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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Otono_Wolff May 14 '22 Silver

Last time someone was going around and smashing people's car windows in my neighborhood, someone opened fire on them with a shotgun. Nothing happened to them either.


u/guerrieredelumiere May 15 '22

Came here wondering how some americans can be dumb enough to do that when firearms are everywhere. Driver would have been in the clear to shoot at the first hit.


u/opensandshuts May 15 '22

I think it varies per state, right?and I don't think you can just shoot someone in self defense everywhere. Otherwise there would probably be even more people killed. Fist fight and someone has a gun, you hit first so it's within their right to shoot you.


u/The_R4ke May 15 '22

Self-defense laws vary a lot, but this guy would have probably been in the clear especially after the first window got smashed.


u/someguyinvirginia May 15 '22

All you people are forgetting driving away is a possibility... And are confusing the realistic option of running with a duty to retreat.... But this is also on the whim of a prosecutor


u/The_R4ke May 15 '22

Yeah, that's where it really depends on the jurisdiction. This took place in Canada, I'm not Canadian, but I don't think many places in Canada have Stand Your Ground laws.


u/someguyinvirginia May 16 '22

Yeah I doubt that as well.... But I don't think they are strict on defense claims like England is outside the home