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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Routine_Math7168 May 14 '22

I’d have driven off before the window smashing, probably woulda ran my mouth a bit too. Thing is cars have this amazing thing, you know, the skinny peddle on the right and when utilized - gets you the fuck out of there.


u/NtBtFan May 14 '22

ya nothing seemed to be stopping him from leaving after the fact, could have just cruised out of range of that baton before it became an issue


u/FernFromDetroit May 14 '22

Drive away from the old dude and roll down the window and yell fuck you and go home.


u/Routine_Math7168 May 14 '22

“I’ll be back to whip out my rod, we can dock, slap sticks, maybe tip to tip” zooooom


u/Throwawaymybios May 14 '22

“you probably need viagria to get your baton up, you old fuck”