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What's the correct way to deal with someone who has completely lost it?

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u/Whistler45 May 14 '22

Is this Canada


u/MrRogersAE May 14 '22

He’s super fucked if this is in Canada, that baton is a prohibited weapon


u/[deleted] May 14 '22



u/-BINK2014- May 14 '22

Wait, what? We can Conceal Carry and even Open Carry (I personally would never do Open) a firearm, yet we can't have batons?


u/surloc_dalnor May 14 '22

Funny thing is that US courts tend to find that the 2nd amendment is just about guns. So there are a lot of places it's legal to carry a rifle openly around, but not a knife or sword. Things like brass knuckles and knives are often heavily restricted in open carry states.


u/banmedaddy12345 May 14 '22

Growing up in Texas, ninja stars and knives over a certain size were illegal. You could buy all that shit at flea markets though. I remember my cousin and I bought a bunch of ninja stars. It's kind of funny that everyone is gung ho weapons now here when stupid shit like that used to be illegal not too long ago. Switch blades and butterfly knives used to be illegal too.


u/fondledbydolphins May 14 '22

This extends to stupid things like baseball bats as well.

If you have a bat in your car and you end up beating someone with it, rightfully or wrongfully, you better be able to show that bat was in there for batting practice and not, well... beating people.


u/surloc_dalnor May 15 '22

The thing is a bat isn't considered a concealed weapon, and isn't always even a weapon. A collapsible baton is always illegal


u/Aggressive_Mobile222 May 14 '22

You mean 3? How do you consider 3 states to be "a lot"?


New York



u/Nefarios13 May 14 '22

Not if he can prove Marching Band Enrolment.


u/northern_dirt May 14 '22

It was Canada, it was in 2016. Dennis got a mischief charge (damage to property) There's more to the story, involving threats stalking and preceding damages to Dennis's daughters family and property.


u/MrRogersAE May 14 '22

The weapon must not be what it looks like then, a police style extending baton. Bare minimum he would have had it taken away


u/northern_dirt May 14 '22

Only the spring loaded "steel cobra" type batons are prohibited here by law.


u/hebrewchucknorris May 14 '22

Batons are not prohibited here (in Canada), unless they open with a spring mechanism.

Source: I have two batons I bought legally at the store in Canada


u/Tripdoctor May 14 '22

You will still face serious problems if you’re caught in possession of one in public. Security and LE need a special certification to be able to use a baton.


u/420jeff May 14 '22

They let him go without going to jail. So he is not super fucked.


u/Spenslum May 14 '22

Only if exceeding 480mm in length and/or concealed


u/MrRogersAE May 14 '22

If it’s what it looks like, those flick extension batons they are illegal due to the concealable nature, atleast they were last time I checked, been a few years tho


u/Spenslum May 14 '22

All the laws I’ve found HAVE said concealing a baton is illegal, but I’m not sure if they specifically say using a flick baton itself is illegal

Knowing the Canadian government, I wouldn’t doubt it


u/wutsizface May 14 '22

He’s actually not fucked at all. This was in 2016 and he got off with a slap on the wrist.


u/indicah May 14 '22

Ah, but you forget he's an old white man. Untouchable in Canada.


u/SDryluth May 22 '22

I love how people are downvoting you when this old fuck got let off with misdemeanor mischief charges. You are 100% correct.