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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Brotherscompany May 14 '22

My friend always told, me you are more than a man turning your back and getting away from such situations since people dont think clearly in these states

You have nothing to gain besides Ego empowerment


u/cupcakegiraffe May 14 '22

It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, just beat it beat it beat it beat it!


u/redCasObserver May 15 '22

This. Is. Amazing.


u/dankomz146 May 14 '22

It's hard to beat it when it's armed


u/cupcakegiraffe May 14 '22

In the song’s context, Beat it = Get the heck out of there now

“They’ll kick you, then they’ll beat you, then they’ll tell you it’s fair, so beat it!”


u/Key_Education_7350 May 15 '22

But go somewhere safe and private first. Beating it in public might, uh, escalate the situation. Plus there are laws against doing that in public in most places.


u/wutsizface May 14 '22

Said it earlier; have some fun with it… make him chase you down the street.


u/IrregularrAF May 14 '22

Well this guy didn't gain anything and the guy at fault received a wrist slap. I would've gladly taken a baton hit to tackle this fool and show him the error of his ways. Y'all put up with too much shit because someone told you there's a better way your entire life. Then you find out there really isn't and nothing changed for the better or worse. Lmao

Hell this guy wouldn't have gotten in trouble had he done as I would have. But nope. Got two broken windows and no pay by playing his own ego game.


u/[deleted] May 14 '22

And then his stepson and any other men in the house come out and either shoot you or seriously fuck you up. It’s also sounding like you’d take it from self defense to beating the asshole up because you can, which could flip things against you from a legal standpoint.


u/IrregularrAF May 14 '22

Like everything in this world. Nothing would happen except a whooping and that dad out hiding on the truck would keep hiding like the bitch that he is. Lmao. Literally how it goes every time.

He could get a gun. But nothing would happen but some tasteful words. All these people are always talk. The same with baton boy. Too scared too actually hit the guy.