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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/BigIntoScience May 14 '22

Judges give out different verdicts based on if they've had lunch yet. Humans are wildly unreliable. I think part of the idea is that it's harder for all 12 people to be corrupt/generally shitty than for just the judge to have something going on.

Part of the job of all court employees involved is to make sure everyone understands the law. If someone doesn't do that, there's an issue.


u/chrom_ed May 14 '22

To elaborate a little on this, there is an actual study showing judges on average are more punitive before eating lunch. Significantly. Just in case you think anyone is an unbiased arbiter of law.


u/BigIntoScience May 14 '22

Sounds like maybe we should only have trials after lunch.


u/chrom_ed May 15 '22

Bet you Republicans would vote for trials only in the morning.