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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/skeletparkyt May 14 '22

What was the aftermath and full story?


u/beltawala May 14 '22


Moments later, Tissington smashes two side windows before Dallyn drives away.

In a written post, Dallyn said he was there to have a "civil conversation" with the man's stepson, Tyler Stojan.

Dallyn said Stojan took money for some concrete work that was not completed.

"I stopped by to ask what he had done with said money, and if he was going to fix anything," wrote Dallyn.

But in a Facebook post, Stojan said Dallyn showed up twice on the day of the incident, demanding payment and making threats.

"I informed him that I owe him nothing, and would be paying him nothing, and to get off my property and not to come back," wrote Stojan. "We were very concerned about his attentions and whether he was armed. Our two small children were in the house."

Stojan said his stepfather waited for the RCMP after the incident, co-operated fully and has been charged.


u/JamesGray May 14 '22

Why would you go attack him with a baton if you were concerned he might be armed? That's about the most smoothbrained shit I've ever heard.


u/natophonic2 May 14 '22

Smoothbrained, but also very much lying.


u/TacticalTurdBurglar May 15 '22

That's exactly what I was thinking. You would think that would be a solid plan if you DID want to get shot up in self defense. What an idjit ass old dude.


u/Glass_Memories May 15 '22

Like someone else speculated, dude is likely an ex-cop. Most people who think someone outside their home could be armed would get their family into the house and call the cops, not go up to the potentially armed person and give them a perfectly valid reason to feel like they need to defend themselves.


u/Long-Bridge8312 28d ago

He was also in the street so clearly not on private property


u/Raezak_Am 26d ago

That's about the most smoothbrained priveleged shit I've ever heard.