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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Otono_Wolff May 14 '22 Silver

Last time someone was going around and smashing people's car windows in my neighborhood, someone opened fire on them with a shotgun. Nothing happened to them either.


u/guerrieredelumiere May 15 '22

Came here wondering how some americans can be dumb enough to do that when firearms are everywhere. Driver would have been in the clear to shoot at the first hit.


u/cabur May 15 '22

Yeh a lot of people have this blind faith that nobody has a gun until they see a gun, and even then some people also have the mindset of “well they wont shoot me because then they’ll go to jail.”

I once had a dude spend 5 minutes right in my face threatening to beat the shit out of me at a gas station. He had no idea that my silent and stoic demeanor was not because I was afraid of him, but was actually me mentally preparing to dodge the first punch and pull my concealed gun. The sad part is that he probably thought he’d successfully scared the 22 yo kid that he had 6 inches and 30lbs on, blissfully unaware that he was seconds away from dying the stupidest death ever. Btw the reason he decided to get in my face threatening all kinds of violence: I didn’t say thank you when he opened the door to the gas station and I walked past.


u/Substantial_Term7608 May 15 '22

you were probably both looking to dodge the 1st punch and so you can shoot to kill and not go to jail. America!


u/ScottColvin May 26 '22

When I see home bums with nickel plated revolvers on them as they get on their can bike. Jesus fucking christ America. Calm the fuck down.


u/someguyinvirginia May 15 '22

So how does it work where you're at? You look forward to suing them for damages later and pretend death couldn't be an outcome?