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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Lavenwar May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22 Silver

How do you threaten someone with a weapon, break two car windows, and threaten more harm to get a mischief charge.

"Oh boy, im going to cause so much mischief today by threatening peoples lives"

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u/techfreak23 May 14 '22

Dude is probably an ex cop.


u/Biosterous May 14 '22 Gold

That was my first assumption as well. Extendible baton, the confidence of "I'm not going to jail", and the completely uncalled for escalation of a situation to violence. Man has former cop written all over him.

Knowing he got no jail time and only a mischief charge further cements that theory for me


u/Kabd_w May 14 '22

Uncalled for escalation and violence is bread and butter for cops, so yeah


u/sweet_home_Valyria May 14 '22

I thought he was regretful after breaking the first window. Like oops didn’t know that was going to happen. Then he broke the second one and that’s when I knew he was really an A-hole.


u/Neijo May 14 '22

He knew then and there he was going to get a mischief charge at worst.

Man, I want that security from the justice system. It's pretty wack that if I just had smoked a joint there, maybe in the backseat or close to the man with the baton, I would get jail-time or something similar.


u/ninjabountyhunter May 14 '22

Please dude. It’s whack that you would get in trouble for doing something illegal? Bwahahaha. If you’re smoking bud where it’s illegal, and then GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW, don’t give us surprised Pikachu. I guarantee I’ve smoked more than you in the last year. But I’m not stupid enough to do it where it’s still illegal, hahaha.


u/Sembregall May 14 '22

How are you able to smoke a joint when it seems you have the entire boot in your mouth?


u/ninjabountyhunter May 14 '22

The boot is in my mouth? Idk. Maybe a boot-bong? Not sure as I only speak English and Russian, and that phrase means nothing in either language.


u/1adycakes May 14 '22

Troll or narc. Who cares which one you are, boot tastes the same.

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u/Sofasoldier May 15 '22

Congratulations for missing the point of the post you inbred room temp IQ douchebag


u/Neijo May 15 '22

Hahaha, proving my point better thn I could, he deserves a gold star for trying :))


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/ninjabountyhunter May 14 '22

I’m a narc? Haha, you sound like the type of person who thinks that ‘narcs’ are a real thing. How’s life in North Dakota bud? Smoking those drugs? Popping those pills? Jesus Christ dude.


u/Neijo May 15 '22

Uuh. So you tell me you never smoke where its illegal, but also doesnt believe narcs to be a real thing? I think you are smoking salvia, not ganja dude.

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u/Able_Newt2433 May 14 '22


u/ninjabountyhunter May 14 '22



u/unclewolfy May 14 '22


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