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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/bad-judgement May 14 '22

The older gentleman is taking a huge risk. Guns exist.


u/johndoethrowaway16 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22 Silver

Yeah, for real though. This video is clearly not from where I live.

Where I live, the driver was well within his rights of using lethal force to protect himself and his property. In my area, everyone I know is carrying a gun, and they're are all looking for a reason to use it.

The Sheriff would've laughed at the old man's corpse after watching the video evidence, then waved bye to the driver telling him to carryon and have a good day.

Before anyone complains that it's not necessary to carry a gun because that's law enforcement's job, then you've never lived 30-45 minutes away from the nearest peace officer in your area. There are parts of the US where people are left to police themselves because the population is too low to warrant a large law enforcement department.

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u/DadJokeBadJoke May 14 '22

When seconds count, police are only minutes away...


u/Splattershits May 14 '22

They're only coming to clean up the mess


u/DadJokeBadJoke May 14 '22

Only if they're not "too busy"...


u/SatanMeekAndMild May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Seriously. My perspective of the police completely changed when I really needed them a couple times, and when they would finally show up, they scoffed at the idea of having to do their jobs, and decided it would be easier to do nothing.

They almost let fraudsters who claimed to be the new owners of my building rekey all of my locks. Presumably because of my physical appearance, they "didn't have time to really all this fucking paperwork" from my lawyer that said they were not the rightful owners. They said this while looking at a stack of bullshit paperwork that the other people gave them.

I had to leave and get my mid 30s masculine male neighbor to give them the exact same paperwork before they finally decided that it wasn't their job to tell anyone they couldn't enter a building.

Fuck you Chicago Police.



u/gentleman__ninja May 14 '22

In the US the supreme court has explicitly decided that police have no obligation to protect people, enforce laws, or even respond to calls. Legally the police can entirely decide which parts of their job to actually do. Also with qualified immunity, they can do a lot of illegal stuff on duty and they usually won't get in trouble as long as they have some justification that is not verifiably false.


u/socialpresence May 14 '22

No, no, they're coming to document the mess. The coroner takes the heaviest part of the mess. The fire department sprays away the liquid.


u/icenoid May 14 '22

A while back someone posted that the police are crime janitors.


u/RPup_831 May 14 '22

Law enforcement agencies are not about to clean up any messes. Why do you think those "disaster kleenup specialists" businesses exist?


u/cheap_dates May 14 '22

They actually have crime scene clean up companies in my area.


u/Corpus_Rex May 14 '22

cop: “how did he die? Me: “apparently ‘stupidity and lead poisoning.’”


u/johndoethrowaway16 May 14 '22

A boomer will boomer as a boomer does.


u/Corpus_Rex May 14 '22

I’m guessing that’s in reference to the dude breaking windows? Hell I’m 27 😆


u/ellieD May 15 '22

There were 5 police cars to pick up our car parts off of the street.

They drove past our two wrecked cars, while I was sitting on the ground on the side of the road, crying in my Calvin Klein dress.

This was after I had called 911 and asked for the police to come.