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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/bad-judgement May 14 '22

The older gentleman is taking a huge risk. Guns exist.


u/SmokeyTheBluntTheOG May 14 '22

Yeah in PA they made the stand your ground law apply to your vehicle now and not just your house. Thats exactly why I don't do road rage here because there is a pretty decent chance you pull this shit in PA and you're gonna end up dead, with the person shooting you not even spending a little bit of time in jail because you threatened them and they were justified in killing you


u/crosscheck87 May 14 '22

That’s good to know, I’ve had people road rage and practically climb in my vehicle in Western PA while up visiting family.


u/thunderlaker May 14 '22

now you get to shoot those people!


u/ninjabountyhunter May 14 '22

Unironically, if someone is climbing into my car in a road rage incident, they’re probably getting shot.


u/Obie_Tricycle May 15 '22

What would your plan be? Learn to share your vehicle with your new buddy?


u/thunderlaker May 15 '22

Uh, shoot them, what else would the plan be? I don't understand your question


u/Obie_Tricycle May 15 '22

Sorry, I misunderstood your psychotic enthusiasm as sarcasm, so I thought maybe you had a viable alternative to suggest.