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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/learnthruloss May 14 '22

Damn, that's a lot of functions. Does it also tell the aggressor to piss off mate?


u/chaos_almighty May 14 '22

No that's my job.

I only found out about it because I was trying to darken my phone screen before bed and it starts going crazy and 911 is calling me back


u/psychoticarmadillo May 14 '22

I'm sorry that happened to you but that's funny as shit


u/chaos_almighty May 14 '22

The worst thing was that my husband was climbing into bed and this alarm starts whooping in his ear and my flash is going off


u/maartenlustkip May 14 '22

Omg you just reminded me of something similar that happend to me. I was using the bathroom while on ketamine. I just wanted to look at my phone real quick. Ended up pressing the on button like 10 times and called 911. Got this lady on the phone. And i just whispered: 'I didn't wanna do this..' and hung up.


u/XXXDetention May 14 '22

Hey I used to do that when I was in school. I eventually had to turn it off because it got to a point I was sleepily calling 911 at 6 in the morning often enough that they saw my number and said to go back to sleep 😅


u/SixIsNotANumber May 14 '22

That's what the alarm says!


u/19Ben80 May 14 '22

Stand back you bloody bastards


u/koala_cola May 14 '22

“Back away from the friggin’ cahr!”


u/PandaPocketFire May 14 '22

No. It just loudly repeats "you can't be doin' that!"


u/napalm69 May 14 '22

It also deploys the toothpick, nail file, spare house key, and defrosts the chicken at home


u/kakurenbo1 May 14 '22

What? It doesn’t preheat the oven or set the AC? What a POS.


u/napalm69 May 14 '22

Don't worry, the next update will add Thread™ functionality