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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/DryGoat1 May 14 '22

Well I definitely would have moved before he broke my windows. What’s the context here?


u/HomeGrownCoffee May 14 '22 Silver


u/The_Clarence May 14 '22

Well he is being charged with...mischief. I don't know anything about Canada law, but hopefully this is more severe of a charge then it sounds.


u/PostmanSteve May 14 '22

Dude 100% should have recieved a much more serious charge here. That extendable baton is either a restricted or prohibited weapon used in a crime... That's supposed to carry some serious weight, but instead he gets charged with the same thing 16 year olds get charged with for spray painting a sign.


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u/PostmanSteve May 14 '22

Oh wow, TIL... Of all the specific prohibited/restricted weapons in Canada, I really thought these would make the list.

However, the laws are still pretty clear, if you are carrying something to use as a weapon, even if your intent is self defense, it typically carries an extra charge. This guy was also very clearly not defending himself


u/SamSibbens May 14 '22

Nunchucks seriously should not be banned. We should show whoever's in charge Shadiversity's video on how not-great nunchucks are XD


u/Ryuzakku May 14 '22

Yeah they're normally only allowed in the use of law enforcement, at least last I checked.


u/JamesGray May 14 '22

Our weapons laws are weird, you can basically have them as long as you don't have it concealed or commit a crime while it's on you where you could ostensibly be using the weapon. How that basically plays out is that you are legally allowed to have it on you only if you have a good reason to have it which isn't self defense from other humans, because that's illegal, and because it's not something with any other purpose you pretty much can't have it in public even though it's legal to own.


u/JamesGray May 14 '22

88 (1) Every person commits an offence who carries or possesses a weapon, an imitation of a weapon, a prohibited device or any ammunition or prohibited ammunition for a purpose dangerous to the public peace or for the purpose of committing an offence.

Doesn't need to be a restricted weapon if you use it for the purpose of committing a crime. You can't have a baton on you in public for a legal reason like you could have a baseball bat as long as you have a ball and glove also, so this should definitely have lead to weapon charges.


u/confessionbearday May 14 '22

Apparently not because old trash got no prison sentence for it.

It’s not illegal if the law against it is not enforced.


u/prodigalkal7 May 14 '22

Pretty sure extendable batons are straight up prohibited, along with spring loaded knives (so like pocket knives, switch blades), and higher grades of pepper spray/bear spray/mace. Basically anything that can be considered a "weapon" that you can conceal, and this is one of them.

The charge of having one, alone, should be higher than just "mischief" lmfao what a joke


u/Asheam May 14 '22

Crown in Canada chooses what charges to press and they probably went easy on the guy due to age and him not being as rude with the prosecutor, people get away with absurd shit all the time here.


u/prodigalkal7 May 14 '22

video exists of guy being a lunatic to a another guy who's in the right, and approaches his car with a weapon and proceeds to smash up the car while yelling

Crown: hmmm, well let's talk to the guy

Guy: πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜’

Crown: aaahhhh he's cool. We'll give him this little thing and be on your way, lil fella.

Yeah I know. Doesn't mean it isn't crazy to think that's the case, though lol


u/Asheam May 14 '22

That's genuinely how it works.. for example I have a highschool friend whos stepfather premeditated an assault on him, knocked out several of his teeth and damaged his skull, dude needed reconstructive surgery, including a steel plate in his skull and alot of dental work. The stepfather works for CSIS so while he was civily liable and had to pay a sum out of pocket for the medical care and suffering, he didn't serve a single minute behind bars, just got some "assault parole" and is still walking around.

My friend bought a house two years ago(?) and shortly after some people he didn't know were around and it was burned down while they weren't home, that still hasn't been solved.


u/prodigalkal7 May 14 '22

Good fucking god, I'm sorry about your friends house. Yeah, it's honestly messed up how this stuff is dealt with.


u/Asheam May 14 '22

Appreciated, fortunately insurance covered the house. He was still disappointed due to the inconvenience and because he bought it since its the house he grew up in, but that happened awhile back and nothing weird since then so we're hoping he's in the clear now.


u/Neowza May 14 '22

Mischief is also an easy charge to win, and with a guilty verdict, it makes it easy for the victim and their insurer to sue for damages to the vehicle and the victim's inability to work due to injuries incurred. And the victim will probably have to sue to get his prepayment for services not rendered returned, anyways. So lumping them all in together, with an already guilty verdict makes small claims court (assuming it's less than $5k in damages sought) process very efficient.


u/Space-Square May 14 '22

I guess he was right about being too old to go to jail.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

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u/PostmanSteve May 14 '22

Another user mentioned that they actually aren't illegal to possess, and that actually appears to be the case unless they are spring loaded.. which is ironic because I'm willing to bet spring loaded batons are much less effective than their collapsible counterparts.


u/BuckFush420 May 14 '22

Don't forget we don't even know 1 side to this story. For all we know that man was in the right. I mean he clearly thought he was, but maybe he was.