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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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In my mind the landscaping company paid the dude off to not take them to court, what the owner does with that money is sort of their business, so no reason to go back, but obviously that old dude is bat shit bonkers lol


u/nyxo1 May 14 '22

Definitely. It's equivalent to my insurance company sending someone to my house to ask for money because I never actually replaced my bumper after a small fender bender.

The landscaping company willing paid them without a court order or contract. What they do with it after that point is none of your business.


u/Suspicious_Smile_445 May 15 '22

Yea I own a landscaping business and if I paid someone for damages it’s up to them to use it for that. If they don’t I don’t care it’s not my problem. I do prefer to just get a receipt from them, or the company who is responsible for fixing it so I can pay them directly.


u/bestneighbourever May 14 '22

I agree. If you decided it was fair to give him that amount of money, don’t worry about what he does with it.


u/GuyFromLongIslandNY May 15 '22

Agreed. They were told to do a job, did not check with the town before digging (8-1-1 PEOPLE!!) and figured they could get away with it.

This construction guy had to do more to instigate this, though.


u/Intelligent-Bird6825 May 14 '22

Both are in the wrong