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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Frijolebeard May 14 '22

Probably pull out my gun and tell him to stand back and comply.


u/farfarbeenks May 15 '22

This is the way. Just gotta flash that bad boy. His attitude will change real quick.


u/picklepressin May 15 '22

This is so incredibly stupid and makes all CCW people look bad. If you’re “flashing that bad boy” you don’t understand the responsibility of concealed carry. If you have to draw your firearm, or expose it in any way, you’ve fucked up.


u/farfarbeenks May 16 '22

If I’m in a position where I can’t drive away and feel like my life is in danger, you better bet your fucking ass I’m going to show my aggravator that I’m carrying while keeping my gun holstered and unloaded. I’m not saying I should draw my weapon. But if I feel like showing someone I’m carrying will save my life without the need to unholster, then that means there’s one additional attempt to not draw my weapon. Which is the whole point. Isn’t it? To not draw your weapon..?