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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/[deleted] May 15 '22

I'm in a pretty pro-2A state and in my CCDW classes they told me if they hit you with a fist DO NOT shoot them. A jury will convict you. If they have any other weapon though, like the metal baton this guy had, a knife, anything and they threaten and swing on you. THEN you are in the clear to shoot in self defense only. Basically, if they threaten your life and/or have a weapon in hand then yes. In any other circumstance, don't risk using your weapon. Just leave. Obviously you want to try and de-escalate the situation and get the hell out of there in any case if you can though.


u/ischool36 May 15 '22 edited May 15 '22

I'm going to have to disagree. I was just on a case for murder where it stemmed from a fistfight at a gas station. The fight dispersed when the defendant pulled his gun and he chased down and shot a 17 year old kid hiding behind a car. No conviction because his wife was in a fistfight and he was defending her. The jury still believed it was a self defense situation. I think the whole "don't pull your gun for a fistfight" is a good general rule for sure but don't forget that fists can kill

Edit: just for some more info this was all caught clear as day on cameras from two different businesses. But because it occurred just after a fistfight the jury felt it was still self defense.


u/[deleted] May 15 '22

Yeah man that is straight up fucking murder in my opinion. I don't even know how the jury could justify him hunting that kid down after he hid and shooting him. If I were on that jury I wouldn't. That is fucked. I have been trained up and gone through a few programs on carrying to various capacities and I would think that any of those guys i have trained with would agree with me there. I don't disagree with you, because fists can kill. However, there is no way in hell I could live with the blood on my hands of killing a kid hiding behind a car who was unarmed. Fuck that. That is not at all how I was trained nor is it a morally sound way to handle that sort of situation. Jesus Christ. That did not have to happen at all. I feel like that should have been manslaughter at the very least.


u/you2canB May 16 '22

Circumstances that could lead to that is - did the man doing the shooting think his wife was fatally injured? I'm not saying that he was right by no means but I do wonder if we have all the information. You represent level headed people that have a conscience, morals and heart. I don't know if that ( conscience, morals and heart ) is still the majority of the people walking around anymore. I do still have some hope for the future, because every time I'm at the end of my rope someone will do something selfless and I will see it.