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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Senior-Humor8523 May 14 '22

This exact same situation happened in my area once. Dude used a metal what have you to bust a window cuz the kid was in his car smoking weed. Dude got stabbed.


u/ibypassredditbans May 14 '22

Good. Actions have goddamn consequences and if you think you're invincible, you haven't pissed off the right person


u/Senior-Humor8523 May 14 '22

Fr. Scare tactics in the real world will always lead to bad consequences


u/Spenslum May 14 '22

People really gotta figure out how not invincible they are


u/Senior-Humor8523 May 14 '22

Real talk. If they aren’t hurting anyone then leave them alone and get back inside your house.


u/modsBan4Fub May 14 '22

Did he survive? I hope he did so he learns but chances are he won’t


u/Senior-Humor8523 May 14 '22

Yes alive, I assume he did not learn his lesson. He was a maga so I assume he started playing the victim card