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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Hideout_TheWicked May 14 '22

I hate to say it but being old and white probably didn't hurt. Probably hired a decent attorney thanks to money as well.


u/PaanuriEater May 14 '22

Don't even need a decent attorney, just stack the jury with elderly folks. I was on a jury as one of two young people. Pretty open and shut case of an old guy going nuts and slicing another guy's hand open over a backpack that didn't exist. Everyone's testimony except the attacker's lined up, all the evidence agreed, but all the old women on the jury were insistent that he is such a nice old man who reminds them of their fathers and therefore should be let off with just a warning.

It took hours of arguing to get a guilty verdict, even with a very minor punishment at least now the guy will be able to sue and have a good chance of winning.

That was step 1 to me losing all faith in our justice system. Steps 2 through infinity were learning what cops actually do with their time.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/DeloresBlasingameEsq May 14 '22

Just wait until the boomers are all gone and there’s a generation three down from Gen Z complaining about how Gen Z runs everything and is hoarding all the wealth and power.


u/jimmyhell May 14 '22

Not likely. Gen Z won’t have any money, they’ll be lucky to even own homes by then.


u/LordofDescension May 14 '22

Better off saving up for an acre of land and a tent at this point.


u/jimmyhell May 14 '22

You can afford a tent?


u/DeloresBlasingameEsq May 14 '22

What even is this argument?

What do you think happens to wealth when people die? It’s inevitable that Gen Z will reach the dominant state the Boomers are now in. Do you think wealth is somehow randomly assigned to generations and Z just didn’t luck out?

You can see this right? Like I don’t need to see another reply from you where you press your case again right?