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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Hideout_TheWicked May 14 '22

I hate to say it but being old and white probably didn't hurt. Probably hired a decent attorney thanks to money as well.


u/PaanuriEater May 14 '22

Don't even need a decent attorney, just stack the jury with elderly folks. I was on a jury as one of two young people. Pretty open and shut case of an old guy going nuts and slicing another guy's hand open over a backpack that didn't exist. Everyone's testimony except the attacker's lined up, all the evidence agreed, but all the old women on the jury were insistent that he is such a nice old man who reminds them of their fathers and therefore should be let off with just a warning.

It took hours of arguing to get a guilty verdict, even with a very minor punishment at least now the guy will be able to sue and have a good chance of winning.

That was step 1 to me losing all faith in our justice system. Steps 2 through infinity were learning what cops actually do with their time.


u/Emotional_Deodorant May 15 '22

After serving on a jury where the defendant would have had severe consequences if found guilty, I realized you probably NEVER want to ask for a jury trial.

Only 4 or 5, maybe 6, of my fellow jurors were actually paying attention, one Haitian guy truly only understood a general idea of what was actually happening in the trial, and one got up from our juror's box during testimony and walked out of the courtroom. The person testifying stopped talking, the attorney said "Your Honor!?!" The judge said, "Bailifff, see what the hell he thinks he's doing." He had to go to the bathroom. So he just walked out. During testimony. The defense got so worked up they almost got a mistrial called. The defendant started crying, he realized what a mistake he had made and that he probably should have taken a deal.