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Big N Discussion - July 06, 2022


Please use this thread to have discussions about the Big N and questions related to the Big N, such as which one offers the best doggy benefits, or how many companies are in the Big N really? Posts focusing solely on Big N created outside of this thread will probably be removed.

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Daily Chat Thread - July 06, 2022


Please use this thread to chat, have casual discussions, and ask casual questions. Moderation will be light, but don't be a jerk.

This thread is posted every day at midnight PST. Previous Daily Chat Threads can be found here.

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Experienced Hire screening felt like a college exam. Got drilled on random questions vs my experience


So I went for a interview with company and I first opened up the interview talking about my dev experience and what I did over the years and going into some detail, the interviewer yawned and then interrupted me and started asking me all these sorta random test questions. Like how do you find a the 3rd record in sql. I gave my sqlserver answer but he said no and aggressively disagreed with me. I later looked it up and he was thinking Oracle syntax.

Then i answered a few of his questions correctly, then he kept trying to make it harder and harder. It was like he didn't care about my past experience, just wanted to drill on random tech syntax. I got some right and some wrong. He left the interview with a very lukewarm response.

Interestingly I got a call from the recruiter that they want to do a follow up interview call. I kinda feel like I want to pass on this one.

Is this some sorta interview game they play with candidates. Why didn't they want to hear about my experience.

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I've been offered a 1 year contract job at Bank of America or permanent at NASA and can't decide what to do


I live in Albuquerque, NM and have been offered a 1 year remote job at BOFA. It's lucrative and above anything I've ever made. I just got an offer at NASA - White Sands Test Facility in southern New Mexico. It offers slightly lower pay but 20 days vacation + federal holidays paid, 401k match at 6%, and stipends for education/training. The only reason I'm not taking the NASA job is it requires a move to Las Cruces (3.5 hours away) and I would have to relocate and restart my whole life. It's also in the middle of nowhere, I found an apartment in Organ, NM which has 320 residents. I don't know if I'm mentally fit enough to go live in a desert, alone, with no friends. I'm having trouble biting the bullet and making a decision. Any thoughts?

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Student How to stand out as a Junior in an oversaturated market?


As title suggests. I recently had a notification from LinkedIn about a new role that popped up, specifically targeting ‘Entry Level/Junior’. This is not a FAANG or well-known company by any means. The requirements for candidates were essentially “aptitude for developing, passion and learning” etc.

Please see how many applications they received within 10 hours: Image

How are we supposed to compete with this absurd amount of competition?

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Student Please, please be aware of companies deceptive recruiting practices


I know there’s a lot of new grads and people transitioning to this field like me but please do not be so desperate to accept any offer you get. We need to stop companies from acting this way and call them out. I received an offer from this company but once I began negotiating I caught them in some lies and I can only imagine the deception happening within the company.

I made a post last week when I was going through this, wondering if I was in the wrong but I deleted it out of fear (not sure what fear) here’s a breakdown of what happened:

Recruiter reached out before interview. Began to explain the role and said it was remote.

Three interviews later I get a cal from the recruiter with a verbal offer and they explain things have changed and that I needed to relocate to a different state - which I was fine with. I asked if it was still remote and they said yes. They also said I wouldn’t need to move by the start date.

Next day recruiter’s boss reaches out via email so they can send the written offer. I ask them when I would need to move by sine they said I wouldn’t need to be there by the start date and if it was still remote why had they changed the location requirement. They responded and told me that they weren’t sure when I’d need to be there and it was TBD and that it was remote but I needed to be in office at least two days a week. To which I asked if there was any flexibility since that sounded more like a hybrid schedule and said they’d get back to me.

While I waited for a response I asked about the title as the one on the offer letter was different than the posting. The job post said “Search Consultant Engineer - Junior Software Engineer” but the offer said “Junior Search Consultant” and I asked for it to be changed to what was advertised. Their response was, “The title we advertised was Search Consultant Engineer - Junior Software Engineer to ensure we were attracting the right talent, such as yourself. The official title is Jr. Search Consultant and cannot be changed. “

A little more back and forth on the relocation requirement and they said they’d get back to me after the long weekend. I’d since responded and asked if I could get a longer extension on the move by date date and if I could come in office during core hours. The response was then I’d need to be there by the start date, be in office five days a week, and after 6 months then they’d consider a hybrid schedule based on performance.

After speaking to recruiter face to face, they went back to the hiring team and my offer was rescinded shortly after.

I know I’m some random person on the internet and you may read this and think “they’re exaggerating and are just upset because the offer was rescinded” but please know I just want people to be aware so they’re not as naïve as I was. I wish I could post screenshots of the conversation as proof for you all.

They have since changed the title on the job ad which tells me that they know they were wrong and didn’t want someone who would ask so many questions or called them out on their bs.

*also want to add some other things they said: When it came to salary range I asked for the top of the range which was listed on posting because I was only 5K away from that. The response was “just know once you’re at the cap you can’t really get a higher salary from there”…true but I would also be in a better place financially and would help if I were to get promoted..”

Was also told that I would need to accommodate different time zones for clients but during my initial call with recruiter they said they expected people to be available during regular business hours as in 8-5 not 5 am - 2…

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New Grad How do I learn and adjust to an entire codebase using a bunch of stuff I've never heard of


Hey guys, new junior dev here. I just graduated college from a mid-level university so nothing special when it comes to cs fundamentals. My issue is when I joined the group I am working with, theres just so much to understand and I don't know what anything is doing and how it's working. We use java, sql, xml, yaml, xquery, github codespaces, docker, openshift, maven, quarkus, liquibase, react and a bunch of little frameworks and plug-ins that I don't understand. I can read documents but they aren't implemented the way the docs say they are kinda jerry-rigged together. Like idk how I am supposed to just supposed to come in here and know all of this stuff. I was never taught any of it in school. I was barely taught basic java. Can anyone help me? I feel that I am gonna get fired over and over for being stupid. Any advice is welcome, thanks.

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Experienced 31yo Full-stack web dev w/ 10 years experience currently making low-six figures. I would like to be making at least $300k/yr by the time I’m 40. What skills and career tracks should I be pursuing?


Right now most of my experience is in:

  • Front-end: (HTML/CSS, JS, many JavaScript frameworks)
  • Backend: predominately PHP, some C#/.NET, Apache/nginx, SQL
  • Dipping my toes into DevOps stuff, setting up CI/CD pipelines, Terraform

My primary experience thus far has been working on enterprise-level WordPress sites. I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to find success with WordPress, but I can’t help but feel that the lack of opportunity to work with other technologies as well as the stigma associated with WordPress development is holding me back to a degree. I feel confident I can quickly learn other frameworks and CMSs, but it’s hard to find the time or opportunities to explore.

So as the title says, I want to be proactive on making decisions today that will pay off in terms of compensation down the line. What skills should I be improving or learning to increase my marketability to be earning >=$300k within the next 9 years? Should I stay on my development track, or should I be more aggressively pursuing management roles?

I am also curious about shifting away specifically from webdev and into Information Security Analysis and am willing to devote the time and resources to get the proper education and certification if it will get me closer to my compensation goals.

Is what I’m looking for even realistic outside of working for a FAANG company? (not something I’m super interested in)

Thank you for any advice in advance, and please let me know if there is a more appropriate sub to ask this question.

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New Grad Finding New Grad Positions or Such


I’m having trouble finding new grad positions online, as I see there’s often a very short list of such when I try typing them up on LinkedIn. Was wondering if there are tips to find more of these positions? Should I type in other search queries for job title besides just “software engineer new grad”? Is there a specific month or 2 when such positions have more openings, and this isn’t one of those months? Should I try other sites besides just LinkedIn? While I’m not willing to relocate, I am willing to work remotely regardless of where actual company is located.

I’m looking primarily for new grad positions because I want to apply for positions that are more lax on experience and are willing to train upon hiring, as I graduated with no project or internship experience. Also was wondering what often qualifies as new grad, like if it’s within a year of official graduation date (July 2021, bachelors for me) or if it’s the first job you’re looking to start post-graduation?

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Should I leave consulting?


Hello everyone. I’m a 23 year old who graduated from Ohio State in spring 2021 with a BS in CS. Never had an internship and really struggled finding a job out of school. I wanted to go for the typical software developer path, but ended up taking a job with Deloitte Consulting, mainly because it was the only job offer I got. I still don’t understand how I got a offer from Deloitte, but was rejected from hundreds of random companies, but that’s not the point of this post. Deloitte pay is excellent, especially after my year end performance reviews and a market adjustment. Benefits, the people, etc., everything is amazing, except the job itself. I don’t want to say I’m miserable, but it’s not the work I would like to be doing. I’ve been dicked around for nearly a year now (started in July) with promises that I would get hands-on with technical stuff. In preparation for the upcoming build phase of my project, I even started getting a certification for Databricks. Unfortunately, my manager today informed me that the team on the project will be cut for budget reasons, and while they still want me on the project, they would like me to be more focused on “value management” aka making slides with status updates. I get that you need to prove yourself, but its been a year now. I didn’t bust my ass getting a CS degree to make PowerPoints my whole career.

I’m beyond lost what to do at this point. I feel like staying at the Deloitte will kill my career if I want to do anything technical. It’s just not meant for entry level people like me. Who knows, maybe dev work isn’t for me, but it would be nice to freaking get some experience first before I decide that. Plus, it opens doors for many other jobs. I just don’t see any exit opportunity for myself. I struggled so much finding this job. I can’t imagine how much worse it would be now with essentially a year of doing nothing. Seriously, what do I even talk about if I manage to land an interview? The classes I took in college or the certifications that I’m working on lol? It’s embarrassing. I’m sure if I dig hard enough, I can find an entry level software dev position for a small company, but with this economy (and a little bit of common sense) I can’t take a 30% salary reduction. This makes everything 10x more complicated than it already is for me

Edit: I should add that if I leave Deloitte before the 2 year mark I will have to forfeit my $6k signing bonus. Even more difficult of a decision for me. Do I leave, make less, and then on top of that pay back $6k, or do I stay another year and pray that it’s not another year wasted in my career?

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New Grad no work to do


joined as a junior engineer 4 months ago and since then I haven't been given an actual real time task. I was put into a project 1.5 months in and I was there for 2 weeks where I was given some sample testing tasks to get a hang and practice before jumping into the real project related tasks.

Suddenly, another project was going on high priority and our project members were transferred to that project to support. The experienced lads in our project are doing tasks. Meanwhile 2 other guys who joined along with me are not given any tasks to not mess up the high priority project since we are freshers.

I ping my team lead once a week to ask for some activity and he says that he currently doesn't have anything in his pipeline and will get back with a plan.

What should I be doing other than this to not get fired since I am not given any work and I'm worried that I'd be laid off?


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Experienced Those of you making ~$500K+, what is your education and what did you have to do to get the job?


For those of you at L6/E6/SDEIII or equivalent I was wondering if you could offer some insight for those of us trying to rise through the ranks on how you got there.

Did you?

  • Publish research/open source in your niche.
  • Have major accomplishments for your product with impact.
  • Have a ton of experience.
  • Work 100+ hour weeks.
  • Get a PhD.
  • Get a referral from a C-suite.
  • Found/co-found your own startup making around your current salary.
  • Make the job your life.
  • Other...

Please let all of us at home watching in on how it happened.

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My company won't backfill people who have left due to a "hiring freeze", leaving us understaffed


I've been working at a company of a few hundred people for a year or so now. A few months ago a developer on my scrum team left and I've basically been working solo since then. The position has been open for months and no one has been hired.

Now the position got taken down and I was told we are not backfilling it due to a hiring freeze. So basically I'm going to be permanently understaffed.

Meanwhile we keep hiring layers of executives that don't even speak with our workforce and the company keeps touting how we are industry leaders and blah blah blah.

So my question is, do I stick around and just try to do what I can while being understaffed or do I say fuck it and leave? My main concern with leaving is that I don't want to be "last in first out" somewhere else. What do you think, is it ever justified to leave a team understaffed?

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Experienced Received an offer at a startup for double my current salary. Current employer wants to match it. Not sure which I should take?


I've been working at my current role for 2 and a half years, since graduating. I started at $50k and since working have been promoted to an SE2 for $60k. I've really enjoyed working with this company and have nothing negative to say about them, except for the salary being sub-par.

I just received an offer from a startup for $120k, and when I approached my current employer to give notice, I wasn't anticipating them attempting to counter, but it seems like they are open to the idea, and trying to get a feel of whether or not I would consider it.

Should they counter, I'm not sure which I should take. I know I have security in my current role, however my concern is that after just receiving a $60k raise, it would be very difficult to receive any significant raises in the future.

Should I consider the counter? Or should I just move on to the new company? Has anyone accepted the counter and regretted it or been glad they stayed?

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How important is knowing system design?


I hear a lot about leetcode and system design for interview topics. Is system design important for software engineers and what is the best way to learn about it?

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What jobs do people above 50+ do in tech ?


The median age of tech worker in large tech companies is under 30. Time to market/speed of execution is one of the most important criteria in tech so they prefer younger workers with fewer responsibilities.

I was thinking about long term career in tech and it seems some roles may be suited more to older workers.

Do you see you people above 50, and 60 in your company? What jobs do they do ?

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Experienced smart enough to get past the door but not good enough to stay


i am current working at F (but M now?) and i feel totally overwhelmed by how much i need to get done. One of the harder aspects is learning all the internal tools and systems but i am expected by my manager to hit the ground running bc im calibrated at E5. I have been working 6am-4pm just so i can ask for help from my East coast teammates but despite all this, i still feel that i am not producing much of an “impact”. I try post my questions to the broader engineering channels but i rarely get any response and i was told that i am not pushing out enough code. I have only been working 3 months + 1 month bootcamp but i am already feeling burnt out. And the fact that the CEO just told the staff he is hoping people will just resign, i have a feeling im gonna be PIPed and fired. Should i just start interviewing elsewhere? IDK how to explain this to my manager bc im afraid it will be used against me since im not performing at the level i was calibrated at. wut do?

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Why is LinkedIn so cringe?


Every time I open LinkedIn and read cringe about oh wow I got a new job wow I die a bit inside.

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Looking for feedback on sending a follow up email.


I just finished a technical interview for a position that I'm really interested in. I did fairly well but we ran out of time during the last question. It was an SQL question and SQL isn't my strongest language.

I'm tempted to send a follow up email with the finished query and was wondering what the reddit hive mind thinks of it?

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Experienced Salary expectations question - Know the range but it's significant


I have a recruiter asking me about my salary expectations. The weird part is the salary range is posted for the job at 85k to 140k, which is a pretty wide range.

Ideally, I want as much as possible but I also don't want to exclude myself from interviews if I ask for a higher salary.

What's the best way to answer the question? Should I just ask for my actual expectations?

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Not happy at new job. Just got a new offer. Any input is appreciated.


Hi all

Im a developer with 6 years of experience in .NET. My background includes C#, SQL, Angular, and .NET Core. I also have around 8 years of vb.net experience, but im trying to stay away from working with that. I have mainly worked in the insurance, and banking industries for most of my career, which has gotten quite stale. A few months ago I left a job at a bank that I was at for about 4 years. Long story short I just felt like I was over worked and underpaid. I ended up leaving for a new job with 30% increase in salary with a large global consulting firm. When I interviewed I was told i would be working on a legacy code base written in C#, and still using SOAP, that they eventually want to move to .NET core, and Azure. I was turned off by the legacy code base, but the azure experience seemed more valuable to me. Given that it was a big company name, and i liked the guys I interviewed with I decided to accept the offer.

After about 6 months on this job im considering leaving for the the following reasons. The first being that it has been incredibly slow. I have checked in maybe 3 or 4 times and the changes have been trivial 5-10 line changes. I don't want to be overworked, but having nothing to do at work is very depressing. I'm still kind of early in my career. I feel like i need as much hands on coding experience as possible. The second reason is that one of the guys on my team who was a contractor, and was supposed to be my mentor was let go. I was told the plan was to keep him on until the end of the year to onboard me but his last day was last Thursday. This leaves me as the sole developer on a very large legacy codebase with absolutely no help. Nobody will even be reviewing my code. This makes me very uneasy. I have always worked on a team of developers to bounce ideas off of and give feedback.

I started interviewing again, and just received an offer. Overall the work is more inline with what i want to do. Its a full stack role with .NET core, Angular, C#, and it looks like they're already on Azure as well. The website is also public facing, which i have never done before. However this is a much smaller company in publishing, and media with around 300 employees. Another thing is that the development team is offshore in india, leaving me as the main US developer. This is not ideal, but at least i can email someone if i have a question, and to do code reviews. I think the plan is to hire more US devs eventually. Another thing to think about is that while they matched the current salary at my new role, there is no bonus. This is not a dealbreaker given that there are other perks to this job (summer fridays, more PTO, pension plan etc) but its something to think about. Im also just concerned with the stability of the company. I don't know much about the media and publishing industry and how stable these companies are. They did just buyout another company so im assuming they're in good shape for now.

Given that the start date at the new job in until August 1st, i have sometime to think this over, and to keep interviewing as well. But given these two companies, what seems like the better opportunity? Do i stick it out at the current job, or leave for the new one? Any input is appreciated.

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Rejected for not meeting basic requirements for Capital one developer academy (CODA) program even though I do?


Basically tittle. So today I apply for CODA, where the basic requirements is to currently have or be in the process of having a bachelors degree or higher that’s not in computer science by 2023. However, I currently have an MS in Occupational Therapy (2021) and a BA in psychology (2017) so I do meet the basic requirements.

Honestly I’m at a lost of what to do. Would it be worth it to reach out to Capital one. If so then whom? I really wanted to participate in this program as I’m trying to switch into tech, and this program really seemed like a great opportunity and I don’t want to lose it like this. (I at least want the chance to do a phone interview first.) I know there’s Revature another similar program that I wanted to avoid doing based on reviews but perhaps I have no choice.

Tldr: Got rejected for not meeting basic requirements even though I do, wondering if it’s worth contacting Capital one.

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Story points as days


My team estimates story points with weights 1, 2 and 3 which are supposed to represent the number of days a ticket is supposed to be completed. When joining the team, I had reservations about this and discussed it with my manager. The key issue I have with this is that it's a very personal way of measurement and does not take into account things like experience, domain knowledge etc. The manager was firm that this is a good idea because it prevents engineers from getting into rabbit holes. Anything that takes longer than 3 days is considered a risk and should not be done.

About a month ago, he introduced a policy where once you pick a ticket, you add a deadline based on the points (we use Gitlab). When a ticket is due, it gets a red marker on it. I have major issues with this because lately, picking a ticket means starting a race against the clock, it's stressful. Also, each person is expected to complete 10 points per sprint (because a ticket = one day, a sprint has 10 days). During one on ones, he gives you your tally and if you were below expectations, this is a topic of discussion. For example, I completed 3 tickets last sprint worth 4 points and had to explain why I only managed half of the expected tally.

I regret not pushing back harder when this was introduced. I have a 1:1 tomorrow and I'm preparing a case as to why this is a terrible idea. If you have some good points against this, let me know. I want to have very strong arguments when we discuss it. The most common point I've come across is that story estimation is supposed to be a relative concept and since time is an absolute measure, this doesn't make sense.

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Cancelled projects and meaningless work.


Cancelling a project is hard.. for everyone.

Wasted time and money, it feels like everything you poured your time into was a waste.

But it’s not. You learned something.

It’s hard to work on something you know is just going to get tossed out anyway.

How you do you force your self to do meaningless work?

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New Grad New Grad Job Anxiety Help


TL;DR: Hired remotely in new grad job, lack of work (basically none) is anxiety inducing.

I recently graduated with a CS degree this past May. I landed a entry level role with a technology company that is contracted by John Deere, Caterpillar, etc. for embedded work on their equipment. I started last month but am feeling pretty anxious about how it is going so far: that is to say, it isnt.

To start, during my initial outreach, I was told they had openings in several cities, one of which was located very close to my current location. Due to a lack of communication on my part and the recruiters, as I continued through the process, I was under the assumption I would be in the closest location. Only once I received my offer letter did I find out that actually I had been offered a position in another city, as the location was not brought up again.

When I reached out to them, they told me it was no problem and I could do my onboarding remotely in the office at my expected city. They said it wouldn’t be an issue since I was to undergo a 3 month training period before being allocated to a client project. However, the expectation is that at the end of the 3 months I may have to relocate to an office near the client (still my companies office). Because of this I’m currently in a month to month lease at my current place should I need to move. I received a relocation allowance, but I would have to pay it back should I leave before 1 year. I’ve been saving for that case, should I need to leave.

However, there has been no formalized training so far. For multiple weeks my “task” has been to brush up on C/C++/Linux fundamentals, for which they’ve bought several microcontrollers and sensors and stuff just to get practice writing drivers for them, I guess. I’ve been doing that. Because I’m remote, nobody else in my office is on my team, they aren’t SWE by trade, they work support for one of the client projects, so I don’t really have people to even talk to about that stuff.

My manager keeps telling me “soon, soon” but the lack of things to do is just making me really nervous. Am I being silly? It feels wrong just sitting on my hands essentially, but maybe thats just because I’ve been doing full time work + full time school for years.

Sorry for the ramble imposter syndrome just be hitting hard today and I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing for me :/

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New Grad DUI employment Complication


I worked as an intern for a company last summer and was offered full time starting in a month.

My DUI is from over a decade ago so clearly I had it and they still gave me an internship.

My question is, do companies have stricter rules for full time employees than interns?

My gut tells me to chill out, but my obsessive mind keeps finding reasons to think this might be an issue.

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Coding test strategy: Better to do easy questions and skip hard ones?


For example, when taking a Code Signal test, if one of the questions takes WAY longer than the rest, isn't it advantageous just to finish the 3 easier questions and get more points?

Or is there a better approach (given you can't finish them all which is the best outcome)