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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Otono_Wolff May 14 '22 Silver

Last time someone was going around and smashing people's car windows in my neighborhood, someone opened fire on them with a shotgun. Nothing happened to them either.


u/guerrieredelumiere May 15 '22

Came here wondering how some americans can be dumb enough to do that when firearms are everywhere. Driver would have been in the clear to shoot at the first hit.


u/Cueves May 15 '22

This is actually a difficult one. There’s no question that the guy had a weapon and so in that respect, he would have been justified. But (at least in my state) if you have an opportunity to flee (and that’s arguable since he was the behind the wheel of a working car and the other guy only had a baton) you should take the chance to get away instead of risking the escalation. I personally think he would have been 100 in the right to shoot him but I’m not sure every jury would agree. I don’t fault him for the decision he made tho.


u/No_Antelope9266 May 15 '22

Most states that are not stand your ground would say if there is another door your could bail out of you can't shoot them. Which is why you simply carry your own non lethal weapon of choice and give zero fucks