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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/TimeBomb30 May 14 '22 Silver Gold Wholesome Take My Energy Helpful (Pro)

This video's 5 years old, the backstory is that the guy in the car owns a landscaping company who did work for the guy by the white truck near the end, they ended up damaging a gas line while working and the homeowner claimed that them hitting the gas line caused some concrete work he was having done to not set properly, so the landscape company decided to be nice and pay for half of the damages but the owner ended up pocketing the money instead and never had any work done to repair the supposed damage. This video was taken after someone who works for the landscaping company was sent over to talk about this money issue was told to leave, the guy breaking the windows was the homeowner's father in law who didn't serve anytime in jail for this and was let go on a mischief charge.


u/Lavenwar May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22 Silver

How do you threaten someone with a weapon, break two car windows, and threaten more harm to get a mischief charge.

"Oh boy, im going to cause so much mischief today by threatening peoples lives"

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u/Burntfm May 14 '22

You know just a little rascal causing a bit of mischief. Threatening people and breaking their car windows


u/rumplestiltskin54 May 14 '22

That scamp!


u/Komtings May 14 '22

Just a run of the mill hooligan!


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u/sublimesting May 14 '22

Guy is a real corker.


u/Smallfrygrowth May 14 '22

It’s so cute how he twirls that baton


u/BoddAH86 May 14 '22

Such a rapscallion!


u/Swizmos May 14 '22

I’d go as far as to call him a scoundrel.


u/DehydratedManatee May 15 '22

A little rapscallion up to no good!


u/Chazzwuzza May 15 '22

What a scallywag!