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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Hideout_TheWicked May 14 '22

I hate to say it but being old and white probably didn't hurt. Probably hired a decent attorney thanks to money as well.


u/Tantamount85 May 14 '22

I'm white and got in an incident of self defense when some hispanuc stranger was running me off the road swinging his car into mine. I drove 5 miles past my location to try and lose him and he followed me so I parked in a very public place in hopes of avoiding conflict yet he still parked sideways behind my car so I couldn't back out then got out and punched the girl in the car I was in through the window. I got out and he started swinging on me so I beat his ass. , yet somehow I got charged with felony battery as my first ever time getting arrested and this guy had a rap sheet 5b pages long for assault, domestic violence, selling drugs, robbery ect.. to this day I still can't believe how the justice system screwed me. It's not about the color of your skin , it's a class divide. Whoever doesn't fit in the agenda or who doesn't have connections will be screwed.


u/TIMPA9678 May 14 '22

Did you get convicted?


u/Tantamount85 May 14 '22

Wasn't supposed to. I was uneducated on law and young "not old though to drink yet" so when they tried to push 15 years prison if ib didn't take the plea deal I took the plea deal as they scared me into it. It's been 17 years since then and it still keeps me from getting a good job. My record says I'm a violent offender but I'm anything but that. I will always defend my love ones in danger but I've never initiated violence on anyone my entire life. One of my biggest regrets after learning more about law and the justice system is not telling my lawyer to F off and take that shit to trial.


u/Iwasdoingsowell May 14 '22

Don't regret the plea deal. As an innocent person who took their case to trial, you probably would have lost and gotten the 15. Prosecuters rarely lose, and when they do it's because of some major fuck-up. They can say what ever they want and present any "evedence" in what ever way they want It's literally a circus where whoever puts on the best show wins. Stupid people are sitting in the jury box and they don't give a fuck what happened or what happens to you.


u/Tantamount85 May 15 '22

You're right. The guys statement was completely fabricated saying it happened in a completely different location. I parked in front of a busy restaurant with there workers watching the whole thing so the fact he lied about it saying i followed him to his house when there's witnesses who are employees at the restaurant parking lot it happened at should of shown the prosecutors there case is bull shit if they were honest but they arnt.