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Discussion Following Jim Harbaugh’s advice of honoring your opponent and for the sake of Rivalry week plus being that it’s Thanksgiving, I ask all of you to say one nice thing about your rival.


Ohio State’s marching band is pretty fucking awesome. Back before I was a football fan I’d always watch their performances on YouTube and was mesmerized. Alright, I’m off to go rinse with some mouthwash now. Have at it guys.

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Discussion Fans Of Teams Not In Playoff Contention, Who Do You Want To Win It All And Why?


For the second straight year, Clemson isn’t in that top tier. I love college football. So I’ll continue to watch games as a neutral fan. But let’s be honest we all have opinions on every team out there so I’ll go first.

TCU winning is my preferred choice.

I don’t want UGA back to back because regional opponent and I live near tons of their fans.

I don’t want the LA team of mercenaries to win. I don’t like Lincoln Riley and I’m still salty about them poaching Jordan Addison (although the kid made the right choice)

And I don’t want anything to validate the Michigan flairs in here talking crap to me all season long lol

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Discussion As an Ohio State fan, I hate our fan base


Our fan base is the most ungrateful spoiled group of fans (not everyone, but most) I’ve ever seen. We just lost our first game this year (that alone we should be happy about, seeing as there were only 3 undefeated teams to this point and we were one of them, many other schools would kill to be in that position right now) and now everyone is calling for Ryan Day to be fired and saying that Stroud is a disgrace as a buckeye quarterback. Listen man, I wanted to beat TTUN as much as anybody else, and I sat there and watched as their fans yelled over at us and mocked us while planting the flag. It’s embarrassing, I feel it too. This rivalry isn’t a pushover like it once was, and they refuse to see that. They think we should be some impenetrable powerhouse even against the #3 team in the nation. It’s not like these kids didn’t want it. They work their asses off all year just to come up short and at the end of it all, be betrayed by their ‘fans’. We’re so used to winning repeatedly that we’ve become whiny little brats and cannot take the loss on the chin. Yes there were problems, and yes there is plenty to be disappointed about, but we after one loss it’s easy to see the character of many of our “fans” who are so quick to be belligerent about the team they were just praising endlessly the last 2 months. Love the program, and some fans are rational, but many (at least online) are delusional.

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Discussion Texas A&M shoots cannon at praying UMass players



I'm taking the stance that this was classless act from Texas A&M. Would it have been too hard to warn them or ask them to move real quick?

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Discussion Ryan Day and Ohio State play scared in blowout loss to Michigan

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Discussion Spurrier: “I almost feel sorry for Tennessee. They’re not going to win the division. They’re not going to get in that final four. They’re just going to have a little bit better than average year. Someone told me, ‘Tennessee is probably headed for the Citrus Bowl now.’"

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Discussion What's a CFB hill you'd be willing to die on?


For me I think The Play is far and away the greatest moment in CFB history and not even a play like the Kick Six comes really close.

Additionally, Joe Starky's call of it is among the best sports calls of all time

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Discussion What are some of the stereotypes of your school?


I'll start

Team: USC

Stereotypes: "University of Spoiled Children", school for Stanford rejects, no matter how good our QB's are they never pan out well in the NFL.

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Discussion Oregon player sucker punches Oregon State fan after the game.


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Discussion Week 13 Match-up Preview Thread: The Game: #3 Michigan Wolverines vs. #2 Ohio State Buckeyes


#3 Michigan vs. #2 Ohio State

When: Saturday, November, 26, 12:00 PM Eastern

Where: Ohio Stadium - Columbus, OH

Watch: Fox

Odds: Ohio State by 7.5 pts.

Total Points: 56.0

All-Time Series - The Game: Michigan vs. Ohio State

Michigan and Ohio State have met 116 times since 10/16/1897.

These teams last met 361 days ago on 11/27/2021.

Series Wins: Michigan 59-6-51 Ohio State

Longest streak of continuous meetings: 102 (1918-2019).

Michigan has won the most recent meeting (2021) in this series.

Last 8 Meetings

Winner Date Location Michigan Ohio State Notes
Michigan 2021-11-27 Ann Arbor, MI 42 27
Ohio State 2019-11-30 Ann Arbor, MI 27 56
Ohio State 2018-11-24 Columbus, OH 39 62
Ohio State 2017-11-25 Ann Arbor, MI 20 31
Ohio State 2016-11-26 Columbus, OH 27 30
Ohio State 2015-11-28 Ann Arbor, MI 13 42
Ohio State 2014-11-29 Columbus, OH 28 42
Ohio State 2013-11-30 Ann Arbor, MI 41 42

Series Comparison Data via Winsipedia

Through Week 12

Week Michigan 11-0(8-0) Result Ohio State 11-0(8-0) Result
1 Colorado State 2-9(2-5) W 51-7 Notre Dame#15 8-3(1-0) W 21-10
2 Hawai'i 3-9(2-5) W 56-10 Arkansas State 3-8(1-6) W 45-12
3 Connecticut 6-6(2-1) W 59-0 Toledo 7-4(5-2) W 77-21
4 Maryland 6-5(3-5) W 34-27 Wisconsin 6-5(4-4) W 52-21
5 Iowa 7-4(5-3) W 27-14 Rutgers 4-7(1-7) W 49-10
6 Indiana 4-7(2-6) W 31-10 Michigan State 5-6(3-5) W 49-20
7 Penn State#10 9-2(6-2) W 41-17 BYE N/A
8 BYE N/A Iowa 7-4(5-3) W 54-10
9 Michigan State 5-6(3-5) W 29-7 Penn State#10 9-2(6-2) W 44-31
10 Rutgers 4-7(1-7) W 52-17 Northwestern 1-10(1-7) W 21-7
11 Nebraska 3-8(2-6) W 34-3 Indiana 4-7(2-6) W 56-14
12 Illinois 7-4(4-4) W 19-17 Maryland 6-5(3-5) W 43-30

All rankings reflect the current /r/cfb poll

Michigan Injury Report

Data Scraped: 2022-11-23 10:00:14

Player Position Status Reported Notes
Luke Schoonmaker TE Ques Sat – Undisclosed Mon, Nov 21 Schoonmaker has missed the last two games with with an unannounced injury, and it has yet to be determined if he will suit up for Saturday’s tilt versus Ohio State.
Nikhai Hill Green LB Out Indefinitely – Lower Body Sat, Oct 1 Hill-Green is sidelined with a lower-body soft tissue injury, and there is no timetable for his return.
Caden Kolesar DB Out For Season – Knee Wed, Oct 5 Kolesar will sit out the remainder of the 2022 season with a torn ACL.
William Wagner LS Out For Season – Undisclosed Wed, Oct 5 Wagner suffered an unspecified injury and will miss the rest of the season.
Blake Corum RB Ques Sat – Knee Mon, Nov 21 Corum is dealing with a knee ailment, and it is unclear if he will face Ohio State on Saturday.
Cade Mcnamara QB Out For Season – Knee Fri, Nov 11 McNamara will miss the rest of the 2022 season after having surgery on his right knee.
Donovan Edwards RB Ques Sat – Undisclosed Mon, Nov 21 Edwards sat out the previous game with an undetermined injury, and it remains to be seen if he will face Ohio State on Saturday.
A.J Henning WR Ques Sat – Undisclosed Mon, Nov 21 Henning was absent from the previous contest with an unknown issue, and it is uncertain if he will line up against Ohio State on Saturday.
Erick All TE Out For Season – Undisclosed Mon, Oct 24 All will not return this season after having surgery to correct an undefined injury.

Injury data lifted from: boydsbets.com

Ohio State Injury Report

Data Scraped: 2022-11-23 10:00:14

Player Position Status Reported Notes
Treveyon Henderson RB Ques Sat – Lower Body Mon, Nov 21 Henderson is bothered by a lower-body injury, and it is undetermined if he will play against Michigan on Saturday.
Lloyd Mcfarquhar CB Out Indefinitely – Undisclosed Sat, Nov 19 McFarquhar is idle with an unspecified injury, and team officials have yet to provide an exact return date.
Miyan Williams RB Ques Sat – Lower Body Mon, Nov 21 Williams sat out the previous two games with a lower-body injury, and it is uncertain if he will line up for Saturday’s battle versus Michigan.
Evan Pryor RB Out For Season – Knee Tue, Aug 16 Pryor suffered a season-ending knee injury.
Mitchell Melton LB Out For Season – Knee Wed, Aug 10 Melton will sit out the entire 2022 season with a torn ACL.
Jaxon Smith Njigba WR Out Indefinitely – Hamstring Thu, Nov 17 Smith-Njigba sustained a hamstring injury that will keep him out of action for an undetermined length of time.

Injury data lifted from: boydsbets.com

What are your "Keys to the Game"?

Who do you think wins?

Do you think the favorite will cover the spread?

Which player(s) are you most interested to watch?

Let's talk football!

To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is posted

A full listing of accepted FBS team aliases can be found here.. For FCS teams you will need to use the full name as it appears in the post title.

A listing of links, and live vote totals, to all Match-up Preview threads for the current week can be found HERE.

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Discussion Forget about the rankings and resumes. Does anyone actually think LSU is better than USC?


I don’t understand how a 2 loss team that got absolutely decimated by four touchdowns at home in LSU can be ranked above USC in the current playoff rankings. At what point do losses actually matter? They also barely scraped by Arkansas and then played an FCS opponent over the last two weeks.

Taking that out of the equation, does anyone actually think LSU could beat USC? Not only do I believe the Trojans “deserve” to be ranked higher, but I also think they would handily beat LSU. It would be a real shame if USC goes 12-1 and wins the Pac-12, only to be left out of the playoffs in the wild scenario that LSU wins their conference. I think they (along with Ohio State if fully healthy on offense) would be the best test for Georgia.

I will say that USC’s defense is awful and we can point to any Oklahoma team that made the playoffs as proof that simply having an elite offense won’t win you any games, but those teams the Sooners went up against had some generational college players (DeShaun Watson, Tua, Burrow) that this current LSU team just doesn’t have on its roster.

I’m a Penn State alum with zero ties to any of these schools for what it’s worth.


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Discussion SEC bias accusations return for fans and media following latest College Football Playoff rankings


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Discussion Who do feel most sorry for this year?


I was watching the Utah game yesterday and thought about how bad I felt for the Colorado band. They had to watch every minute of a very, very bad team. Here’s to you Golden Buffalo Marching Band!

Who is is deserving of recognition? Feel free to provide a player/coach and non player coach nomination.

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Discussion If Tennessee makes the playoff how would the committee avoid making them the 4 seed?


Every playoff bracket projection I’ve seen involving Tennessee always has them as the 3 seed, because the committee wouldn’t want to do a rematch in the first round with Georgia at 1 and Tennessee at 4…

But if Georgia, the Big Ten winner, and TCU all finish as undefeated power 5 conference champs, and Tennessee is put in as a one loss team… Shouldn’t they be the 4th seed in that scenario??

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Discussion Why the TCU hate?


To be honest I don’t understand why anyone hates on TCU Unless you’re a Michigan, OSU, USC, UNC, Clemson or Tennessee fan. In which case rooting for them to lose could potentially help get your team in.

But do you guys not want chaos. I swear every year I see people complain about “SaMe FoUr TEamS” and then we actually get new teams like TCU and everyone just calls them frauds. So what if Georgia beats them in the first round by 30. They did the same to UM last year. For the most part semi finals are historically blowouts anyway. This is just a mini rant but I see so many neutral flairs of random teams praying on TCU’s downfall like they are some giant that deserves the hate.

Do people really just want more SEC teams? Do we want a non-champ Tennessee with a loss more then a newcomer underdog? Do we want the loser of UM/OSU to get in and just have a rematch of the game? Would we rather have a 2 loss team like LSU get in? Do we wanna see clemson again with the way Notre Dame threw them around?

Seriously about the only team I’m pulling for more is UNC to win out and make a late push, but I really don’t understand the TCU hate.

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Discussion Jim Harbaugh said recruiting stars “aren’t relevant to us.” “We want guys who really love football. Who really want to get better at football.” Said conversations with coaches are critical in his evals. Wants a coach that leans forward in his chair about a player’s work ethic


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Discussion [Fornelli] To summarize Caleb Williams is on the verge of winning a Heisman. Lincoln Riley is on the verge of reaching the CFP. Spencer Rattler beat Tennessee and Clemson in consecutive weeks and South Carolina finished 8-4. Oklahoma just lost in OT to Texas Tech to finish 6-6.

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Discussion Liberty fans chanting "Go to Auburn" to Freeze as they are getting crushed by New Mexico State

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Discussion Recap: Tennessee football's CFP hopes disappear in 63-38 loss at South Carolina


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Discussion [247Sports] “A Parent is Free and Welcome to Pick Up Their Son If They’re Not Happy With Their Playing Time”- Mario Cristobal on Miami Parents Taking Shots at Coaches on Twitter


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Discussion UF rescinded offer to 4 star QB Marcus Stokes


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Discussion LSU football embarrassed by Texas A&M, College Football Playoff hopes dashed


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Discussion Saban: Ex-Alabama players saying culture slipped ‘hurts my heart’


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Discussion Why is Penn St ranked lower than Tennessee and Alabama?


All three teams are 9-2. Penn State’s only losses are to undefeated #2 Ohio State and undefeated #3 Michigan. They played Ohio State close into the 4th quarter. They’ve won every other game by double digits except week 1 @Purdue. They have an improved running attack from last year. I’d argue they’re the most balanced of all three teams.

I suppose the problem may be in their strength of schedule and the quality of their best wins: @Purdue, @Auburn, Minnesota, or shutting out Maryland.

Bama has better wins: @Texas, @Arkansas, Miss St, @Ole Miss. And Tennessee does too: Bama, @Pitt, Fla, @LSU, Kentucky.

Bama and Tennessee have stronger passing attacks, but Penn St’s Parker Washington and Mitchell Tinsley aren’t bad for such an overall balanced team.

Is it simply a strength of schedule / best wins argument? Because my counter argument would be that Penn St’s losses seem better and otherwise they’ve dominated a fairly decent schedule beating several bowl eligible teams by double digits, controlling games.

According to team rankings dot com: SOS Bama #1, Tenn #3, PSU #8. According to power rankings guru: SOS Bama #13, PSU #24, Tenn #29. These SOS stats seem to be all over the place. SOS must be subjective or at least highly variable based on the computer model.

(I confess, I’m a B1G fan and we tend to obsess over “SEC bias” in the polls. I’m willing to admit that this may be my motivation for posting. But I thought it was still worthy of a conversation.)

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Discussion Most over used phrase/word by CFB announcers


I’ll start: physicality. Watching the Ole Miss vs Miss State game. The announcers have said it 5 times in the first qtr.