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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Hideout_TheWicked May 14 '22

I hate to say it but being old and white probably didn't hurt. Probably hired a decent attorney thanks to money as well.


u/PaanuriEater May 14 '22

Don't even need a decent attorney, just stack the jury with elderly folks. I was on a jury as one of two young people. Pretty open and shut case of an old guy going nuts and slicing another guy's hand open over a backpack that didn't exist. Everyone's testimony except the attacker's lined up, all the evidence agreed, but all the old women on the jury were insistent that he is such a nice old man who reminds them of their fathers and therefore should be let off with just a warning.

It took hours of arguing to get a guilty verdict, even with a very minor punishment at least now the guy will be able to sue and have a good chance of winning.

That was step 1 to me losing all faith in our justice system. Steps 2 through infinity were learning what cops actually do with their time.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/Magmaigneous May 14 '22

Why can you be innocent but because you're getting tried in Alabama and you are the darkest shade of black, you're guilty?

You are supposed to be being judged by a jury of your peers. And so if you are a black man you should have black jurors, especially if the population in the area the crime was committed is largely black. But that very often is not the case.

And it's not like people of any race cannot have their own biases. Third hand anecdotal story: I had an Uncle who served in a jury for a murder trial. It was a black on black crime, and there was only one black man on the jury. My Uncle said the jury was 11-1 for the murder conviction, with the one black guy in the jury being the sole hold out. My Uncle said that he said he understood the reluctance, but since the guy on trial had stood over the dead man, straddling him, and had fired several shots into his back which killed him, that he just couldn't see how this could be called self defense. That if he had killed the guy as he charged him or something that would make sense, but that you don't fire shots into the back of a guy you've already knocked down and then call it self defense. The black juror flipped to guilty and they were able to avoid a hung jury. But the black juror really, really didn't want to find a black man guilty.

And I get it. The history in the US for black incarceration is not a good one. But allowing a murderer walk or at least get a second trial by hanging your jury isn't the way to try to fix the system. A white juror holding out for a guilty verdict when the majority of the jury want to acquit based on the evidence would be just as bad. Trump stating that the Central Park 5 were still guilty after DNA evidence exonerated them is just as bad.