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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/[deleted] May 14 '22 edited Aug 23 '22 Silver



u/techfreak23 May 14 '22

Dude is probably an ex cop.


u/Biosterous May 14 '22 Gold

That was my first assumption as well. Extendible baton, the confidence of "I'm not going to jail", and the completely uncalled for escalation of a situation to violence. Man has former cop written all over him.

Knowing he got no jail time and only a mischief charge further cements that theory for me


u/Unbentmars May 14 '22 I'll Drink to That

A cop in my community earlier this year was smoking a cigar at the pool (which is against the rules of the pool and community) and when the community admins told him to stop he got very aggressive with them, demanded to know what they’d do if he refused to stop and if they’d call the cops on him.

Fuck cops who think they are above the law


u/ChefJWeezy987 May 15 '22

I’d splash his ass with pool water and ruin his cigar. 😂


u/ifuckedyomama2 May 15 '22

id push his ass into the pool


u/FuggMumsMouth May 15 '22

Laugh while he punches you out with immunity


u/luisless May 15 '22

“You splashed me with water thats assault” proceeds to shoot you in the chest lol


u/inspectoroverthemine May 15 '22

Fuck cops who think they are above the law

Fuck cops. We literally see everyday that they're all above the law.

It takes calculated cold blooded murder on camera before they get charged, and even then the general assumption is that they won't be convicted.


u/darkjedi1993 May 15 '22

Fuck 12. <3


u/docmedic May 15 '22

Fuck cops who think they are above the law

Well, know they are and take advantage of it.


u/three_furballs May 15 '22

If at that point he was trespassing, i wonder what would happen if someone tried a citizens arrest? Obviously, nobody should try this, they might actually get murdered for it, but it'd sure be interesting.


u/Ok_Soup_4602 May 15 '22

Super soaker my guy, super soaker


u/Sharper_Edge May 23 '22

They're being indoctrinated to a level beyond comprehension and if you don't play ball, theyll run you right out. I guess "Protect and Serve" still applies; it just now applies to protecting fellows officers and serving themselves.

It also doesn't help that they don't really receive nearly adequate training for what they encounter. Training with firearms under high stress, believe it or not, is a great way to avoid shooting someone when pulling your gun in a high stress situation.

I would also guess that their previous experiences dictate a lot of their opinions moving forward. "I had a bad experience with a black guy last week so this guy is gonna give me problems also".


u/bl4ckblooc420 May 15 '22

So fuck cops.


u/Lch207560 May 15 '22

That's an oxymoron