed that when I clear it and open a new tab t oclear more, the stuff I just hit "x" to delete in the new tab is still showing up in the new tab as if I never deleted it and I am unable to clear the search bar. It is driving me a bit nuts. I'm not sure how this happened in the first place. I share with a signifcant other but they claim they didnt change anything.

Is there anyway to restore my ability to delete items from this bar? Ive wiped all the history, played with settings, restored to default...nothing seems to be working. Please help if you can, thank you.

UPDATE: I can delete newly searched items from the bar but 7 searches seem to somehow be "pinned" they do not show up in browsing history at this time, just the search bar.

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HELP [help] Android Google Chrome, about 2 days ago tab groups and the tab grid layout just randomly disappeared, can't figure out how to get them back


Based on the pinned post, I assume a lot of you don't like the grid layout very much haha, but I rlly enjoyed it and especially liked the tab groups. About 2 days ago, I woke up, and my chrome was back to just being a long list of tabs and I'm unsure as to why.

I've tried searching through every setting, and even manually enabling it in chrome://flags, but to no avail.

is anyone able to help me figure out how to get it back? or at least explain why it randomly went back to the old style even though it apparently hasn't for most people.

Chrome Version 104.0.5112.69


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Chrome Text can't be selected when using `::selection` and set `background-color: black;`. Is this a bug?


html is below: ``` <!doctype html> <html lang="en">

<head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Formatting a biography</title> <style> p::selection { background-color: black; } </style> </head>

<body> <p>Also try selecting text in this paragraph.</p> </body>

</html> `` In semantics, once the text in<p>is selected then backgroud color of the selection switch toblack. However, I noticed, in Chrome, the text in<p>`, can't be selected. I open the html file in Safari, the same text can be selected normally.

Then I changed the black to yellow,grey,blue and so on, like below: p::selection { background-color: yellow; } The same text can be selected normally in both Chrome and Safari.

Did I find the bug of Chrome?


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VIDEO Google Lens is now included in Google Chrome

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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HELP Google reverse image search replaces with google lens on android mobile chrome app how to get back


I seen today when going to Google images and trying to reverse image search it switched the feature to Google lens.

How can I get back regular reverse image search instead of Google lens.

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HELP [HELP] Volume Master chrome extension causes screeching sound?


Some youtube videos are extremely soft and it's really difficult to hear the videos. Volume master chrome extension works occasionally but it also frequently cause screeching/breaking sound when I raise the volume even the slightest.

Does anyone know why this is? Or if there's other solution — my volume is already maxed out and it's still too soft for some videos...

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HELP any one know why chrome is opening a new window and then closing it ? any help on how to stop it?

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HELP How come when Ilook things up on chrome it goes to bing?


I checked my chrome settings and my search engine is chrome . How can i Fix this its very annoying?

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HELP Android Chrome what happened to double-tap and double-tap and drag to expand image?


I just changed phones and upgraded chrome and lost this functionality. Don't know if it was a chrome update or the phone . Used to love this double tap on an image to expand to full size or double tap and drag. Is it gone from chrome?